Neptune in Pisces 2012-2026

On February 3, 2012 the King of the Oceans, Neptune, made his long awaited return to his home sign of Pisces. We can liken this to Odysseus landing on the shores of Ithaka after his long lost voyage out at sea. What magical creatures have we all been encountering in our dream lives that we can now express clearly as we land on the shores of creative realization? Surely we have all been encountering them. Neptune’s transit through wild, erratic, and future-oriented Aquarius since 1998, has left us all exploring some pretty out-there ideas and pushing ourselves to the limits of individuality and freedom. Look no further than the ubiquitous smart phone or tablet in the hands of the person next to you to see how far this thrust for individuality, customization and independence has gone.

But unless you work for Apple, few of us have seen our unique visions of the future materialized. The truth is that the difficulty has come in explaining them to others and having them embraced by the collective consciousness. Communication and translation has been the barrier.

But now Neptune has come home to Pisces for the 1st time since 1850s. And here the language barriers will crumble. No more fighting an uphill battle to have your thoughts and visions intuitively understood by others. Wouldn’t that be a dream? It sure is. Sure as Odysseus washing up on the shores of his home island. And now we are there too.

Pisces and Neptune together rule the watery depths of the human emotional, intuitive and creative experience. Everything that you can’t quite put your finger on, that slips through your hands and is just too damn beautiful to describe in approximation through language. It is the fuel of poets and painters and drug addicts, trying to catch the next wave of inspiration and euphoria.

As a culture we have the impulse to use our brand new gadgets from the Neptune Aquarius era (1998-2012) to unite, unify, and share in the collective experience of love and beauty. Everyone’s intuition and psychic abilities kick up a notch (hence other people more intuitively being able to understand your vision and goals rather than just their own). The impulse to take care of one another is very strong. Communal living and fantasy “utopias” abound. There is a return to mysticism and spirituality and humanity. There is also a return to illusion, disillusion and secrecy. Denial is a powerful drug but potent realities can bubble to the surface and demand reckoning with.

After all, Odysseus had to deal with the reality of life on shore after dreaming about making his way home. Conquerors also wash up on the shores of history, and in this case nothing is more important than the unity of the people to protect themselves. What dreams are you making a reality? How can you strengthen your bonds and connections with others?

The reality of situations become inescapable, yet the nuances of those realities are almost too complex and interwoven to comprehend- it’s almost too much to handle- let’s just go have a drink- how very Pisces. Everything is up for personal interpretation. The worlds bends to fit your particular vision so choose which colored glasses you want to wear and camp out with your people.

Yellow Glasses- Water Signs- Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: This is your time to shine. While normally rather private and inward looking, you are called forth now to take an active, participatory roll. You are in natural harmony with Neptune and people understand that your instincts- and the actions that follow- are in the right direction. The most important thing is that you TRUST your intuition and move confidently forward- not falling into your own trap of over analysis and taking things too personally. Claim your kingdom; the people need your leadership.

Blue Glasses- Fire Signs- Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: An internal voyage is beginning. Your go-getter personality has taken you on some great adventures but none perhaps as powerful as the one you are set to embark on. All of those little voices in your head that prompt you to hop on this plane, and jump off that train and propel your life forward- where do they come from? And what do they want? Now you will finally be able to sit still for long enough to probe some of these questions. In fact, you want to. It suddenly seems of utmost importance to dig into your dreams and fantasies and internal motivations. Surround yourself with family and snuggly blankets for this trip.

Red Glasses- Earth Signs- Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: You pride yourself on having a good head on your shoulders, and you sure do. But occassionally whisps from the ether, and thunderbolts from the sky strike you. What is going on with these ideas? Are they worth pursuing? Is there a tangible goal? Only you can answer these questions but nobody can see better than you right now the pathways that need uncovering, and trimming, so that they can be trodden by the next generation. You will have to work with others. And the projects may seem unusual or unconventional- but hey, it’s the future.

Green Glasses- Air Signs- Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: You have the reputation of the zodiac’s socialites- charming your way through life and using your considerable verbal skills to get your way. Perhaps less explored are the nuances of the unusual habits and motivations that actually keep your motor running. They are complex indeed and often considered only by yourself or those who understand your quirks intimately, if at all. Now is the time for you to consolidate, and improve, the effectiveness and workability of your life. Getting into the groove of what behaviors and lifestyle actually help you to reach your goals is the name of the game.