Virgo Fashion Idol: Tom Ford

August 27, 1961    Austin, Texas    noon* (time unknown)

Is there a sexier man in fashion than Tom Ford? If there is, he hasn’t crossed my path yet. The man who uses sex appeal ferociously in his advertising campaigns, the man who poses nude for provocative artistic photographs, the man who in his first year as Creative Director increased Gucci’s profits 90%, is a Virgo. If this doesn’t finally help shatter the reputation of Virgos as mild-mannered, prudish, germaphobes I don’t know what will!

Tom Ford was born in Texas and raised in Santa Fe. While this might appear at first blush to be in stark contrast to his distinctly European stylings, on second thought it makes perfect sense. There is perhaps no cultural icon more overt in their masculine sexuality than the cowboy. And if there is anything that Tom Ford represents it is classic, raw sexuality.. not all tarted up with bells and whistles and flair. But powerful in its raw simplicity. And this is the essence of Virgo.

Well, to be fair the potency of it comes mostly from all of the Leo and Scorpio in his chart which adds to the sheer magnetism. His sun is conjunct intense Pluto, the planet that rules Scorpio. This flavors him with a distinctly sexual, provocative and secretive nature. His sun is also conjunct Uranus, planet of rebellion, in starry Leo. Though Virgos are naturally modest, he doesn’t mind taking credit for his ground-breaking innovations.

Virgos themselves are highly perfectionistic and detail-oriented. While others may rush frantically from one thing to the next, Virgos are more systematic and thorough. They are also very moved by art and beauty. This combination of traits makes them naturals in fields such as architecture where both precision and creativity are mandatory. It is not surprising then that Ford studied architecture at Parsons School of Design before conquering the fashion industry.

In the charts of creative professionals, the placement of Venus, planet of beauty and art is very important. Ford’s Venus is in nurturing Cancer. Cancer is a very nostaligic sign and there is something distinctly nostalgic about Ford’s designs, as they echo the 1970s style of his childhood. Cancer also loves soft materials like the luxurious velvets and silks that he has used to sex up some of his collections.

Depending on whether he was born in the AM or PM, Ford’s moon sign is either Pisces or Aries. He seems naturally to have a Pisces quality about him, with a certain subtlety and elusiveness. The moon in Pisces would also blend more seamlessly with his Cancer Venus and Virgo sun than Aries, and Ford’s personality, like his clothes, does appear to be effortless and seamless. In fact, his entire chart shows a harmonious confluence of energies with very little overt friction between the planets. So despite the Virgo tendency to worry, he has probably not second guessed himself very much in the course of his life. He never regretted leaving the corporate world at Gucci behind and has stayed with his partner, fashion journalist Richard Buckley for more than 20 years. That sounds like romantic Pisces over impulsive Aries any day.

The Tom Ford line began by focusing on eyewear, which is a clear nod to the Virgo love of accessories, but also very indicative of his Plutonian Scorpio side. Scorpio is very careful about what they reveal and to whom, and the intimacy of eye contact is sacred. Moving then to fragrance, he now focuses on his menswear designs. With Jupiter and Saturn both in business-minded Capricorn, he knows how to manage his time and his relationships and has grown his label carefully. Both his sun and moon being in flexible mutable signs, he loves travel and embraces and grows from contact with new ideas and people. And Mars in sociable Libra lends him a natural diplomacy.

Just as they carefully select every detail on a garment , the Virgo attention to words is succinct. And so the Tom Ford website states with certainty this very Scorpio Virgo interpretation of their brand and of fashion; “Style is most potent when it is least complicated.” Indeed.