Jupiter in Taurus 2023-2024

Jupiter enters Taurus : May 16, 2023

Jupiter exits Taurus and enters Gemini : May 25, 2024

This is a cause for celebration! Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, is entering Taurus, the sign related to abundance, resources, and fertility. Taurus not only has to do with human fertility, but with the richness and fertility of the earth and all its extraordinary capacity for regeneration and renewal. In the northern hemisphere, Taurus season is the 2nd step of spring, the first being the surge of new growth and desire to “be born” that Aries symbolizes. For the past year or so, we have had Jupiter in Aries encouraging us towards what feels new, fresh and vital to us. And now we are ready to see some of the fruits of our desires and labor coming into form.

Taurus, as the 2nd sign of the zodiac, is also connected to the 2nd house on the zodiac wheel, the house of values, priorities, possessions, resources and consolidation. In order for the seed (Aries) to grow properly, with maximum vitality, it requires a concentration of effort and all of the right nutrients and conditions. This is our task now. To clearly narrow our focus onto what is important so that we can cultivate the conditions in which to help it thrive. If we continue to blast through with what feels fresh and exciting (Aries) then we don’t give things a proper chance to grow and mature. Likewise if we rush through the process and scatter our energy in too many directions (Gemini) then we are not able to maximize the health and yield of our ‘crop’. So slowing down, even as we energetically and practically prepare for an exciting harvest, will help us now.

Taurus moves slow and steady, at its own unique pace. It resents being rushed or pushed. This is also essential for us now. To slow down enough to sense what our specific dreams or projects are telling us about what they “need” so that we may gauge the right unique timing and pace for working on them. For example, writing a book may take more time than opening a restaurant. Or less time, depending on the person. Different goals and different people require different timelines, so as Jupiter first enters Taurus it is wise to both IDENTIFY our primary goal right now, and slow down enough to get a sense of what kind of timing is realistic and nurturing to us in this process. Setting unrealistic goals or having an overabundance of “trust” that things will workout great without putting in the effort and consistency can both backfire when it comes to Taurus.

Both Jupiter and Taurus reward faith, patience and consistency especially when we have our eyes clearly focused on a singular target. Jupiter, after all, is the ruler of the sign of Sagittarius- the archer. We cannot hit our target if we don’t know what it is. And Jupiter is also the co-ruler, along with intuitive Neptune, of mystical Pisces. Pisces is the sign of supreme faith and surrender in the larger cosmic vision. And what can be more symbolic of true faith than KNOWING that deep under the soil or branches where recently there was barrenness and frost, there will be life and sustenance and riches again! We no longer live in a world where we are deeply in synch with seasonality and cycles of the earth as our ancestors were. But the rebirth of spring was a cause for celebration, just as Jupiters entrance into Taurus would have been heralded by our ancestors!

We are also on the tail end of a series of eclipses in the Taurus/Scorpio polarity which began in November 2021. These eclipses will not be fully completed until October 28, 2023 when we have our final eclipse in this cycle: a full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus. This eclipse will be at 5 degrees of Taurus conjunct Jupiter at 11 degrees.

In many ways this Taurus/Scorpio eclipse series has been a stringent call to refinement of what we value and prioritize NOW in our lives (Taurus) and what is ready to be fully seen, shed, released, transmuted (Scorpio). So many of these themes have been coming up for us the past year and a half and continue into the fall. If we have been doing this Taurus/Scorpio work of culling and reprioritizing it will serve us twofold.

Firstly, it prepares us for the Aries/Libra series of eclipses which are already underway. These eclipses began in April 2023 with the new moon solar eclipse in Aries. And as is true of the Aries/Libra polarity, these eclipses will bring into focus which relationships (Libra) support us in thriving as our own unique authentic upgraded selves (Aries). (*The Aries/Libra eclipses will last through mid 2025). Ideally at this point we will have done enough clearing of “the old” with the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses that we are also supremely open now to the new relationships (Libra) than can come in and support us.

Secondly, the Taurus/Scorpio eclipses have paved the way for Jupiter now entering Taurus to bring us the full range of its blessings in this bountiful and earthy sign. With the old dug up and transmuted (Scorpio), there is now an abundance of ‘fertile soil’ that Jupiter can make use of.

And while it is essential that we know and understand our values and priorities, so we can narrow our focus and nurture our dreams adequately, there is also the necessity to let go and trust. We have indeed already BEEN planting many seeds during this Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle and Jupiter is helping those to come to life, to be visible, to become fruit that we can eat and savor and enjoy. Taurus is, after all, the sign of pleasure and enjoyment. That is what the EXPERIENCE of reaping the fruits of our efforts and labors “should” be like. If we have been planting the seeds of our heartfelt dreams and desires then this will indeed BE our experience. If we have been planting seeds based on other people expectations, our desire for approval, people-pleasing, economic scarcity mindset, etc. then we actually may NOT even realize that its possible to truly delight in the fruits of our efforts.

We can shift that now. By taking the time to re-align with what is most important to us NOW we shake off the stale ideas, expectations and pursuits which do not serve us. After all, Jupiter enters Taurus right on the heels of the Scorpio lunar eclipse which is once again helping us to release. It’s not too late to pivot, to course-correct, to refine our needs and our direction. In fact that is EXACTLY what this time is for. And when we do that we can be amazed and excited by how bountiful and aligned our personal harvest truly is over the next year.

*art by @dmt_dreams