Jupiter in Pisces 2021 – 2022

  • Jupiter enters Pisces : May 13, 2021
  • Jupiter retrogrades back into Aquarius: July 28, 2021
  • Jupiter re-enters Pisces : December 29, 2021
  • Jupiter enters Aries : May 10, 2022
  • Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces : October 28, 2022
  • Jupiter exits Pisces until 2033: December 20, 2022

Get ready, friends, we have a loving, wild, abundant, connected, mystical, optimistic and creative ride to look forward to with Jupiter in its home sign of Pisces for part of 2021 and most of 2022. The last time Jupiter was in Pisces was 2011, and after this foray it will not be back in Pisces until 2033.

Jupiter takes about a year to move though each zodiac sign- sometimes speeding ahead and then dipping between signs before finally moving on. That is the case this time when rather than a consecutive year of Jupiter in Pisces, we have three distinct periods scattered through 2021 and 2022 to enjoy its gifts and blessings. This rather circuitous and whimsical route is all too fitting for the imaginative and non-linear energy of Pisces.

In classical astrology, Jupiter was the ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces. In modern astrology, we have assigned Neptune to Pisces as well, so both planets are now considered co-rulers of the sign. They bring distinctly different gifts to Pisces, but when working in harmony are deeply uplifting, beneficial and indeed transcendent.

It is worth taking a deep dive into the complexities of the Pisces archtype, and its two co-rulers, because ALL of us, no matter our sun sign or whether of not we have Pisces placements in our chart – will be getting a “contact high” from this period of Jupiter in Pisces. Jupiter is asking us ALL to take a look at the Piscean themes in our lives. That means inviting in the highest possibilities of Pisces which are a deep intimate connection with our inner world and the mysterious divine within us that connects to the divine within all others (Neptune), and the ability to observe and reprogram our belief systems so that they are encouraging, supportive and growth-oriented (Jupiter).

Jupiter is the planet of growth, expansion, and optimism. It looks to the future with readiness, enthusiasm and sometimes foolhardiness. It encourages growth regardless of the old structures, rules or responsibilities that might get left behind. In its highest vibrational sense it is the part of us that implicitly TRUSTS the future and that all is well in the larger scheme of the universe, that we are being divinely guided by our own higher wisdom and that we are safe to take the next step. Ultimately this comes down to having belief systems that are in line with higher spiritual Truth. In its lower vibrational sense, Jupiter is reckless and does not know when to stop, pushing and expanding without regard to foresight or nuance; it can become “over the top”.

Jupiter bestows Pisces with the gifts of faith, hope, belief, and optimism. Jupiter reminds Pisces that what we envision for our life and our path, based on our core beliefs about ourselves and the world, is what will grow. Very sensitive and easily wounded, this faith is necessary to keep Pisces going, to keep Pisces believing and trusting in a brighter future.

Pisces sensitivity can be attributed to several factors. As the last sign of the zodiac, it represents the primordial soup of one-ness/source field/the universe/God from which all things emanate. Aries, the first sign, follows Pisces and kicks off the zodiac wheel because Aries is the point of individual distinction and differentiation (I AM) that arises from the oneness. Whereas Pisces remains ‘undifferentiated’ and knows itself as intimately connected to all other things. That depth of feeling of interconnection is a tremendous gift for Pisces, but requires learning adaptive strategies for how to interface with the rest of the “3D” world including setting good boundaries and recognizing that others may not be as intuitive about these Truths as they are.

Another reason for Pisces sensitivity is that it is the only mutable water sign of the zodiac. That makes it both emotionally-oriented (water) and highly adaptable (mutable). While we are all always learning and growing, Pisces is one of the signs that most acutely feels this process of trying to steady themselves as they are ever incorporating new wisdom as well as merely moving through the everyday trials of life.

Neptune, as the other co-ruler of Pisces, is the source of connection to this ocean of oneness and all creation. This gives Pisces many Neptunian gifts of sensitivity to energy and energetic interconnection, unbounded and original awareness and creativity (both Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs were Pisces), visionary insights, heightened psychic and intuitive abilities, and deep empathy. These are tremendous resources, but as previously mentioned, Pisces needs to learn practical abilities to manage these resources in order to make the most of them. This is done through the skills, technique, dedication, patience, practice and organization that comes through tuning into their opposite sign of Virgo.

If Pisces do not have the opportunity or wherewithal to learn the Virgoan skill of discernment, then Pisces can easily become overwhelmed and ungrounded. Lower vibrational Pisces can feel a deep sense of isolation, disconnection, and existential dread. This is where Jupiter can also come in to help give Pisces faith that they can and will make it through, to help them shift their beliefs and perspective. But the Pisces sensitivity is so prone to overwhelm that unless they are in discernment, or are fully attuned to a devotional spiritual life (Neptune/Jupiter), they can easily slip into addictions. Pisces has rulership over addictions of all kinds, because addictions are often caused by unhealed trauma, self-soothing techniques in the face of overwhelm, and a desire for that “high” feeling of deep interconnection (Pisces) that we can achieve synthetically and temporarily through drugs or other means.

The significance of the Jupiter in Pisces transit is underscored and amplified by the fact that Neptune is also in Pisces and has been there since 2012! (See here for an article I wrote about it at that time). Neptune is one of the most slow moving of all the planets so it takes a very long time to move through any one sign. But to have both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces together at the same time is rare and significant and has not happened since the mid 1800s. At that time the Romantic Transcendentalist movement was catching on in literature and culture!

We can see clearly that since Neptune moved into Pisces in 2012, there has been an explosion of interest in “mystical” Piscean activities such as meditation, yoga, and all form of psychic healing and intuitive work. This 2021/2022 period of Jupiter joining Neptune in Pisces can see an even more rapid growth or popularization of this sacred wisdom. The exact date of the conjunction is:

April 12, 2022 : Jupiter conjunct Neptune at 23 degrees Pisces

Now is the time for us to contemplate all of these Pisces/Jupiter/Neptune themes and how they show up in our lives.

  • How much of the energy of spiritual ecstasy (high vibrational Pisces) or existential dread (low vibrational Pisces) has been playing out in our lives?
  • How do our addictive tendencies show up?
  • How can we upgrade our beliefs about ourselves and the world so that they are empowering?
  • What choices strengthen our relationship with our inner divinity?
  • What practical tools and techniques can we adopt so that we can enjoy the magnificent benefits of imagination, divine connection, and insight without becoming fearful or ungrounded?
  • How can we expand in ways that may feel intimidating, but are just right?
  • How can we hold a sense of optimism (and high vibration) about the future, even when there is much uncertainty around us?

We can and should look forward to riding this wave of mystical and heightened intuitive awareness and imagination, but also stay mindful of keeping ourselves grounded. The temptation to overwhelm, addiction, victim mentality, and existential dread are all possible when we either resist the gifts of this transit, or dive in without appropriate consideration for our surroundings.

The Virgo/Pisces polarity is sometimes called the “Axis of Service” because when properly harmonized we are able to use our deep intuition (Pisces) to guide us to how we can most practically contribute and serve (Virgo). If the watery and unbounded ride of Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces ever feels like too much, we can remind ourselves of this and look for simple, practical, thoughtful (Virgo) ways that we can contribute to those in our lives and neighborhood. On the other hand, when Pisces energy swings TOO FAR into the Virgo domain, it can become extremely self-critical and perfectionistic- not wanting to share it’s gifts until they are ‘perfect’. We can invite ourselves now to let go of a need to be perfect and release entrenched judgementalism of ourselves and others.

Our TRUE SELVES, our inner voice of divine wisdom and guidance, will be speaking to us loudly now, and perhaps for the first time in our lives we are willing or ready to listen. It takes Jupiterian FAITH in ourselves and the universe to take that leap and follow its guidance and intuition into the unknown. But that is exactly what is being asked of us. To have faith in a brighter future for ourselves and all beings, and to trust the wisdom that is coming to us about what is possible for ourselves and our lives. It could be be bigger and bolder than we ever imagined! Jupiter wants to go for it, and can help us make the leap and land on our feet.

*Art by @daniellenoel.art