Virgo Full Moon 2022

March 18 3:18 AM EST

This is a beautiful and supportive full moon that nudges us to taking practical action steps towards our dreams and desires. There has been a lot of change and transformation in the air recently. And with the heavy dominance of planets in Aquarius (future idealism) and Pisces (rich creativity and empathy), we likely now have different and stronger dreams for ourselves and our next chapter than we did, even at the start of this year. This groundswell of new hopes, wishes and desires carries us forth in the optimism and energy of the astrological new year (the spring equinox on March 20th), but we must also remain practical as we tread our new path forward. And that is what this full moon is all about.

This full moon is not diminishing or pooh-pooh-ing our dreams and visions (however ‘far out’ they may seem), but it is reminding us that change, and progress, happens one step at a time. The sun is at 27 degrees of nebulous Pisces, and the moon is at 27 degrees of practical Virgo. Pluto, the planet of deep change and transformation, is at 28 degrees of Capricorn, in near perfect sexile to the sun and trine to the moon. This could not be a more fortuitous aspect! Especially because at the time of the New Moon in Pisces (which set the tone for this energetic month two weeks ago) Pluto was EXACTLY conjunct both Venus and Mars. I went into great detail about the meaning of this in the post about the New Moon in Pisces, so it may be worth a review now in the middle of the lunar cycle. But suffice to say, big changes in the realms of relationships and money (Venus) as well as how we “do” things in the world (Mars) are very highlighted right now. And this Virgo full moon wants us to get the most out of this transformational energy so that we pivot and course-correct in the “right” direction (ie. the direction of our own true selves, and higher guidance, coming from Love).

Already in the last 2 weeks we may have felt some seismic shifts in these areas in our life. But Pisces is also very subtle and intuitive, so the realization and clarity that this Pluto/Mars/Venus triple conjunction has in store, could also “sneak up” on us at any moment. We could be in the shower and have an epiphany! This is the month to write down those ideas and continue to reflect on them, and ‘improve’ them. Virgo is all about subtle tweaks and shifts, it’s all about taking what is present (what is real, tangible) and maximizing its potential. So if there are work projects in our lives that require our attention, this full moon is also extremely helpful in assisting us in figuring out the best way to ‘work with what we’ve got’ and improve it as much as possible.

It is important here not to veer into the realm of criticism or judgment (of the self or others) that is a hallmark of lower-vibrational Virgo energy. Nothing is ever truly “perfect”, so when we demand that of ourselves, of others, of a work project, we set up a losing situation. But Pluto, once again, is helping us transform any old habits of doing this, so that we can tap into high vibrational Virgo and its ability to see the solutions and implement them! If we find ourselves getting draw into negativity and perfectionism, the antidote is to return to the highest vibrational invitations of Pisces: deep self-love, compassion, faith.

The sun in Pisces is conjunct the two rulers of Pisces, Neptune and Jupiter, who will have a very rare exact conjunction in their ‘home sign’ of Pisces on April 12. We are in the process now of seeding what ‘wishes’ we hope to come true at the time of the is very powerful, spiritual and fortuitous conjunction. Mercury, the ruler of the full moon (since it is the ruler of Virgo), is also in Pisces conjunct Jupiter and Neptune. Once again, this is terribly ‘lucky’ and harmonious. It shows a blending of our solar and lunar energies so that we may activate and UNIFY all parts of ourselves towards a clear goal/direction (Virgo) guided by our deep inner knowing and personal compass (Pisces). Indeed, if we set the intention for healing and unification now, this is a tremendously healing and powerful full moon.

Venus and Mars are no longer conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (as they were at the time of the new moon), but are now conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. Mars is at 9 degrees Aquarius, Venus is at 11 degrees Aquarius and Saturn is at 20 degrees Aquarius. All three planets are square to Uranus at 12 degrees of Taurus. As the saying goes, “you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs”. That is more or less the motto of the Saturn/Uranus square which has been very dominant in 2021 and 2022, but is now highly activated by Mars and Venus triggering it as they pass over Saturn. While the invitations of this full moon are powerful, deeply healing and ultimately very positive, it is always wise to remember that change is often permanent and irreversible. Once we “pull the trigger” with some of these Plutonian shifts and adjustment, there is ‘no going back’. Saturn reminds us that the laws of karma (cause and effect) are always in operation, we are always accountable to our choices and we will always experience the impact of them (one way or another). This is indeed another major lesson this month, and on into next month (Mars and Saturn will be very closely conjunct at the time of the Aries New Moon on April 1st).

With all of the planets clustered so close together right now, there is a deep consolidation of energy. The full moon in Virgo give us a hint of perspective and a discerning eye about how we are navigating the big changes and choices that are upon us now. Indeed it is very important to follow our vision and have faith in our dreams, but we must also be willing to make the choices and take the action steps (often deeply transformational) that will get us closer to where we want to be. And we must accept the short and long term consequences of these actions. We must be able to discern the most meaningful and effective action steps and let them cut a clear path through any fog or confusion that is present. And we must remember to have deep compassion for ourselves and others (*especially the people we may not want to be compassionate towards) as navigate all of this. Then we will be primed for the deep blessings that surround the upcoming Jupiter Neptune conjunction on April 12th.

*art by @ilkgul.menzil