New Moon in Virgo 2021

September 6 8:51 PM EST

This is a gorgeous and supportive new moon that encourages us to follow through on our recent progress and plans. The sun and moon at 14 degrees of Virgo form one leg of an earth sign grand trine. They harmonize perfectly with wildcard Uranus at 14 degrees of Taurus and Pluto at 24 degrees of Capricorn. Mars, at 24+ degrees of Virgo is just over 10 degrees away from the new moon, but using a wider orb, Mars would very much factor into this grand trine as well.

Having so many powerhouse planets working together is an invitation not to be missed. The earth signs are not about theory, they are not about ideas and fantasy. They are experiential and help us see the concrete results of our actions and choices. They help us to understand that what may START as energy (fire), ideas (air), and feelings (water) is eventually concretized in the physical realm (earth). Connecting the dots for ourselves individually about how all of this works is an important growth step in the healing process and consciousness evolution.

Again, we may have a vague belief or understanding that this is how the world (and metaphysics) works, but until we can see how in our own lives we SET UP situations or experiences that then come to pass in our lives, we may feel at the whim of the unpredictable currents of ‘fate’, or even victimized by the situations in our lives. This new moon asks us to step up to the plate and take a long hard look at what we have been creating in our lives.

Then we are able to tap into our tools and resources more consciously and deliberately. Uranus wants us to understanding this energetic vibrational reality. Pluto wants us to tap into our true source of inner power (our connection to the divine) to steer the ship. Mars wants us to pull the trigger and take action as guided. And the sun and moon want to personalize the whole experience for us- to infuse our creations and our lives with our own sense of what feels good to us (the moon) and what brings us vitality (the sun). Then we truly are able to guide our lives into brighter pastures.

Mercury and Venus are both in Libra, at 10 and 25 degrees respectively. These are beautiful positions to support the earth sign grand trine. Mercury is trine to Saturn at 7 degrees of Aquarius helping us use language in a way that is both harmonious and pragmatic. These two planets are also forming a grand trine with the North Node and Lilith conjunction at 5 degrees of Gemini. This reminds us that while it’s important to be diplomatic (Libra) in our verbal expression (Gemini) we must be primarily true to our inner knowing (North Node) even if it is “unconventional” (Lilith)- we must respect (Saturn) that inner compass. This is ultimately what propels the energetics of positive creation and manifestation in the right direction.

And Venus is trine to Jupiter at 24 degrees of Aquarius, expanding our social horizons and connecting us to new people and experiences. Jupiter in Aquarius wants us to connect with people who share similar interests and think outside the box. Venus in Libra smooths over the rough edges to make connection and interpersonal relationships flow more naturally.

The new moon is also opposing mystical and intuitive Neptune at 21 degrees of Pisces. This aspect can be a double edged sword, depending on how consciously we are working with the other aspects of the chart. On the one hand, Neptune can point to illusions and disillusionment, to our compass becoming clouded by faulty incentives or wishful thinking. We must watch out that what we truly desire and are working on creating in our lives has a solid foundation.

On the other hand, high vibrational Neptune is all about implicit trust in God/the universe/Source as the highest barometer for our growth and progress, our dreams and manifestations. With Neptune opposing the new moon we can have a direct hit of what is really TRUE in our own inner knowing and follow that, even if the path is opaque and we can’t necessarily see the whole journey or destination ahead of us. If we can trust this and follow through, then we may find ourselves on a magical and mysterious new path, but one where we will see the direct and tangible evidence of our positive progress around every corner through divine synchronicities.

*art by @skip_closer