Scorpio New Moon 2021

November 4 5:14 PM EST

This is a heated and unpredictable new moon that could catalyze all kinds of interesting events. The sun and moon are united at 12 degrees of the passionate, intense and transformative sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is all about the necessary processes of death and regeneration that lead through the path of surrender and catharsis, to the pastures of new growth. Fresh growth itself is symbolized by Scorpio’s opposite sign of Taurus, which is the archetypal eden. In order to live in our own ‘garden of eden’ we must carefully cull and maintain our physical, emotional and spiritual health. We must take care to pluck the weeds, mend the fences and rid ourselves of the inevitable decayed and rotten remnants. Unfortunately in our current culture we are seldom taught HOW to do this. Our culture focuses much more on the Taurean than the Scorpionic part of the equation: the Taurus quest for growth, abundance, comfort and accumulation. But it is not possible to sustain this without the inevitable season of shedding and culling, of releasing and letting go. This is the task of Scorpio. And this Scorpio new moon.

When our season of shedding/culling/transition is overdue it can be quite jarring and even unpleasant. Like clearing out the basement that has not been deep cleaned in years, we have an inherent discomfort around the task, perhaps even fear. But this new moon will not let us off the hook. Scorpio has two rulers: its traditional ruler, warrior Mars, and its modern ruler, regenerative Pluto. Pluto, as many of you may know, has been residing in the sign of Capricorn since 2008, causing major shifts and transformations in the Capricornian realms of big business, government and authority. Mars moves much more quickly, shifting signs every few months, and is currently in the sign of Scorpio, conjunct the new moon. This adds fuel to the fire in a major way. The new moon and Mars are also square to Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline at 7 degrees of Aquarius. There is major discomfort between our personal experiences and desires (sun, moon, Mars) and what we experience as being ‘imposed on us’ (Saturn). This can lead to confrontations and rebellion.

Rebellion is especially significant now as well because the new moon at 12 degrees of Scorpio is exactly opposite wildcard Uranus at 12 degrees of Taurus. This creates a very volatile T-square aspect with Saturn, and there is major unpredictability where Uranus is concerned. If, for example, we continue to refuse to “clear out the basement” in whatever way is necessary or appropriate in our lives at the moment, we may be shocked or provoked into making a move. Our landlord could sell the house unexpectedly, or we could discover that the we are in urgent need of something we forgot was even down there. One way or another, confronting things we have tried to sweep under the rug may become a major story for us this month. And we most certainly will be watching this play out on the world stage as well, which could also be provoking anxiety.

Taurus and Scorpio are the two signs associated not only with the growth/death cycle, but with money and finances in general. A rocky road of news when it comes to the markets could create big swings, and this may just be the beginning, since we have an upcoming full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19th half way through this lunar cycle. So this new moon, though not an eclipse, also technically marks the beginning of eclipse season. And the Taurus full moon eclipse is just the first of many that we will have in these two signs between now and mid 2023. After the nodes move from Gemini/Sagittarius, where they have been since mid 2020, into Taurus/Scorpio in January 2022 the main focus of the zeitgeist will shifts towards resources and finances. With the nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius since May 2020 the focus since then has been on themes related to those signs such as belief systems, news sources, ‘alternative facts’, information and narratives.

While Mercury is still in Libra, at 28 degrees, it is conjunct Mars in Scorpio and loosely conjunct the new moon. As always, control over the story, the facts, the information (Mercury) is at stake. Libra is the sign of the scales, so likely there will be two very opposing and dichotomous versions of the narrative. This also fits with the North Node moving closer to the 0 degrees of dualistic Gemini, where its energy is extremely potent. 0 degrees and 29 degrees of any sign are highly charged. And during the new moon we also have the planet that rules finances, Venus, at 29 degrees of impulsive Sagittarius. This makes us prone to taking rash actions in the face of Uranian unpredictability or chaos. It’s wise to pause now and consider our steps carefully before we make any major financial or relationship-oriented decisions because the electricity in the air may just shock us.

Pluto, Scorpio’s other ruler, is highly exalted and powerful stationing at 24 degrees of Capricorn, in the same degree it was in when it emerged from its retrograde in early October. This truly is a critical time for us to get the message about what needs to be weeded out, tended to, discarded, and transformed in our lives and in the collective in general. Sticking with the status quo simply will not do. The more we have been making efforts at this for the past few months or years, the better shape we will be in to course-correct now. If we have been sticking our heads in the sand then we could be seeing some drama cropping up.

Neptune, the ruler of mystical and mysterious Pisces, is also highly charged and stationing direct at 20 degrees of Pisces, having come out of retrograde mere days before the new moon. Neptune forms a supportive trine to the new moon in Scorpio. We could hardly ask for a better, yet more elusive, helping hand right now. Neptune whispers our inner knowing in our ears, giving us those nagging feelings we have learned we would be wise to follow. But it does not shout or push. We must still ourselves and go within to properly receive guidance from our own higher selves.

The best course of action is strip down and strip back. Naked vulnerability and pure potency are two are to of the highest vibrational states of Scorpio. When we can let go of our clutter, our masks, our pretenses, our power struggles, and stand for who we truly are and what is truly important to us, then we become empowered. The letting go becomes much easier- organic and authentic even. Getting to the core primal essence of who we truly are and KNOWING that we can survive and thrive in the face of anything is what supercharges us to get on with doing what we know must be done now. Scorpio, after all, rules the ‘dark night of the soul’ process of our spiritual development. When we face our fears with self-love and self-trust, new avenues of clarity, purpose and power open up before us.

*art by @kalogenic