Mars in Gemini 2022-2023

August 20, 2022 Mars enters Gemini

October 30, 2022 Mars goes retrograde at 25 degrees Gemini

January 12, 2023 Mars goes direct at 8 degrees Gemini

March 25, 2023 Mars enters Cancer

Get ready friends, for a 7.5 month wild ride of Mars in Gemini! The last time Mars, the planet of action and momentum, did an extended stay in a sign was back during the 2nd half of 2020 when Mars was in its home sign of Aries from June 27, 2020 until January 6 2021. We can all remember what transpired during that heightened six month period when Mars was flexing its weight in its own sign, bringing out some of the themes of Aries : individual rights, competitiveness, violence, anger, and impulsiveness.

Especially here in the United States, where I live, a restless (Aries) citizenship freshly released from “lockdown” became understandably outraged by senseless abuse of authority that lead to the death of George Floyd (this type of abuse of authority symbolized by the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn – and the murder itself occurring around the time of the first eclipses in Gemini/Sagittarius). Free from the regular confines of ‘auto-pilot’ and a rigorous normal working schedule, the American population was free to gather and protest (symbolized by Saturn in Aquarius) at a scale not seen since the Civil Rights Movement, something that would not likely have occurred or been possible without daily work life being ‘suspended’.

Many of the early protests in June 2020 occurred when Mars was still in sensitive and idealistic Pisces. But by the time Mars moved into Aries for its long stay, people were MAD and all kinds of different groups and ‘militias’ turned parts of the US into a full scale Aries/Mars battleground, not only about police violence but many other issues as well. The controversial US presidential election that year occurred on November 3rd when Mars was retrograde, and the infamous Capital Riot occurred on January 6, 2021- the same day that Mars entered Taurus. Mars did not enter Taurus until 5:27 PM EST on January 6th so the riot itself occurred when Mars was in the highly charged and catalytic anaretic 29th degree of Aries.

I am treading through history now just to illustrate how significant the extended stays of Mars are. They occur about once every 2 years and in different signs. We can expect significant turning points during the upcoming 8 months- but related to a different range of themes : the Gemini themes. These are most closely focused on communication, travel, elementary education, neighborhoods, news outlets and technology, and censorship.

We can expect any number of possible scenarios related to these themes to dominate our collective attention during this time. This could include :

  • Intrusive government access measures into private communications and correspondence such as emails and text messages through deals with communications and telecom partners (EX. the NYC subway system just signed a deal allowing a company creating WiFi for all subway stations to have access to user data accessed there)
  • Increased upheaval of the travel industry including worker strikes, unionization, staffing shortages, unprecedented delays and rescheduling dramas
  • Increased voice and power to truckers and other workers who move goods via the transportation networks and are the backbone of economic infrastructure
  • ‘Codification’ of certain laws or measures or mandates within the public school system which could be related to health, testing, safety, media access, etc.
  • Grass roots movements to create more sustainable neighborhood micro-economies and informal support and resource networks
  • Big announcements, changes, mergers, closing of major news outlets
  • Court cases involving censorship, media and technology
  • Increased debate over ‘cancel culture’, ‘fake news’ and censorship
  • Emergence of new media outlets or technologies
  • Dramatic stock fluctuations/valuations of media and technology companies
  • Significant viral media trends that influence opinions
  • Increased ‘cancel culture’ and censorship of books
  • More diverse opinions on current events being aired personally and collectively
  • Email and personal data information security breaches
  • “Lockdowns” of websites or financial trading sites

Gemini energy is all about possibilities, options, conversations, debates, media, news, and ‘hot takes’ so there will certainly be lots of TALKING going on! In its highest vibrational essence, Gemini is about “the rainbow bridge” that connects the head and the heart- the merging of dualism into unified consciousness. It is able to process facts in the brain and filter them through the heart connection and move forward in aligned action. In it’s lowest vibrational essence, Gemini is duplicitous, does not take responsibility for what it says, looks for shortcuts, ‘moves on’ before concluding anything, and is lost in a scramble of myriad pieces of information unable to consolidate them into something clear and illuminating, and unsure ‘which’ pieces of information are the most pertinent and relevant.

Some possible personal intentions we can set now to have the highest possible experience of Mars in Gemini:

  • That our personal and public communication be in high integrity
  • That we filter our words through the heart rather than merely desiring to ‘win’ the conversation or debate
  • That we challenge ourselves to improve our ability to articulate what we know, think and believe in a way that is clear and respectful
  • That we recognize any ‘red flags’ in the news/ideas/media outlets we consume and adjust our attention and trust appropriately
  • That we hold our minds and hearts open to new information and ideas, and different ways of seeing things
  • That we continue to trust our own ability to hear and know and recognize what is true and that we honor others abilities to do this as well
  • That we engage in debate and information sharing in a respectful way

Other potentialities- like travel delays, etc- we may simply not have any control over! But we can, and always do, have control over how we communicate and so this is an opportunity for a big UPGRADE of our ability to communicate in integrity that if we perceive this transit that way.

During the 10 weeks when Mars is retrograde – between October 30 and January 12- there may be significant “revisions to the story”. Newspapers could be held accountable for publishing misleading, if not downright inaccurate or politically motivated, information. The “official version” of certain stories or narratives could be ‘revised’.

It is a metaphysical truth that our words (and thoughts) have power and causal efficacy. What we say matters and has a ripple effect in the world. And the accuracy and veracity of information that is circulated by governments, media outlets, and individuals is important. These actions incur ‘karma’ the way that any other actions or choices do. Quite simply- we are responsible for what we say and do in the world. When lies, evasiveness, half-truths, or downright manipulation are exposed in regards to stories or information there will always (eventually) be a price to pay – but often the corrosion of trust is subtle and irreversible.

At an individual level, in pop psychology this is called “gas-lighting”. When someones actions don’t match their words, but they deny, deflect, blame, etc to ‘flip the script’ and avoid taking responsibility, that is gas-lighting. And when it happens at a large, collective, communal scale we feel as confused, threatened, undermined, hurt, betrayed and angry as we do when it happens in our personal lives. If I can’t believe what someone is telling me- whether that is a person in my life or a major media outlet- then there is a serious problem and things need to change. Some of those changes may finally start to surface during this interesting and impactful Mars in Gemini transit.

*art by the_real_theory