Jupiter in Aries 2022-2023

May 10 – October 28 Jupiter in Aries

October 28 – December 20 Jupiter in Pisces

December 20 – May 16, 2023 Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, optimism and our connection to the ever-present abundance that is the very nature of the universe. Often we loose sight of this inherent abundance and magnificence of the world, but Jupiter brings the lessons and blessings that remind us that when we reach out to life and to others with a smile on our face, and an understanding of the inherent light and divinity of all things, blessings are returned to us. Venus, the other ‘benefic’ in classical astrology, rules the mechanism of ATTRACTION and MAGNETISM that brings that ‘exchange’ to us on an energetic, and physical, level. Where Jupiter shows up in our charts by transit in an area where we will have renewed optimism, gifts, growth and blessings in our lives- IF we are open and available to them.

Aries, as the first sign of the zodiac, is an especially significant sign for Jupiter to be transiting. Whenever a planet passes over 0 degrees of Aries (or Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) it is on what is known as ‘the world axis’. These are the 4 angles that make up the the central cross that forms the basis of the astrological chart. We can think of these as marking true North, South, East and West. They are also the seasonal markers. So while we are fully in spring now (the sun passed over 0 Aries on March 20th), Jupiter moves to 0 degrees Aries on May 10th.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries represent new beginnings, confidence, vision and enthusiasm. Jupiter’s transit through Aries is a re-set of the 12+ year Jupiter cycle. It is a deep invitation to the new, the unknown, the uncharted. And this is also especially significant since in the coming decade we have several other slow-moving ‘outer planets’ transiting over 0 degrees Aries and ‘re-starting’ their journey through the zodiac. (*By comparison, the ‘inner planets’, the planets between the earth and the sun, transit through ALL 12 signs every year). Beginning in 2025 both Saturn and Neptune will enter Aries. Saturn has not been in Aries since the mid-1990s, and Neptune has not been in Aries since the mid 1800s. So in a very real way we are at the END of some major cycles, and the re-set button is set to be activated in the coming years. We can think of Jupiter in Aries as ‘paving the way’ for these larger shifts that are on the horizon.

We have all been though a period of profound change and transition over the past several years, kicking off with the Saturn Pluto conjunction in early 2020. As we have been in a period of reflection, transformation and shedding the old, Jupiter in Aries asks us to embrace what is NEW in our lives, to be OPEN to the new in our lives, and to have COURAGE and FAITH in it. Just as Jupiter is associated with the abundance of the universe, we are only really truly in touch with that principle through a deep inner sense of KNOWING and FAITH. And while the world around us has been in deep upheaval, we have also been gifted with renewed faith in our own inner voice and spirit, one of the blessing of Jupiter’s transit through Pisces and conjunction with Neptune in that sign. If we have given ourselves permission to reconnect internally at that deep level, then we know we are following our own INNER GUIDANCE as we embark on the fresh beginnings offered by Jupiter in Aries, and not old drama or external expectations.

While Jupiter in Pisces was about reconnecting with that trust in “something greater” than us (our True Selves and divine nature), Jupiter in Aries is about TAKING ACTION on that. It’s about TRUSTING OURSELVES to take the next steps in our lives, to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and into unexplored territory. It’s about having the courage to follow our heart with enthusiasm and see what happens. It’s about setting the stage for the next 12 year cycle in our lives, rooted in a conviction to do things our way and trust what comes.

In a sense we can liken Jupiter in Aries to “The Fool” card in the tarot, the first card, Card 0. When we are in low vibrational “Fool” energy we are headstrong, oblivious to the signs around us, and foolhardy as we charge here and there and everywhere lead by our ego. If, on the other hand, we are in the high vibrational energy of the “Fool”, then we are open, trusting, curious, navigating life with positivity, optimism and a lack of attachment to outcome. This last point is very important. At the start of a journey it is a delicate balance to know which direction we are headed, and trust our intuition, yet ultimately surrender to the journey and the unexpected as we go. This is mastery of the “Fool”. So whatever new horizons are becoming visible in your life (a new relationship, a new business venture, a new home or location, etc) approach from the perspective of the conscious Fool, who knows how to follow their senses, who TRUSTS themselves to handle whatever comes up, but is also in happy innocent divine surrender to the process of exploration. Then we may just be surprised and delighted by the gifts of Jupiter in Aries.

*art by @postwook