Full Moon in Libra 2022

April 16 2:55 PM EST

This is a catalytic full moon that can push us closer to peace, individually and collectively, or further away from it. The crux of the issue is that both the sun and moon, at 26 degrees of Aries and Libra respectively, are tightly square to deeply transformative (and sometimes destructive) Pluto at 28 degrees of Capricorn. Squares, by their very nature, “force the matter” and create friction that demands attention. That said, the ruler of the full moon, sensuous Venus, is very auspiciously placed, snuggled in the sign of her exaltation, loving Pisces, and approaching conjunction with both lucky Jupiter and intuitive Neptune. So depending on how we handle the ‘confrontation’ that is up for us now, we could find ourself with things turning out much more smoothy and beneficially than we might have first presumed.

But first, the square to Pluto which is “no laughing matter” as the saying goes. Libra, seeks to keep the peace- to orchestrate matters so that things ‘feel fair’ and nobody gets the short end of the stick. Sometimes Libra energy goes to great lengths to do this, both on the positive and negative side of the spectrum. The results can be brilliantly articulate, fighting for the underdog, and expressing warmth, charm and inclusivity. Or Libra energy can ‘keep the peace’ by being evasive, wishy-washy, people pleasing and indecisive. The extent to which we seek to ‘solve our problems’ by demonstrating these lower vibrational Libra behaviors may prove to be a stumbling block for us now. We could get “called out”. The rub is that the invitation to these choices is especially strong now. Venus, as mentioned, the ruler of Libra and of the full moon, is in whimsical Pisces. So we could be supremely drawn to escapist and avoidant behaviors! But it’s essential to try to steady ourselves in the higher realm of both Pisces (compassion, love, imagination) and Libra (fairness, cooperation, balance) rather than getting sucked into the lower.

Because Pluto is ready “show us” the ‘error of our ways’ should we get too comfortable being evasive or unreliable. Pluto, planet of alchemy and transformation, is not doing it to ‘be mean’ or ruin our day. It’s because Pluto’s highest concern is our soul growth, and hence behaviors and choices that are out-of-alignment will ultimately be dug up and brought to the surface by Pluto. The bill comes due. We have to acknowledge the writing on the wall. And most significantly, we have to take responsibility. So as choices come up over the course of the next two week- especially choices around Venusian matters such as love and money – we are wise to remember that Pluto is watching us closely now and that the bill will eventually come due.

Not only is Pluto strong by position in this chart (square to the sun and moon), but also by virtue of the fact that it is stationing at 28 degrees, the degree where it will begin its annual retrograde on April 29th. Pluto wants us to see and understand the ‘karma we are creating’ now, so that we can make wise decisions. This is especially important for two reasons.

1. The Jupiter Neptune conjunction of April 12th is still very much activated and the hopes/wishes/dreams that we sow now are very potent, as are the actions we are taking.

2. We are on the cusp on eclipse season which is short and ultra-potent this spring. It begins with the upcoming Taurus new moon on April 30th and lasts until the following new moon in Gemini on May 30th. A full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio is the midway point of this eclipse season month.

Eclipse seasons tend to bring what has been simmering under the surface out into the light (just like Pluto). In fact we can think of eclipse season’s as the annual ‘Pluto moments’ when changes are catalyzed and crystallized, when the old separates itself out from the new, when the process of alchemy and transformation takes place. And so as we are about to go into eclipse season, again we have the reminder to be very mindful of our actions, as we may see their consequences sooner than we realize.

Jupiter and Neptune are not only joined by Venus right now, but Mars. The bold ruler of Aries has also newly entered Pisces and is at 0 degrees of that sign. Unlike Venus, Mars resists being in Pisces, where it feels its courage and momentum is ‘watered down’. We can like Mars moving through Pisces to a speeding car going through fog. The car wants to move, but the fog wants us to slow down, even to be in meditative contemplation or reverence for its mystery and otherworldly beauty. So slowing down is part of the key here for us. Not slowing down so much that we get lost in the fog, but enough to respect that there is indeed an emphasis on the mystical and soulful right now, with the Jupiter Neptune conjunction still buzzing, and both Venus and Mars in residence in Pisces.

Ultimately, we need to remember that it is our soul, our divine essence, that we want to be ‘steering the ship’ and making our decisions and choices for us. Then we will not run into the problem of Libran indecision and wishy-washy-ness, we will be able to be clear about our needs and desires, and allow others to meet us from where they are. It is about TRUSTING OURSELVES. When our soul/spirit is in the drivers seat, Pluto very much approves! And we could see ‘rewards’ and benefits again more quickly with Pluto elevated now, and as we approach eclipse season. And these gifts can come in the form of Libra blessings- such as new romantic relationships, clients, acquaintances, or business partnerships. And, of course, Libra wants us to look beautiful doing all of the above!

Mercury, the messenger planet, is in Taurus and conjunct wildcard Uranus. This can be something of a pot-stirring aspect as Mercury feels a bit constricted in earth-bound Taurus, and Uranus encourages it to ‘break free’ and push boundaries. Pushing back against outdated or intrusive expectations may be part of the formula for some people as far as owning our SOUL expression now and letting it steer in the boat in our life and relationships, with both compassion and clarity. But *needless* rebellion, confrontation, pot-stirring can come back to bite us in the bottom now.

Mercury and Uranus are square to Saturn, and we must carefully forge a path that honors our desire for unique individual expression (Mercury Uranus), harmonious relationships (Libra), and Soul integrity (Pisces planets, Pluto) while also recognizing that our actions incur karma (Saturn) and that having a stable foundation beneath us (Saturn) is essential. Saturn is also TRINE to the full moon, in complete support of us and the relationships we are fostering and co-creating now, IF and WHEN they are in this kind of high level of integrity. And how do we uphold this integrity? Again, being mindful to not slip into the lower vibrational Pisces/Libra behaviors of evasiveness, white lies, flakiness, indecision, or victim mentality. We CAN and WILL hold ourselves to higher standards now, and that is exactly what gives our relationships a chance to thrive.

This full moon is the ideal time to gently course correct with all relationship-oriented situations and behaviors. Leaning into the desire for balance and harmony (Libra) and also for deep spiritual bonds and compassion (Pisces) is a north star. If we can do this, while staying mindful of the integrity of our choices and behaviors, as both Saturn and Pluto looking on keenly, will help us see that we are on the right track. Which will feel oh-so-good and set us up for some of these situations to come even more strongly to the forefront during eclipse season.

*art by @unexiist