Full Moon in Gemini 2022

December 7 11:08 PM EST

This is a full moon of redirection and updates. Mars, the planet of action, passion, motivation and movement has been in the dexterous and multifaceted sign of Gemini since August 20th. On October 30th it began a 10 week retrograde in that sign. Mars has not been retrograde in Gemini since way back in 2008.

Whenever Mars goes retrograde (every other year) it is an invitation to reappraise how we “do” certain aspects of our life. In Gemini this is an invitation to reappraise various aspects of how we “do” things related to communication and news/information. Gemini is also a natural multi-tasker so we are being challenged with honest self-assessment of how well we multi-task and which of the projects or ideas we have been juggling are really worth the effort and which ones are merely a distraction.

While these themes are significant for the entire duration of Mars Rx (October 30 – January 12), they are very especially highlighted during this full moon since it is EXACTLY conjunct Mars Rx at 16 degrees of Gemini. So between the time of the full moon and the following new moon in Capricorn on December 23rd we will have many opportunities to look at these Mars Rx issues.

Since the sun is always opposite the moon at a full moon, the sun at 16 degrees of motivated Sagittarius is pressing the point : Are these ideas or plans getting you further towards your ideal vision? Are they truly aligned with your beliefs? Do you have faith in your path ahead? What can you do that would increase your faith in your path and actions? How can you adjust your communications and strategy to get you farther towards your goals? What kind of re-directions are presenting themselves to you as possibilities now?

The sun and moon are also square to Neptune at 22 degrees of Pisces. Neptune is very strong during this full moon since it is stationing direct after a 5 month retrograde. It is now direct and helping us feel our intuition and inner knowing more clearly. If things have felt slightly scrambled since Neptune went retrograde in late June, our senses are getting sharper now. But there are, again, no shortage of Mars Rx distractions or differing opinions to confuse us or muddy the water.

This can create scenarios and situations where we feel like there is a tremendous amount of “mental clutter” in our lives. Where we think we are sure of something and then we get news that changes things, or other peoples behaviors create situations we now need to work around. This can prove to be frustrating, but the key is to see what we are being asked to recognize about our own way of “doing” things and what needs to shift. How can we turn down the volume on opinions or demands that are outdated or not serving us? How can we reconnect to our own North Star so that we are not internalizing to much news/information/ideas/opinions that are frankly either inaccurate or irrelevant? Or responding “poorly” (overwhelm, rage) to these changes and re-directions?

It is up to us to recognize these patterns, to cut out what doesn’t work and re-align to our own North Star. Nobody else will do this for us. And it’s possible if we keep going along on auto-pilot things will only get more confusing, thanks to Neptune square Mars Rx.

But when we DO know what we want/need/feel/think/believe with clarity then some pretty interesting things are possible now. The sun at 16 degrees of Sagittarius is loosely conjunct The Great Attractor. This is located at 14 degrees of Sagittarius and is one of the most potent energetic areas of the zodiac. As the name suggests, the Great Attractor is a highly powerful point of attraction and magnetism. Since Sagittarius is “The Archer”, aiming their bow and arrow towards their highest goals and dreams, when we are single minded now and aiming accurately, incredible things can happen. We can hit our mark. We can make the connection we have been dreaming of. The dream can come true. But again, this depends on us cutting out the clutter and drama and fully understanding which direction we want to be facing now, how we want to be “doing” things, which re-directions have been blessings, and what it is we truly truly desire.

Venus is also in Sagittarius, at 27 degrees, within a degree of The Galactic Center. As the planet of abundance, love, money and relationships, this auspicious placement of Venus also reflects the potency of this full moon if we are able to still our minds and read the signs accurately. “Reading the signs” is a speciality of all three Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces. But in different ways. Gemini reads the signs by having a knack for pulling together disparate pieces of news and information and following the track of the zeitgeist. Sagittarius reads the signs by having faith and courage that the next step will appear after we set out on towards our hearts desires; they trust the signs when they appear. Pisces reads the signs intuitively, instinctively, somatically through their attunement to higher energy and the unspoken dynamics at play. If/when we are able to RE-PROGRAM our Mars now, thanks to Mars retrograde, to “read the signs” accurately, and then have the courage and confidence to TAKE ACTION on these insights, however nebulous, then we can find ourselves in a very different place in a few weeks time.

Taking action and following through are indeed key in all of this. Mars, after all, is a ‘doer’. Mercury, the ruler of the full moon, is also in practical Capricorn urging us to be prudent and pragmatic in our approach. Steady and long-sighted Saturn in Aquarius at 20 degrees is trine the full moon and a steadying hand in all of this. Saturn’s message is simple.. “if it looks like a rat, and talks like a rat..” Saturn will not allow us to fool ourselves. It reminds us that the most simple explanation is usually the right one. It reminds us that much of the confusion is created in our own minds by dreaming up excuses and scenarios when often things are more simple and clear than we are willing to believe and the writing is on the wall. At the end of the day, we can decide that we WANT to see clearly through whatever is going on, and this simple intention can be the ‘magic’ key that clears out the confusion and debris.

Finally, this is our last lunation with Jupiter in Pisces. At the critical final 29th degree of Pisces, Jupiter is in its swan song now. It will enter Aries on December 20th and not return to Pisces for 11 more years. Like Neptune, Jupiter in Pisces is urging us to trust ourselves and have faith in ourselves. The Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces turbo-charged our intuition in the past year and now it’s up to us to continue to carry this forward.

Mars will spend much of January and February re-treading this territory after it goes direct and before it moves into Cancer on March 25th. The better we are able to see through the smoke and mirrors now and focus only on what feels true and accurate and relevant to us, the better we will be poised to move ahead over the winter.

*art by @danielmercadante