SAGITTARIUS Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse 2021

May 26 7:14 AM EST

This is a fascinating and complex total lunar eclipse that really highlights the importance of reappraising what we have learned over the past 18 months, and the state of “limbo” we find ourselves in, individually and collectively. There are 6 (out of 10) planets in mutable signs at the time of the eclipse – including the sun and moon, as well as Jupiter, the ruler of the lunation. And the nodes of the moon (which are what determine the eclipses) are also in the mutable sides of Gemini & Sagittarius. The mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces) are concerned with integration, assimilation, adaptation and change. This is in stark contrast to the dominant energies we have been experiencing for the past year and a half.

2020 was a highly Cardinal year, with an emphasis on action steps, plans, organization and implementation (the Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). And the first half of 2021 has had an overall Fixed energetic signature with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus holding the ‘most weight’. This has meant that the first half of 2021 has felt rather like people “doubling down” on their ideology and positions, and displaying an instinct to hold on to what is familiar and known.

So now we are in new territory, which will ride us out at least through most of June and July, with this mutable, adaptable, changeable energetic signature. This has a lot to do with the fact that Jupiter entered Pisces on May 13th for its first interlude in that sign since 2011. While Jupiter is only in Pisces until late July, it is a precursor to 2022 when it will spend a longer amount of time in that whimsical, imaginative and spiritually connected sign (for more on Jupiter in Pisces link here).

So what does this all mean?! Well, to put it in a mutable-sign way : it could mean lots of things! It could mean anything!

How we will experience these eclipses (the next one is in Gemini on June 10th), is likely to be as highly individualistic and unique as Gemini/Sagittarius are themselves, but the shifts/updates/changes are focused in the realm of our thoughts & ideas (Gemini) and our beliefs about ourselves and the world (Sagittarius).

We have all been bombarded with new & old ideas/information/ideology/belief systems for the past year since the North Node entered dexterous and information-absorbed Gemini on May 6, 2020. Maybe our beliefs and ideas have changed, or maybe not. Ideally, we taken in lots of various ideas and perspectives with equinamity, discarded the ones that we don’t identify with, and created a more nuanced and sophisticated perspective. But of course this may not have been our experience! This eclipse, though, is reminding us that it’s never too late to improve how well we listen, integrate, evaluate and communicate when it comes to ideas, information and beliefs.

The key to all of this is our underlying assumptions about the “big picture” stuff in life: who we are as humans, our relationship with the divine, questions of good/evil/morality/justice, what the Truth is, our tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty, and our ability to hold our own beliefs while allowing others to have their own. This is the realm of Sagittarius and its ruling planet Jupiter. So that is what is on the table for us right now.

Have the events of the past year+ changed our perspective on any of these topics? And if so, how can we integrate this “upgraded” point of view or way of communicating in practical ways?

We have a lot of support in doing that now. Jupiter, at 1 degree of Pisces, is square to the full moon which occurs at 5 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius. Jupiter wants us to ask these tough questions and improve our way of seeing ourselves, each other, the world, and the steady stream of information (some of it energetic) that is constantly hitting our awareness.

Mercury, as the ruler of Gemini, has another important role to play here. Mercury is highly powerful during the eclipse, because like Jupiter, it is in its home sign (not only does Jupiter rule Sagittarius, it rules Pisces, the sign it is currently in). Mercury is also stationing at 24 Gemini preparing to go retrograde on that degree later in the week. This points to changes, pivots, new awarenesses. Mercury is also conjunct Venus, the planet connected to relationships, at the time of the eclipse, showing us just how much our value judgements and opinions impact our connections with others.

I rarely get into mundane topics (current events) during these readings, but it seems all too appropriate with Gemini/Sagittarius! What immediately comes to mind for me are the recent wave of headlines and disclosures about UFOs (UAPs) and how the government has been declassifying CIA files related to their in-depth study and surveillance of this phenomenon dating back to the 1940s. There is no longer anything controversial or refutable about the fact that UFOs exist and have been being closely investigated by world governments for nearly a century. However, it feels as though we are supposed to ignore the fact that governments and media were not merely dismissive of UFOs and “UFO believers” for the past several decades, but actually did everything in their power to humiliate, shame and discredit people who dared to speak out about what they believed was true (which has turned out to be ACCURATE). A deadline of June 1st, right after the eclipse, has been set for the ‘final round’ of government UFO disclosures.

There are myriad possible thematic explorations here as far as what this teaches us about both our place in the universe/solar systems/relationship to the divine, as well as our everyday beliefs and which media or educational systems are laying those foundations- all Jupiter/Sagittarius themes. (*An interesting side note is now that UFO disclosure is ‘verified’ headline news, there is a very clear agenda in how it is being presented: as a dangerous threat. The veracity of this is unclear. For anyone interesting in exploring this topic further I would recommend the documentaries “Unacknowledged” and “Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”).

How open and willing are we to change our minds or see things differently? If we are open, then this eclipse can upgrade us quickly. After all, mutability is ready for change and thrives on positive improvements and new understandings! If we are intent on digging in our heels, then the swirl of mutable change can feel downright chaotic and uprooting.

Saturn, the planet of stability and durability, is also very powerful and stationing retrograde at 13 degrees of Aquarius at the time of the eclipse. Again, the theme of reversals and fresh appraisals. We aren’t merely going on blind faith and belief here (as Jupiter is sometimes wont to do), but perhaps why we should change our minds or see things differently based on practical, factual information and evidence (Saturn).

As any astrologer, therapist, or armchair philosopher would note- what often keeps us stuck in the past and unwilling or unable to change our perspectives or behaviors is FEAR. Fear is the great masquerader and can take any and all forms, but common fears related to change are that :

  • the new won’t be as good as the old, or we won’t enjoy it
  • we will be rejected by the people in our lives if we have new or different opinions or behaviors
  • we will be hurt in some way by stepping out of the expected or status quo

All of these are both universal and deeply personal and specific- what the expected/status quo is for one person is not the same as for another. But for all of us, we have the invitation now to be brave and move beyond the old. It can feel like “limbo”- it probably will. But guess what- that sensation is ultimately the first step towards FREEDOM ! And that is what is most important for us all right now- freedom means our ability to share our own ideas and beliefs, freedom means access to Truth, freedom means our ability to communicate from a place of strength and respect, freedom means evaluating and choosing based on WHAT IS not based on pre-conceived notions or outdated belief systems. This can have a radical, and positive, impact on our lives and our relationships.

Finally, Mars and Neptune, in close trine in the water signs of Cancer and Pisces respectively are our allies in this process. A deeply intuitive combination, they are helping us FEEL our way through all of this maelstrom of news/ideas/information. Because after all, our BODIES and our INTUITION and our HIGHER SELVES are the best barometers of what feels right and True, not our oft-cluttered and distractible minds. When we allow this to be our North Star in the reappraisal and re-attunement process of this lunar eclipse, then we are invariably on the right path.

*art @cnikarts