Full Moon in Capricorn 2021

June 24 2:40 PM EST

This full moon gives us a chance to refine our discernment about the best paths and options that are available to us. The moon’s ruler, pragmatic Saturn, is retrograde in Aquarius, encouraging some sober introspection in the midst of a very energetic and sometimes fragmented eclipse season. The full moon, as always, marks the midway point in the monthly lunar cycle. This particular lunar cycle was kicked off by the powerful solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10th. That eclipse was all about our ability to discern the best options from the myriad possibilities before us. This full moon will help us with that task.

All that glitters is not gold and with both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, and highly exalted as they station to go retrograde within days of the full moon, we may not be seeing the true value and significance of what is on the table before us. Jupiter in Pisces is wildly creative and intuitive, but can also be foolhardy and over-optimisitic. Jupiter’s position in sextile to the full moon, brings out its potent gifts of perception, but does not necessarily mean that we follow those perceptions. Neptune adds a layer of spiritual connectivity, but also fogginess and uncertainty.

We will need to rely on the guidance of Saturn to help us sort out the wheat from the chaff. In Aquarius, one of the signs that it rules, Saturn is its typical practical self. But with an emphasis on the structural soundness of our ideas and relationships. Saturn retrograde in Aquarius also asks us to evaluate the true value and purpose that our projects will bring to the collective, and to make sure that we are energetically going about constructing our projects and relationships in the most healthy and efficient way. It is truly a strong guiding light and steadying hand now, since the heavy mutability of the Gemini eclipse and Pisces planets can feel exciting, but also confusing and overwhelming.

Saturn is, however, still in its longstanding square to Uranus in Taurus. This combination is the dominant energetic of 2021. Saturn’s desire to attend to and ‘improve’ social and technological structures in Aquarius, is at odds with Uranus’ impulse to overthrow the existing order in Taurus. Uranus cares nothing for structures or stability, and is unconcerned with putting the pieces back together in an effective way, as Saturn is wont to do. Uranus is interested in upgrading our consciousness, with the mandate that the rest flow from there. Saturn wants concrete plans and results.

We are all caught in these crosshairs at the moment, personally and collectively. Do we lean towards Uranus and strive to “level up” and trust that the right options and choices will follow from there? Or do we lean towards Saturn and maintain important relationships, a semblance of structure and organization, and a dedication to certain results that we desire? Is it possible to do both? Can Saturn’s shrewd discernment help us pick up the *correct/valuable/important* rubble from the pile of old ideas and ways of being (as well as new brainstorms) that Uranus in Taurus has ruptured all around us? These are the questions we should be asking. They will help us see where our focus, attention and priorities should be directed in the upcoming 2 weeks.

Mars is currently in Leo for the first time since 2019. This is giving us a boost of confidence and charisma in whatever direction we are headed. Both the sun, and love and money-oriented Venus are in nurturing Cancer. Cancer is all about self-care and being an expert at meeting our own needs. Ultimately nobody can answer questions about what path is right for us, except for us. And when we follow Cancer’s nudges about what this is, we have an opportunity to excel at reaping the personal and financial rewards that come from being in “our own zone”.

Venus is also in its annual opposition to potent, transformative Pluto. What truly nourishes us and nurtures our soul might not be what it was 5 years ago, or even 5 months ago. Staying awake to the messages we are getting about what FEELS right for us NOW is crucial. And then having the strength and equanimity to let go of the old. Pluto wants to recycle that energy and turn it into something even more powerful for us, but it requires being honest with ourselves and letting go of what not longer truly serves us.

In addition to Jupiter and Neptune stationing in Pisces, Mercury is also stationing in Gemini having come out of its retrograde on June 22nd. Mercury retrograde in Gemini was a big part of the solar eclipse energy, and we are still very much in that zone. This is all about new ways of thinking, articulating, perceiving, communicating. It’s time to put that learning to action and meet situations in our life in NEW and upgraded ways. To communicate slightly differently energetically and verbally. To use our mind, our words, our thoughts more consciously and deliberately. And then watch the magic happen!

Saturn will give us positive reinforcement for these subtle but proactive shifts in our patterns and behaviors. And will help us see where our time, energy and resources are most effectively used. Lean into Saturn’s steadying hand to help make major decisions, without losing sight of Uranus and remembering that ultimately even the rules Saturn plays by are “made up”. There are no real constrictions when you get hit by Uranus’ lightning bolt of inspiration and knowing- but there are *bettter* and *worse* ways to go about achieving whatever it is that you are aiming for, and Saturn is an ally in that process. Harnessing this “best of both worlds” energy is truly a high way of navigating the world of duality and choice into a cohesive and successful direction.

*Art by @antigonaart