Sagittarius Full Moon 2023

June 3 11:42 PM EST

This is a fortuitous and happy full moon to light up the late spring skies in the northern hemisphere. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and faith and we are all being encouraged now to lean into faith in whatever it is that we are wishing to cultivate and experience right now. In May, the ingress of Jupiter into Taurus heralded the beginning of a period of deep fecund fertility and abundance in our lives. IF we are indeed willing to put in the hard work. A garden cannot cultivate to its full potential without care and dedication and we are very much the capable gardeners in our own lives right now.

The sun is at 13 degrees of multi-faceted Gemini opposing the moon at 13 degrees of adventurous and philosophical Sagittarius. It is through Geminian curiosity and exploration of all facets of our interests and environment that we are able to not only experience and savor the joy of discovery, but to refine and upgrade our beliefs and wisdom. This is what the Gemini/Sagittarius axis is all about. And facing the world and any new situations we encounter through this lens of curiosity, adventure and discovery will serve us well now. Jupiter comes to its abundance without pushing or forcing, but rather through participating in a whole hearted and optimistic manner in life. And so we are being encouraged now to let go of some of the tendencies to force or control and instead surrender to the magic of the unknown and the adventure. And to trust that that is truly the way that our dreams will come true.

The full moon at 13 degrees Sagittarius is in a beautiful fire trine with active Mars at 8 degrees of Leo. Mars entered Leo on May 20th and remains until mid-July. This is a beautiful blessing as Mars thrives when it is able to tap into the deep creativity, confidence and courage of Leo. And indeed this helps us in our Sagittarian quest for a more open-hearted and optimistic approach to life and the unknown. Mars in Leo is not shy about going after their goals (or love interests!) and “puts it all out there” in many ways. Gaining trust in ourselves that we can thrive and succeed when we approach life this way is one of our lessons now.

Mars is also conjunct Venus during this full moon. It is a loose out-of-sign conjunction with Venus at 28 degrees of Cancer, but none-the-less Venus is beginning to ‘hold hands’ with Mars in Leo. Indeed, these cosmic lovers are spending much of this early part of the summer side by side. On June 5th, Venus joins Mars in Leo and they will travel together until late July when Venus begins to slow down for its retrograde (beginning on July 22nd) and Mars starts to pull away in Virgo. But between now and when Venus goes retrograde, the two will be within the standard 10 degree orb of conjunction.

This conjunction is highly potent and creative! And the sign of Leo is highly potent and creative so we have a double dose now of oomph and momentum behind creative projects, romance, and time tapping into our ‘inner child’. With Leo we are wise to remember to explore how things make us FEEL. Not necessarily in the psychic antanae kind of way that the water signs encourage to tap into our feelings, but rather in the ‘hearts on fire’ kind of way where if something doesn’t truly light us up, is it really worth our time, energy and effort? We are asking those questions now and continuing on into the summer. And are wise to pay attention to the answers we get both with career and personal matters.

But for now, during this full moon, Venus remains in sensitive and nurturing Cancer. Venus in Cancer wants us to slow down and enjoy the small comforts and pleasures around us, especially when they involve food, home and family. So over the course of the next 2 weeks we are also encouraged to prioritize the people and environment around us and ensure that we are all feeling are comfortable as possible. This is another good starting point to going more deeply into the fun, trust, creativity, playfulness and exploration of the unknown that available to us now.

Mars in Leo is also part of a VERY strong fixed T-square which also involves the ruler of the full moon, Jupiter. Mars at 8 degrees Leo is opposing Pluto at 0 degrees Aquarius and both are squaring Jupiter at 4 degrees Taurus. This Pluto/Mars/Jupiter T-square has been active since mid-May and continues to be so through this next 2 week period. The fixed signs, where this T-square takes place are known as ‘immovable’ and resistant to change. But deep change and transformation is the very action of Pluto and Mars pushes things forward. Jupiter ‘expands’ what it touches so there continues to be potential for ‘big movement’ in the next few weeks. This could possibly be the “life changing” kind, since Pluto’s touch is usually irreversible. Things can play out on the world stage that set a whole new trajectory in motion. Or indeed in our own lives there could be that ‘tipping point’ after which ‘things are never again the same’. So again its incredibly important to be following the messages we are getting from our heart (Mars in Leo) and having courage to trust the unknown and follow our own path (full moon in Sagittarius).

This is emphasized even more clearly by the fact that messenger planet Mercury at 19 degrees of Taurus is also closely conjunct wildcard Uranus at 20 degrees of that sign. Mercury is now out of its retrograde shadow zone and blazing through fresh territory and its annual conjunction with Uranus at the time of the full moon is another sign we are REALLY ready for changes, upgrades and fresh perspectives on our path. Uranus is disinterested in the stale, old, and outdated. It is fully focused on energetically and vibrationally connecting us to the highest possible potentialities, outcomes, and information that are available to us. And so this could be a time of epic breakthroughs and brainstorms. And again, we set the optimal stage for that by following Sagittarius’ cues to remain open, curious, adventurous and trusting as interact with the world around us.

Both the sun and moon are loosely square to Saturn in Pisces at the full moon. This is a gentle ‘reality check’ kind of aspect. Saturn squared up to a full moon can sometimes be a not-so-gentle reality check. But in these nebulous mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces) there are not many hard edges. That does not mean though that we should ignore the message. Indeed we do so at our own peril. Saturn may not speak the most forcefully when it is in delicate Pisces, but that does not mean it does not have important wisdom to share.

Saturn is the planet of karma, responsibility, and structure. As we move forward with enthusiasm and courage on our new path, open to all of the connections and upgrades, we also need to keep an eye on practical matters and remain in integrity. Going on adventures is grand! We are still responsible to pay our bills on time, do the things we have committed verbally to doing and maintain the situations we already have in progress. Failure to live up to these duties and obligations can and will create avoidable stumbling blocks down the road.

A second message, and blessing, of Saturn square to the full moon is that we can (and should) easily cross reference Saturn now when we are checking on how we “feel” about exciting new options and possibilities. While Jupiter encourages us to trust and go with the flow, and that is indeed the PRIMARY energetic to follow right now.. Jupiter is to Saturn what Mars is to Venus- partners in many senses. One must balance Jupiterian faith and bravado with Saturnian objectivity and common sense. If something does not have ‘legs to stand on’, Saturn will remain skeptical. After all, Saturn understands the energetic give-and-take of the universe (karma) and wants us to choose wisely what we agree to and participate it. So this Saturnian discernment need not ‘spoil our fun’ right now, but remain a background voice of wisdom and objectivity.

After a bit of an intense spring with a simultaneous Mercury Rx and eclipse season, this full moon heralds a playful and uplifting period when we can lean into enjoying the new possibilities that are appearing on our path. Gemini is spontaneous and so if you don’t have plans lined up in early June, some unplanned adventures, however modest, outside of your usual daily grind will help tap into the fresh perspective and opportunities this full moon is bringing.

*art by @cnikarts