Full Moon in Leo 2023

February 5 1:29 PM EST

This is a fairly intense full moon that may put pressure on us to deal with unresolved issues that are blocking our path forward. Since disciplinarian Saturn moved into progressive Aquarius in March 2020 we have seen huge ramifications for this in the collective (see the original Saturn in Aquarius post for more info on that). And individually we have also been experiencing this tug of war between the Aquarian urge to innovate and progress vs. the Saturnian impulse to restrict and conserve. This has been playing out in an even more ‘exaggerated’ way since mid 2021 when Saturn began to reach the middle degrees of Aquarian and hence locked itself into an ongoing square with rebellious Uranus in the middle degrees of Taurus.

One need only take a cursory look at the news headlines to see how the conflict between safety/obedience/’following the rules’ (Saturn) has been locked in battle with the populist/rebellious/’individual freedoms oriented’ Uranus. Below this topical level there is also a conflict between the desire to preserve old structures/institutions/foundations (Saturn) vs the desire to tear them all down and begin again on a fresh more egalitarian playing field (Uranus). And deeper still a basic tension between inherent integrity/wholeness of systems or an individual (Saturn) and the seeming chaos of the universe which at all times keeps life in flux (Uranus). How well we are navigating each of these different layers is all coming to the surface now since this is the FINAL full moon where this square is active. And it is very active indeed at the time of the full moon.

The full moon at 16 degrees of Leo is opposing the sun at 16 degrees of Aquarius and Saturn at 26 degrees of Aquarius. All of these planets/luminaries are square to Uranus at 15 degrees Taurus. So now is the time to assess how well we have managed this internal and external tension and what we have learned in the past several years that we want to integrate as wisdom and bring forward (Saturn) or discard and leave behind as no longer relevant or helpful (Uranus).

Discerning between these two, and shedding the past while holding on to precious lessons, is no easy task. One could even say it is one of the most primary and challenging lessons of being human and advancing in emotional maturity and spiritual wisdom. The Taurus/Scorpio polarity is oriented specifically around these themes, with Taurus representing fresh growth and accumulation (spring) and Scorpio at the other end of the spectrum representing degeneration, death, release and transformation (autumn). Since this full moon is very much a fixed square pulling into tension the sun/Saturn (Aquarius), moon (Leo), and Uranus (Taurus) – the “missing” leg of this fixed square – Scorpio- becomes very relevant indeed. It is through the magical alchemy of Scorpionic release and transmutation that we find our way to the other side of this full moon, and at last this entire past nearly 3 year period.

Our guide through this process is our true spiritual heart- the sun- the ruler of Leo. Our heart is the inner compass of our True Selves, our higher selves, who reside within us, ready and available at all times to help us in our discernment, aid us in our choices, and smooth the transitions of life and ‘letting go’. While our human selves, our small selves, cling to things that no longer serve us for a variety of complex psychological reasons, our True Self has compassion for the suffering we may feel in times of loss or transition, but remains absolutely resolute and undiminished by these feelings, with complete confidence and knowing that our new path, our highest path, has the capacity to ease any old suffering we might have felt- and so much more. When we are truly on our highest heart path, as guided by our True Self, we have ease in all areas of our lives because we are in right reciprocity and flow with life, rather than trying to control or push back against it.

So these next few weeks are crucial for spending time with understanding what our HEART is trying to communicate to us about our next steps and path forward. This heart is full of true confidence (Leo) and clarity about our highest way to be in the world that will be of maximum impact and benefit to the collective (Aquarius) as we are moving through massive transformations of life and consciousness on Earth.

When we are in that place, the past releases easily and we have no fear of the future. Now doesn’t that sound nice!

We are aided immensely in this task by gorgeous trines from Chiron, Eris and Jupiter in the middle degrees of Aries lighting up the full moon. We can assist in the revolution of consciousness and equality (Eris), we can heal personal wounds and traumas (Chiron), we can have access to a brighter more positive and unencumbered future (Jupiter) when we lean into this full moon. And all of this can happen FAST (Aries)!

We also have Mars at 11 degrees of Gemini, now direct after a long retrograde and picking up steam, beaming encouraging sextiles to the full moon as well as all of the Aries planets. Mars in Gemini is also forming a trine to the sun in Aquarius. If we can connect the dots (Gemini) and hold a high vision for the collective future (Aquarius) then a lot of the baggage and drama we have been stressing about can simply release itself now.

If, however, we are holding on for dear life to a relationship, job, political alliance, ideological belief, etc that has felt increasingly discordant over the past several years (but we have been unwilling to really pull the plug or look at things differently), there may be big shocks (Uranus) or faultlines (Saturn) that show up and we can no longer ignore. Again, focusing on the new, rather than the old, aids us tremendously in this process.

Venus, the love and money planet, is exalted at 12 degrees of mystical Pisces. This helps us tap into our deep spiritual knowing and surrender, encouraging us to trust the mystery rather than fight against it. And even though Venus is squared up to Mars in mid-Gemini which again could create confusion as we try to assess ‘which path’ is the right one for us, ultimately Venus is beautifully positioned and very helpful to us here. It is forming a sextile to the Mercury/Pluto conjunction in the mid/late degrees of Capricorn, as well as a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. These aspect ease the release of the old. And especially verbal Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, can help us see some of the language (Mercury) of manipulation/control/power (Pluto) that the ‘elites’ (Capricorn) have been using so that we have more awareness of what games are being played.

Overall, even though there is quite a lot of tension with the fixed square during this full moon, there is also a ton of support in navigating whatever it brings up. When we trust our heart and set out on the path that truly feels right to us, the path opens up before us. If we can take baby steps towards deeper trust in what may be new and available to us now that we could not even have imagined a few years ago, we will be working positively with these energies, and positioning ourselves well for the huge shifts that are upon us in March.

*art by @galen.oakes