Pisces New Moon 2022

March 2 12:35 PM EST

This new moon heralds deep emotional healing and new beginnings. BUT, we cannot progress to the next level without full taking responsibility for ourselves, and allowing the old to be seen and transformed. Remaining in denial, projection, or victim mentality about the circumstances of our lives will only reinforce (and expand) that which we don’t wish to continue.

All of this is in large part due to the fact that there are several other EXACT conjunctions at the time of the new moon. And these conjunctions involve the inner planets (our personal experience) conjunct the outer planets (collective energy). So we all may continue to be more affected by events on the world stage than perhaps we imagine, for the upcoming 28 day cycle.

Perhaps most significantly, is the triple conjunction of Pluto, Venus and Mars at 27 degrees of Capricorn. This is a highly significant degree, for it is where the first US Pluto return recently occurred (on Feb 20). How we, personally and collectively, navigate issues related to power, privacy, group finances, transformation, shadow elements, secrets, manipulation, trust, and intimacy is front and center right now. Pluto, the planet associated with Scorpio, has dominion over all of these issues, and Capricorn is specifically related to all things big business, government , structures, regulations and patriarchy. The karmic/energetic reverberations of our actions and choices around these matters could come around much more quickly than we are used to seeing. This is on account of Mars and Venus also residing at exactly 27 degrees Capricorn at the time of the new moon. Venus conjuncts with Pluto once a year, and Mars every other year- it is very rare for them all to be together, and even more significant at this highly charged degree.

Venus magnetizes. So again, the results may come quickly. Like The Empress card in the Tarot (ruled by Venus), Venus draws what it desires to it rather than actively pushing or forcing. It is the feminine principle that through instinct and preference, communicates to us subtly and internally its desires and needs, and sends that energetic pulse or beacon out in the universe. Once we hear the voice of Venus (if we are listening for it), Venus hands off its ‘requests’ to its partner in crime, Mars. The planet of action, purpose and passion- Mars, in its highest vibrational state, then takes the direction of Venus and acts as emissary and foot soldier, taking whatever action is required swiftly and purposefully to catalyze the desired result. Then Venus closes the circle by being in receptivity to that which it desires, and basking in it, full of enjoyment and appreciation. Of course, much of the time, this is not how it works. Mired in drama, we often position our Venus towards ‘faulty’ desires (ie. those that are dictated by society or culture rather than our internal compass), and allow our Mars to act unchecked in our lives- creating experiences of unnecessary conflict, aggression and short-sightedness.

So the choice is ours now- to either let whatever unhealthy Venus/Mars signature to keep playing our in our relationships (Venus) and choices (Mars). Or to allow Pluto to works its transformative power in healing, transmuting, and regenerating this pattern. If our lives seem to be filled with drama and frustration, this is especially an opportunity not to be missed! We can start by tuning into Venus and truly asking ourselves what our deepest needs, priorities, and values are. Once we get a clear sense of this, we can lean into Mars to get a sense of what actions might be appropriate to take on behalf of those desires. Then we are creating a clear, clean and straight line towards what we want. If we feel like there are insurmountable trust issues or that we need to manipulate situations or people to get what we want, it’s a sign that we do not yet have a straight line to our desires, and need to do some work to release shadow Pluto energy. The great news is that Pluto WANTS to help us clean up these, potentially very painful and frustrating, old patterns right now! This triple conjunction is sextile to spiritual Neptune in Pisces. If we are brave enough to SEE and acknowledge where we engage is some of these less-than-optimal behaviors, we have a huge amount of help and ammunition in releasing them right now, and setting a new standard for how we get (Mars) what we desire (Venus).

Being weary of how other people we may be in relationship to (Venus) use or misuse power (Pluto) and what the effects are of these actions (Mars) is also something to keep a close eye on. If we have relationships, personally or in society, where trust has been eroded, it may be time to take action (Mars) so that we are honoring our true needs and values (Venus) and not merely playing into other people’s power struggles (Pluto). This, of course, can create endings, beginnings, and upheavals.

The second conjunction that is exact at the time of the new moon is communication planet Mercury exact conjunct disciplined Saturn at 19 degrees of Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign that has to do with collectives and groups, technology, progress and the future. Saturn in Aquarius since March 2020 has emphasized the tenuous relationship between authority figures (Saturn) and ‘the people’ (Aquarius). This month, “the word” (Mercury) coming down from authority figures (Saturn) about the collective, or the future (Aquarius) may be highlighted. It is possible that the progressively minded (Aquarius) will find the ideas/thoughts/plans/communication (Mercury) of the elites/those in power (Saturn) to be overly restrictive or outdated (Saturn). This plays into the continuing dominant theme of 2021/2022, the Saturn Uranus square, which exposes the friction between ‘the way things have been’ (Saturn) and ‘the new that is seeking to be born’ (Uranus). The people (Aquarius) may start to want to hold accountable (Saturn) authority figures (Saturn) to what they have said, promised or claimed (Mercury). Of course this can set up contentious situations. And in our own personal lives its very important, especially as we navigate the Pluto/Venus/Mars conjunction, to have utmost integrity and impeccability (Saturn) in our word (Mercury) and follow though. Once again, the ramifications of how we navigate this could show up more quickly than we are used to.

And finally, the new moon itself! At 12 degrees of Pisces, it is closely (but not exactly) conjunct Jupiter at 14 degrees of that sign. Jupiter, of course, is one of the co-rulers of Pisces. And Neptune, the other co-ruler, is also in Pisces at 22 degrees. It won’t be for another 90 years or so that we have a Pisces new moon that is conjunct both of Pisces rulers, Jupiter and Neptune! So this is a blessed and special occasion indeed. Pisces has dominion over all things connected to the ‘great mystery’, to the unifying oneness that pervades all creation, the deep source of energy and creation that some call God or Spirit. Neptune, as a co-ruler of Pisces (and having been in Pisces since 2012), symbolizes both the intuitive and synchronistic aspects of life that point us towards an innate KNOWING of this sublime ‘reality behind reality’, while also simultaneously eroding the false structures and beliefs that keep us from seeing and perceiving this deep Truth. Jupiter, on the other hand, is connected to faith, optimism and growth, and it is through these virtues that we continually push ourselves and boundaries ‘beyond the known’ into greater expression of our own unique selves within the wholeness of creation. At the time of this new moon, the invitation has never been stronger to lean into our intuitive knowing and creativity (Neptune) and take leaps of faith on their behalf (Jupiter).

There is, however, of course a shadow side to both Neptune and Jupiter. On the lower vibrational end of the spectrum, Neptune is deluded and delusional, trapped in its own nebulous bubble of emotions and perceptions, unable to discern reality or a sturdy path forward. It is here that we see the Neptunian Piscean association with addiction and isolation. Jupiter’s nature is to expand, and it does not always have forethought, discernment or tact in this endeavor. It can encourage to arrogance, self-righteousness, dogmatism and foolhardiness.

Coming back to the Pluto/Venus/Mars conjunction, and the Saturn/Mercury conjunction- we can once again see the danger, and the invitation, present now. If we are ready to shed and release the old and transform (Pluto) our relationships (Venus) and ways of taking action in the world (Mars), then we can have a bold and exciting (Jupiter) new chapter that is truly aligned to our soul purpose at a deep intuitive level (Neptune). This requires taking full responsibility (Saturn) for ourselves and our lives and holding ourselves accountable for what we say and agree to (Mercury). If however, we continue to want to avoid responsibility (Saturn) and remain in willful delusion (Neptune) about the role we play in our own lives, perhaps blaming others (Mercury), then we can can see an expansion (Jupiter) of drama around the current issues that are coming up for us, which could create even more upheavals (Pluto) in our relationships (Venus) and affairs (Mars). As always, the choice is ours. And while it can feel {temporarily} uncomfortable to call ourselves out for our own drama and bad behavior, we again are wise to remember that this is totally human (Aquarius)! And not to be too hard on ourselves. We have the grace and benevolence of Spirit (Pisces) to help us release the old and allow the new now. And this is not just in airy fairy dreamland parts of our lives, but in the ‘real world’ around us (Capricorn).

So what do we truly want from our lives !? If it is something different than what we have been experiencing, now is the time to make that transition and recognize that it comes from within. It has to do with how we show up (Mars), how in alignment we are to our true values (Venus) and how well we communicate and keep our word (Mercury). The outer planets are here to help us uplevel and upgrade these patterns in our lives.

And one final note: I have been focusing on the relationship aspect of Venus. But Venus is, of course, the Goddess of both relationships AND money. Abundance is, at the most primal energetic level, a natural feature of Spirit and an inherent part of the energetic structure of the universe. Hence, our relationship to money and abundance is simply another relationship that we have. How we approach ALL of life and relationships, either from a place of intuitive trust allowing and creativity (high vibrational Neptune) or from a place of fear/scarcity/manipulation (low vibrational Pluto) will have a deep impact on our relationship with money and abundance. So once again it becomes of utmost importance to transform how we “do” (Mars) relationships in general (Venus) because this has a profound ripple effect into our financial lives. If this month feels like a financial rollercoaster (Pluto/Venus/Mars conjunction) then coming back to our desire for transformed (Pluto) relationships (Venus) that are in integrity (Saturn) and taking action (Mars) from that place, will help smooth out this area of our life as well.

All things are truly interconnected. This is the dominant message, energetic and KNOWING of Pisces. Whatever we need to tweak or restructure in our lives so that the organic whole of our lives and our interactions with others flows in optimal ways is our work right now. And smiling Jupiter promises that the results and rewards can be beyond our dreams and expectations!

*art by @daniellenoel.art