Saturn in Aquarius 2020-2023

Before we begin: A note about coronavirus. I began writing this post several weeks ago before the pandemic became as widespread as it has now devastatingly become. What is fascinating is how strongly the effects of the pandemic and the quarantine, correlate to the themes discussed here.

I have bolded out the additions that I made post-coronavirus, but most of the work is based strictly on the energetics of Saturn in Aquarius.

This is a rather long post (maybe my longest yet!) so if you are only interested in high vibe and low vibe predictions you can scroll towards the bottom and they are in bullet points.

But the context is quite fascinating indeed..

Key Dates: 

Saturn enters Aquarius:  March 21, 2020  11:58 PM EST

Saturn turns retrograde at 1 degrees Aquarius: May 11, 2020 12:09 AM

Saturn Retrograde re-enters Capricorn: July 1, 2020 4:39 PM

Saturn turns direct at 25 degrees of Capricorn: September 28, 1:11 AM

Saturn re-enters Aquarius: December 17, 2020 12:04 AM EST

Saturn / Jupiter “Grand Conjunction” at 0 degrees Aquarius: December 21, 2020 1:21 PM

Saturn remains in Aquarius until its first ingress into Pisces: March 7, 2023

Last time Saturn was in Aquarius: Feb 16, 1991 – May 21, 1993. June 30, 1993- Jan 28, 1994

First, a bit about Saturn.. 

Saturn takes roughly three years to move through a single zodiac sign. So when Saturn changes signs its a BIG deal. In fact, we could even say that culturally we can see what the main themes of any decade are by looking at what signs Saturn (and the other outer planets) were transiting at the time.

Saturn is the planet of structure, rules and responsibility. He has dominion over the physical tangible world and it’s laws of cause-and-effect, as well as the subtle (but wholy powerful) energetic variation of this law, otherwise known as Karma. Saturn oversees the energetic and solid structure of the universe, and the give and take that is in a constant state of forming and transforming it. This is also known as co-creation, or the Law of Attraction.

Saturn is somewhat dispassionate in nature. As overseer of vibrational exchange and consequence, the rules are already written, so to speak, and he merely stabilizes and holds the container so the flow of causality (vibrational alignment) can be expressed. Of course we can experience this as terribly harsh and challenging, especially when we don’t want to accept responsibility for our actions and incur their eventual consequences.  We can cry foul and call Saturn a big meanie, hell bent on ruining our fortunes and our good times. Hence Saturn’s ancient nickname as the “Great Malefic”, and the millennial colloquial dread surrounding the “Saturn Return” (that occurs for each person around 29 and 58 years of age).

(I think we can all agree that some of what is surfacing now is the unsustainability of choices and actions as a culture that we let run on ‘auto-pilot’ and we are now recognizing the consequences)

Saturn is not hell bent on punishing, or rewarding. That would in fact go against his role as overseer of universal law. By very definition, there can be NO exceptions. He has his hands tied, so to speak. It is OUR choices, and intentions/motivations/vibrations that precipitates a ripple out into the world and sows the seeds of what we experience. Period. Saturn sits back at his organized desk and watches.

The rub comes with the fact that we are overall, as humans during the beginning of the 3rd millenium AD, still wholy ignorant (or in forgetfulness- however you want to put it) about the energetic laws and structures of the universe. Our fear of Saturn (and Saturn Return or transits) is a vestige of our fears surrounding a patriarchal and punitive ‘Father God’.

Many people live in fear and are taught to feel guilty or make penance for errors. The alternative is living in love and learning to choose actions from a place that will vibrationally yield us (and all others) a much better return. This is a complete paradigm shift. It requires an understanding of fundamental energetics and vibration that many understand, but most do not. The shift towards this greater foundational understanding is crucial. It can deeply and meaningfully transform our personal experience as well as life within the larger collective. This transition, or ‘awakening’,  could be an emerging theme during the upcoming Saturn in Aquarius transit.

(Many are already feeling more connected than ever to others, despite our physical isolation)

Saturn is ever patient with us. Again, there are no exceptions in universal law. We may make the same well-intentioned mistakes over and over, and lo-and-behold we get the same results over and over. Saturn is not trying to ‘punish us’, rather we are being shown in infinite patience what we are creating, and perhaps once we finally connect the dots, we can make some different choices. Thank you, Saturn.

(Does it really take something this drastic as a wakeup call? Perhaps)

That always reminds me of Albert Einstein’s wonderful quote “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. This describes the Saturnian principle to a tee. Likewise, in shamanic traditions they describe our external world as the “mirror”, which reflects our internal reality.

When you change an ingredient, you will get a different result. Change a MAJOR ingredient, such as your MOTIVATION or energetic offering of why you are doing something, and expect majorly different results. Now the mirror looks different.

 We are confronted over and over again with seeing/experiencing what our choices are creating for us. So that we can improve them and improve our experience. Results do not accrue exclusively, or even primarily, from our actions, but rather from our motivations and the underlying beliefs that support them. Our willingness to get to know ourselves deeply, and take responsibility for the influence we are having in the world at this foundational level is the true work of Saturn.

(This is a very important time to reflect on how much the dominant culture we are a part of actually supports us, and what beliefs we have about others and our part in the whole)

Saturn in Capricorn and Aquarius.. 

This process of karma, the reality of vibrational/energetic principles in the universe, and its implications for our day-to-day experiences, may all find greater understanding and acceptance in the general public during the coming years.


Because we are READY for it.

The period of 2018-2020 is one of INTENSE karmic shifts and releases. For the majority of people this is not a time of starting something brand new, but rather of deep healing and release, in many cases going back generations or lifetimes. This is because the eclipses of 2018-2020 in Cancer and Capricorn triggered both Saturn and Pluto (the planet of transformation), AND Saturn and Pluto’s nodes. Without going into great detail, suffice to say this would be the equivalent to spending a month cleaning out your grandparents attic (and basement) when you normally just pop by for a lighthearted brunch.

(Geez.. Or spending an indefinite amount of time under one roof..)

We have been sorting through some serious STUFF from the past while Saturn has been in Capricorn. Maybe even having breakthroughs in healing within our families (a Cancer theme). And we are not quite through yet. Though Saturn dips into Aquarius between March 21-June 30, it is still mostly (and powerfully) in Capricorn for the majority of 2020.

While family issues (Cancer) have been hugely highlighted the past few years, we have seen the most action in Capricorn- the opposite sign of Cancer- with it’s dominion over big business, government, power structures, authority figures and bureaucracy. This should not surprise anyone who has opened a newspaper recently. There have been major transformations happening not only in these areas on the world stage, but also more crucially as we have been discussing, below the surface: what these structures mean at a deeper level, what foundational messages they are sending to the world about what is important.

(Ever so highlighted now..)

It has become more and more clear to many people that for at least the past 50 years, big business and government have jointly thrived on an agenda of fear. In many ways THEY have become the ‘Father God’ to a post-religious culture. Big Business/Government represent a unified view of WHAT is important: getting a job, making as much money as possible, purchasing your own home, having all the newest greatest products and technology, being hyperconnected, “aspiring”, etc. If we do not ascribe to these values we are seen as outcasts, “hippies” or naysayers.

(And how quickly has disaster highlighted what is truly important as a counter-point to this)

If this is what ‘life is all about’, and how we are ‘supposed’ to live, what type of behavior does this promote in us? What type of underlying beliefs about ourselves and others does this support?

I am not good enough. I am not rich enough. I don’t have all the things I want. I have to find a way to get them. Other people have what I want. I am jealous of other people. I have to get ahead. All’s fair in love and war. FEAR.

The list goes on and on. But the point is the same: Breeding a culture of aspiration and inadequacy lines the pockets of the companies who swoop in to sell us the latest antidote (with a few beers to wash them down) AND keeps us in a perpetual vibrational state of fear/frustration/lack which then perpetuates more of the same, and pits us against each other.

Can Saturn in Aquarius be an antidote to this?

In short YES!! ( I promissseee I will get into more detail with Aquarius but setting the stage is SO important.. 🙂

(Even, it seems, if we are being FORCED into changes in our behavior and consumerism..)

Neptune in Pisces (2010-2026) .. 

We also have a great ally, daydreaming on the sidelines through all of this: Neptune in Pisces. Neptune, the planet of spiritual oneness, dissolution, and inner knowing, has been gliding through its home sign of Pisces since 2010 and remains there for another five years.

Since Neptune and Pisces are connected to the spiritual realms, there have been tremendous breakthroughs in our connection to this part of our lives, and the universe, since 2010. Not only have yoga studios, alternative healing centers, (astrology!) etc gone from fringe to mainstream during this time, millennials especially have intuitively embraced a more holistic ‘alternative’ view of the world.

At its highest vibrational sense, Neptune/Pisces reminds us that we do not NEED to follow along with what the ‘Father God’/mainstream culture/Big business version of what life is all about in order to feel a sense of belonging. After all, as researcher Brene Brown says- humans “are hardwired to connect with others” and we suffer greatly when we do not feel that we have a sense of connection. But it is that need for acceptance that erodes our autonomy and pushes us into embracing the narrative that is being forced on us, and choosing conformity, even if it goes against how we are truly feeling deep down inside.

RATHER, Neptune/Pisces reminds us that deep down inside we ALREADY belong, we are already part of the wholeness and beauty of creation and of God, and that if we can truly remember this, this balm of loving inclusivity easily and effortlessly provides us with enough strength and joy to lovingly decline the invitation being offered by hyper-consumerist culture. This is not an INTELLECTUAL understand, but a deep inner knowing that cannot be ‘faked’. More and more people are stabilizing themselves in this energy (also known as 5D energy), and their ripple effects of love and inclusivity are strong. This will be amplified and responded to in an even greater way during the Saturn in Aquarius years.

The other gift we have received so far during the Neptune in Pisces era has been a deeply increased understanding around the lower vibrational side of Pisces/Neptune. Since Neptune/Pisces is associated with ecstatic deep spiritual oneness, when we do NOT feel this way (such as when we are buying into late capitalist messages), our sense of existential isolation and loneliness can become so unbearable as to push us into the self-soothing rituals we know as addiction. The ultimate ‘happiness’ promised to us by consumerist culture is an elusive moving target, and since we never seem to find ourselves there, we numb out on any number of addictions. The antidote to this is to stop the materialist quest and find peace the only place it can be found: here in the ever-present NOW. Any number of aligned spiritual traditions can offer effective techniques to do this. But it is up to us to keep choosing for it. Day in day out, moment to moment.

(At the moment, we have more opportunity/time/space than ever to experiment with these practices and see what works for us.)

The link between trauma and addiction has been a breakthrough of Neptune/Pisces understanding in the past decade. It seems only willful blindness could explain why the connection between these two topics was only marginally explored in the past. But as our intuitive sense of knowing about what is right for us, as well as what is ‘real out there’ has become more fine tuned in the past decade, this connection seems increasingly obvious. I will not go into detail here but would encourage anyone interested in this topic to explore the work of Dr Gabor Mate.

In this context what is important to note is that our capabilities for healing our traumas from the past have increased during the past 10 years (and especially in the past 2 years with the Cancer/Capricorn eclipses) and again this has given us a certain amount of liberation from our addictive tendencies. Our addictions have been a source of shame for us, as well as a weapon used by mainstream culture to increase our dependency and make us feel inferior. The greater the extent to which we have been able to integrate high vibrational Neptune/Pisces knowningness of belonging and inclusivity, AND release lower vibrational Neptune/Pisces addictions and apathy, the more powerfully we will be set up for the upgrade in consciousness that is one of the gifts of Saturn in Aquarius.

(I really believe that all the challenges of the past few years, for many people, have actually prepared us better than we could have anticipated to come together in a new way)

(Neptune and Pisces also rule diseases, especially ones that are ‘unseen’, and are a testament to how quickly disease can spread)

(When I wrote my initial post about Neptune in Pisces I said “Denial is a powerful drug but potent realities can bubble to the surface and demand reckoning with.” Indeed.)

SATURN IN AQUARIUS 2020 – 2023 .. 

Aquarius rules science, technology, so in this sense it also rules the MECHANISMS through which the universal laws that Saturn represents are codified energetically (Saturn is after all a co-ruler of Aquarius). That is why science is really more of a process of ‘uncovering’ rather than discovering. (For example, Einstein did not discover relativity, he uncovered the truth about something which has always existed.) This is why Aquarius is associated with consciousness. The more we are in resonance with these universal truths, the higher our consciousness is.

Aquarius also rules collectives and communities.

So what could happen during this timeframe?


  • Scientific understanding, as well as personal knowningness, about these fundamental energetic realities becomes significantly more widespread (towards a paradigm shift)
  • Scientists develop more accurate understandings & models of consciousness, energy, and vibration
  • More and more people stepping back from unconscious engagement in consumerist culture (note that this is NOT the same thing as judging, criticizing, condemning ‘others’ who are ‘conforming’ because that still carries divisive lower vibrational energy)
  • More widespread interest in ‘occult’ subjects within the mainstream
  • Increasing emergence of new models in the ‘sharing economy’
  • Setups of alternative communities outside the mainstream culture
  • Increasing power to people/communities outside of the dominant two party political system (in USA)
  • Innovative technologies emerge that to share resources amongst groups more equitably and reduce waste
  • Inefficiencies in the chain of production are exposed and ‘cleaned up’ in many industries
  • Better dialogues through technology amongst various groups and collectives about shared interests/ increased ease of finding people with shared beliefs
  • Collaboration between communities that may differ on certain issues, but can come together for other specific goals/projects (reduction in binary thinking)
  • More co-working, co-habitation, etc locations and clubs
  • Digital commuting becomes more common in many businesses
  • A greater return to participation in grass-roots organizations, clubs, associations, etc
  • The effectiveness of using mass democratic tools such as petitions to impact high level political decisions
  • Substantive voting reforms
  • New technology-based social networks
  • Increasing dominance of socially conscious businesses and investing
  • Increased acceptance and normalization of LGBTQ community
  • Increased inclusivity of non-elites within the traditional corporate and governmental power structure
  • 5D reality is stabilized: mass consciousness elevation
  • Increased understanding of mind/body connection
  • New technologies, such as HeartMath and Binaural Beats, to fine tune our energy and consciousness
  • Increased research in academia in matters related to the connection between science & spirituality
  • Increased understanding of ESP and telepathy
  • Breakthroughs in ET and space research
  • Discovery of new natural clean technologies
  • Radical redistribution of wealth based on unforeseen circumstances
  • Increased dedication to local businesses and economies
  • Better, and more inclusive, community guidelines for various economic/social/public health scenarios
  • A new wave of powerful charitable organizations
  • Increased sense of bonding and togetherness due to tragic events


  • Increased technological surveillance of the collective
  • Thorough monitoring of citizens digital footprints
  • Increased techno-utopiansim
  • Acute polarization of groups and political parties & rising intolerance
  • Personal privacy is phased out for ‘security purposes’
  • Restrictions on freedom of speech
  • Penetration of all digital platforms with aggressive advertising
  • ‘Customized’ (and sometimes mandatory) technology and health experiences designed to get as much personal information from us as possible
  • Major advances in AI, kept from the public, led by government and Big business
  • Increased psychological sophistication of mass marketing
  • Increasingly sophisticated and intrusive corporate technological espionage
  • Increasing mandatory healthcare guidelines 


  • During previous Saturn in Aquarius eras conflict and discord has let to progressive social reforms such as the New Deal, the Civil Rights Act, and the end of Apartheid.
  • People who have natal Saturn in an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) may play an especially important role in uniting people, or sharing impactful ideas
  • The group of people born the last time Saturn was in Aquarius in the early 1990s (exact dates at the top of this post), could be leaders, and develop some of the businesses and technologies that take hold

Jupiter and Saturn: The Grand Conjunction, December 21, 2020

Every 20 years, Jupiter and Saturn join together in what is known as the grand conjunction. This was a momentous and highly anticipated event in ancient cultures. And for modern day astrologers it likewise pushes an energetic “re-set” button, and to a great extent determines the dominant themes for the upcoming generation. We could even say that the chart for the Great Conjunction is like looking at the horoscope for the upcoming 20 years.

The sign where the two planets meet is of utmost importance. Though Jupiter and Saturn are traveling closely together throughout 2020 (mostly in Capricorn), they do not come together until December 21, at 0 degrees Aquarius. This sets us up for a 20 year period where Aquarius is the dominant energy and where most of our lessons/opportunities will be learned. By contrast, the period we are wrapping up now is based on the May 2000 Grand Conjunction which occurred in the sign of Taurus- focusing us on issues of resources, values, the earth, and currency.

(And we can clearly see how an imbalanced and lower-vibrational approach to those topics has created a lot of challenges for us as humans as well as Gaia)

What this means is that these Saturn in Aquarius topics and themes are not only significant for the duration of the 3 years of this transit, but are actually highly impactful for the following 20 years.

The oft-overused “Age of Aquarius” axiom is apt here. This is another crucial gateway as we pass through the transition to the Age of Aquarius, which at its highest potentiality is about the equality of all people.


If things are feeling intense in our lives, and out there in the world, it’s because they are. These are HUGE shifts we are undertaking, both personally and collectively. Our sense of who we are, and what is possible for us and for the world is stake.

But we do not need to have fear around this. In fact, we have HUGE support in reclaiming our inner knowing and understanding about how to work with the energetic vibrational structure of the universe (Aquarius) to create a new tangible reality (Saturn). Staying out of fear and in the realm of possibility is essential for this process to go as smoothly as possibly for us all.

(It is obviously a huge challenge to stay out of fear when our health, the health of our loved ones, and our livelihood is on the line. But working at least as hard on maintaining focus on the improvements and changes we want to see during this time is a powerful antidote to anxiety.)

So you can call it optimism, or you can call it hope, or you can call it positive manifesting- whatever it is that helps you to remember that you are a powerful co-creator and that your beliefs, intentions and choices matter.

One of the great truisms of creativity and spiritual work (so intimately connected) is that we cannot create something until we first recognize it as a possibility. So my wish for you and for all of us at this time is to put all of our energy into the higher vibrational potentialities. And to continue exploring, in the most passionate and heartfelt way, the possibilities for radical improvement and meaningful connection that are opening up for all of us in the coming months and years.


Saturn is associated with manifestation, as we have discussed, and Aquarius can move at lightning speed- What used to take years or decades to accomplish on the spiritual or ecological path can be catalyzed more quickly than ever in this environment. Though things may seem to be falling part, we can also have breakthroughs in every way, and in every area of our lives.

As we all take practical preventative measures, and bring care to ourselves and our communities, let’s commit to holding a vision for stabilizing the positive changes that can come from this, personally and collectively..