Gemini Full Moon 2018

November 23, 12:39 AM EST

This is the first in a series of 5 full moons in a row that occur at 0 degrees- This is very rare, and interesting. 0 degree is what is called a critical degree and holds extremely potent energies- it’s rather like the ‘concentrated’ version of the sign. So this isn’t just a Gemini full moon, it’s a powerful one, and it’s on the heels of an intense Scorpio new moon.

With the North Node having just changed signs from Leo into Cancer, and expansive Jupiter having moved on from the underworld of Scorpio into robust Sagittarius, there has been a decided energetic shift away from the fixed element. This is underscored by Uranus moving out of Taurus and back into Aries. And of course by the full moon in the most airy and dexterous of all the signs: Gemini.

The Gemini full moon opposes the sun, coupled with Jupiter, and Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius. All four of these planets square off to Mars, now out of it’s VERY long transit through Aquarius (another fixed sign) and in the early degrees of  watery mutable Pisces. This full moon feels like it is the dislodging all that has been slowly breaking apart, crumbling, or shifting over the past 10 months when the friction between the fixed signs was at maximum.

The pieces want to fall! They want to fly free! This is what we have all been working for. Just make sure they don’t hit you on their way out the door. The sudden and unpredictable, even impulsive, nature of this lunation could catch everyone a bit off guard, so try not to take things personally if others are being a bit erratic. And do your best to avoid commitments you will want to back out of, or ‘going along for the ride’ in a situation you know is probably best avoided.

This is especially true since loving Venus, now direct in diplomatic Libra, is still tightly opposing lightning rod Uranus. Anything and everything is possible in the realm of love and flirtation, but that could include the bizarre or puzzling. The bright spot here is that you are SO much more in touch with what you truly care about after the past few months of hard work, that stepping into living that reality is lighter, easier and more liberating than ever.