Full Moon in Virgo 2020

March 9 1:48 PM  EST

This is a complex full moon that serves as a crucial culmination, or release, before we have the “big bang” of Aries season and the spring equinox later in the month. If we are looking for closure from certain relationships or situations, or to move on from internal patterns that have plagued us in the past, we could have a strong sense of inner knowing about exactly what we need to do or tweak to allow this release.

The moon at 19 degrees of Virgo is heavily influence by its opposition to not only the sun (as it is at every full moon), but Neptune. The sun and Neptune are in nearly exact conjunction at 18/19 degrees of Pisces, giving a highly alluring, seductive, Piscean flavor to the full moon. Normally Virgo would have more ‘sway’ here, but the very strong Piscean/Neptunian energy is sending us a message about the seductiveness of what is holding us back from “doing what we know is right for us” (Virgo). In optimal balance the Virgo/Pisces axis represents mastery of reading the subtle signals (Pisces) and adjusting plans/work/habits/routines (Virgo) accordingly for maximum health, organization and service. And remaining in compassion and acceptance of all (Pisces) while discerning, and practicing, the choices that are right for us individually (Virgo). In its highest vibrational sense these are the invitations available for us now. But lower vibrational Pisces/Neptune WANTS to stay lost in its dreams, fantasies and illusions, and NOT take the required practical steps to improve (Virgo). Which way will we choose this month?

The ruler of the full moon is Virgo’s ruler, analytical Mercury. Mercury is in an interesting position. It has been retrograde since mid-February, mostly in Pisces. But at the time of the full moon it is all the way back at 28 degrees of Aquarius and within hours of finally turning direct. Anytime a planet is on the exact degree where it turns retrograde or direct, it is highly charged (or ‘exalted’). So what is the message of this highly charged Mercury, still retrograde in the fixed-air sign of Aquarius?

The message is that once we know what is truly right for us, we need to be dispassionate and clear headed about some of the decisions we are making. Like the King of Swords in the tarot (the Aquarius card), we must take great care with precise direct communication and setting boundaries. Especially in areas/relationships/projects where before they have been muddled, confused or unclear (retrograde). We must also think in terms of the collectives and communities we are part of in our decision making process (Aquarius). This may feel like a bit of an uphill battle given that Neptune’s strong influence on the sun and moon doesn’t just bring spiritual insight, but also unfortunately also encourages (or at least condones) vagueness and imprecision.

But we are eager, ready, chomping at the bit in many ways for our next chapter to begin- it just isn’t here yet. We are still releasing, clarifying, intuiting, understanding, tweaking, deciding. Which is just as it should be. But we are feeling ready to pull the trigger, and if we can accurately (not in a haze of confusion and wishful thinking) interpret the strong subtle powerful guidance that Neptune’s heavy hand at the full moon is giving us, we may realize we have in hand exactly the clarity, breakthroughs and adjustments necessary to get to the next level.

The two other personal planets (besides Mercury), Venus and Mars, are also highly charged and powerful at the full moon. They are BOTH dignified/exalted (in signs where they are strong) AND conjunct at least one outer planet. Venus in Taurus is making her annual conjunction to wild card Uranus only one day before the full moon: Clarity around relationships and financial matters could be more searing than subtle. Mars in Capricorn is conjunct Jupiter and Pluto: We are willing to do what it takes, and gaining confidence that we can land on our feet regardless of the outcomes.

All of this is in preparation for the major shifts that happen at the end of the month, when Saturn moves into Aquarius, and we have a pivotal Aries New Moon. The biggest message of this full moon is that failing to listen to our internal guidance can have unfortunate consequences. One of which can be that we remain stuck in the past, and waste precious opportunities to move forward in our lives. Even though Pisces and Virgo are subtle signs and energies, their messages are being majorly amplified over the next two weeks. If we want to stick our head in the sand, changes could get thrust upon us. But if we are willing to align to our own inner knowing and vision, we may finally be able to see through the illusions that have mired our judgement and shed what has been holding us back. This sets us up very powerfully for an exciting new chapter in the not-too-distant future.