Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio 2019

October 31- November 20, 2019

This is a very powerful and introspective Mercury retrograde period. Each Mercury retrograde represents a pause, a re-attunement, and eventually a new beginning in the sign/area which it influences. This Mercury retrograde is in the intense and psychologically-oriented sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio lives in the deep waters of our personal subconscious, it is focused on our soul’s path and the trials and tribulations we have overcome which are then transmuted into personal power for use on our journey. As we accrue this power, through honoring our unique gifts and also grappling with- and ultimately embracing- our own shadow and darkness, we also invariably incur bumps, bruises and scrapes- both physical and psychological. These become further fodder for our progress, or impairment, on our journey.

Do we tend to our bruises and scrapes? Do we ignore them? That is, until they become too glaringly present for us to deny. Are we ashamed of them? Denying them under a blustery mask of steely resolve and competence. Or do we embrace them for what they are? The inevitable markings of a human life- bless them, and then let them be.

How we handle our bumps, bruises, pains, fears and failures is an inner, psychological process and choice. Long before our masks or stories show up as our persona in the external world, we are having an inner dialogue- partly conscious, mostly subconscious- about how to “deal with all of this”.

It is this inner dialogue that Mercury retrograde in Scorpio is drawing attention to. Mercury is the planet of communication, and Scorpio is the sign of our inner power. Is the “tape we are running” in our minds through our self talk one that empowers us? Unfortunately, for all too many of us it is not.

Basic psychology tells us that we internalize many of the messages we receive as children, from our caregivers as well as our culture. Caregivers who are handicapped at the art and practice of instilling confidence and courage in their charges, contribute to children who have an inner dialogue of insecurity. Modern Western culture, broadly, has an ethos of ‘progress at all costs’ with its implicit message that where we are at as a people (and as A person) is not enough and must be improved. These messages have been highly detrimental to our inner personal sense of self, which again, is most clearly reinforced by our own inner monologue.

The lower vibrational side of Scorpio is manipulation, domination, compulsivity and obsession. These are the fear-based behaviors we gravitate towards when we don’t feel safe in the world, and in our own power: we try to wrestle it from others for our own use. Our relationship to our inner power is being addressed now and this may be uncomfortable. We may more clearly recognize and see the power struggle that we habitually contribute to with others. We may have situations come up now that show us where we too easily give our power away to others. More often than not, these behaviors ultimately lead to self-recrimination which becomes part of our toxic inner dialogue, further eroding our power.

And it is not only in regards to topics that we give great importance to (such as ‘the state of the world’, or our personal accomplishments/shortcomings), that our own personal dialogue is significant. Even in the most mundane of matters, for instance being stopped in traffic, or inconvenienced doing your daily errands (Mercury again, after all, is associated with short distance travel and our neighborhood), we may catch ourselves in a vehemently angry or insistent conversation with ourselves (aka- that ‘terrible driver/person’ who just did that ‘terrible thing’). If these instances are all too familiar and well worn in our lives, we may be getting a message that Mercury is not operating as smoothly as it could be in this area of inner personal power. Somewhere along the way, we have grown to expect and anticipate these petty dramas and power struggles, and now they are a part of our everyday life. “I hate this traffic light, I always get stopped here”, “They never train the servers properly at this cafe”, “I am always kept waiting too long when I show up for my appointments”.

It is easy to blame these issues on what is ‘out there’, but in reality we must all take a step back now and recognize that a toxic inner dialogue, based on unhealed and unresolved issues from our past, is contributing as an energetic driver to these experiences. After all, the shamanic and esoteric belief system, which is at the foundation of this work- is that what we experience in the external world is a mirror of our personal vibration. Shamanism and the mysterious processes which facilitate this experience, is also ruled by Scorpio.

Notice too, the tendency for extremism and absolutes in the above examples of negative self-talk. Scorpio deals in extremes, and it is unhealthy and self-defeating. Take this Mercury retrograde as a time to notice how often you use words like ‘never, always, have to, must’. Simply reminding yourself to release the hold of this type of language, about yourself and about others or situations, can immediately loosen the grip of experiences and feelings you have been looking to transform.

This Mercury retrograde wants to help us transform. Scorpio is all about transformation, and transmutation. And Mercury is assisting by drawing us back to the beginning and the dialogue that underpins it all. Let us not forget, “In the beginning was the word” (John 1:1).

*Artwork by @fetching_tigerss