Leo Full Moon 2020

February 9 2:33 AM EST

This is a beautiful and uplifting full moon that serves to restore our confidence in our creativity, leadership, and personal charisma. After all, it has been an intense few months! This full moon is the right kind of special sauce (or as Leo would have it- very expensive very exclusive elixir) that casts a healing balm on our doubts or insecurities that we can not only get to the other side of this trying time, but thrive once we are there.

Leo is a magnetic and passionate fire sign. And the full moon is greatly supported this month by a trine to assertive and bold Mars, currently transiting another fire sign- Sagittarius. Additionally, we have Venus (the cosmic yin to Mars’ yang) in the third and final fire sign of Aries. Together these fiery placements are telling us YES YOU CAN!

The heavy emphasis on rules and regulations-conscious Capricorn over the past several months (and years) may have felt like a bit of a Debbie Downer. This is necessary- as ‘rules and regulations’ are being re-written, both in our personal world and the world at large. Eventually, there will be a very positive payoff for this structural overhaul. Thank you Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto! But no doubt it can feel like this is a marathon that just won’t end. Capricorn does, after all, also rule time and the cardinal virtue of patience.

This full moon is not necessarily patient, but it isn’t necessarily impatient either. So while the Leo moon is a reminder that we absolutely DO have what it takes to get to the next level and make our dreams come true, it also reminds us to put ourselves in the best position for success. Leo is the FIXED fire sign so it moves more slowly than Aries or Sagittarius. Leo is keenly aware of perceptions and is helping us to boost our own confidence so that that high vibrational signature paves the way forward for us. Then we can expect a different reception and improved engagement from others.

The ruler of this full moon is Leo’s ruler- the sun. Again this reinforces that it is time for an early spring thaw on the constrictions that have been holding us back, perhaps primarily of the self-imposed variety. However, those can be some of the most difficult barriers and obstacles to overcome. Indeed the caricaturization of Leo as a bloated self-aggrandizing ego-manic is based on Leo’s lower vibrational tendencies towards vanity and superiority, which are a result of feeling insecure. When they do not feel that their big heart and warm (occasionally over the top) gestures are being acknowledged and well received, a sense of wounded pride closes down access to their sensitive side, and they overcompensate by showboating. This is a wounded reaction to self-created insecurities and obstacles. After all, it is likely that the perceived slights or affronts that caused this reaction, actually had nothing to do with them.

We are, of course, all players in this storyline in our lives- it is just writ large for those with strong Leo placements. But where we recognize this pattern playing out for us is an area/situation/storyline/drama we can acknowledge and release over the upcoming 2 week moon cycle. Most likely, whatever has been done to us by others to hurt us, even the most unconscionable acts, were instigated by the others’ fear, not a deliberate or deeply personal assault on us. Even if it looks or feels that way when we are on the receiving end of hurtful or unconscious acts, we are often just a ‘stand in’ for someone else/a stereotype/a wound that actually motivates that person. This is how cycles of abuse perpetuate.

And with its big heart, the Leo inside all of us, is especially vulnerable to taking these inevitable hits, and internalizing them as criticism, shame, and rejection. But the compensatory action of becoming grandoise or overly dramatic, is actually (tragically and paradoxically) what then wounds the Leo much more deeply, because it cuts off access to the true heart-centric intimacy that the lion inside of us craves most. So thus it becomes vitally necessarily to “not take everything so personally”!

At the deepest level, it is NOT personal – Leo’s opposite sign of Aquarius rules the detached and impersonal. And when we TRULY remember this, we soar to the highest high end of the Leo vibrational scale. We are unparalleled in our radiance, full of confidence, creativity and dynamism. Others are enthralled, and fall in line with the natural leonine leadership abilities. We know we do not require any prescribed acts of acceptance or applause to feel loved, strong, confident. As a result, there is an abundance of love, connection and intimacy in all areas of life.

THIS is what this full moon wants for us! With Venus in bold Aries, closely conjunct Chiron, the healer- this is available to us. We can truly release and heal from any sense of insecurity or victimization that has been holding us captive in our lives. Venus and Chiron in Aries want us to have a NEW relationship with ourselves and with others, a NEW story of our healing and overcoming. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac- it is about courage, bravery, new beginnings, success and personal identity. So we are making important decisions now about the next stage of our personal identity, our story, our healing (Chiron), our relationships (Venus), our path- and WHO we will emerge as when this mega period of Capricornian restructuring re-consolidates in the next several years.