New Moon in Capricorn 2022

January 2 1:33 PM EST

The first new moon of 2022 is, perhaps unsurprisingly, rather complex and transformative. The sun and moon are united at 12 degrees of Capricorn, an earth sign focused on practicality, durability and longevity. We have seen a lot of action in Capricorn for the past several years, since it was the sign of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in January 2020 which ushered in this new period we are all adjusting to. More recently, Venus retrograde in Capricorn since mid-December 2021 has been asking us to integrate the lessons we have learned about durability and longevity, especially in the realm of finances, relationships, and values.

Currently retrograde at 22 degrees of Capricorn, Venus is conjunct the new moon and very much a part of the story of this lunation. Venus is also still conjunct intense and transformative Pluto at 25 degrees of Capricorn. Capricorn is an unsentimental sign and Pluto is downright ruthless, so the shedding and culling that we may be experiencing in certain areas of our lives, most importantly in the Venusian realms of love and money, can feel harsh or sudden.

If it has felt like beating a dead horse in certain situations or relationships, or like we have extremely different focuses and priorities, now is the time that those obstacles could show themselves to be insurmountable. Pluto wants to clear out the old so that transmutation and new growth can happen, and of course that can be an uncomfortable and challenging experience. But it doesn’t have to be. If we lean into the rapid acceleration of change that is happening now, we can recognize that the more we embrace it, the more smoothly and quickly we may get to the regrowth phase.

Venus and Pluto are also loosely conjunct Mercury at 0 degrees of Aquarius. Aquarius is all about individuality and personal freedom. It is very potent at 0 degrees of a sign, and conjunct Venus Rx/Pluto it is indicating to us that these relationship shifts involve communication and authenticity. Ideally, communicating clearly and respectfully (Mercury) about our unique perspectives and ideals (Aquarius) helps us to positively transform (Venus Rx) relationships or situations in our lives and/or to allow others to be released (Pluto). At a lower vibrational level, our own insistence on a certain viewpoint (Mercury in Aquarius) can push relationships to breaking points (Venus Rx/Pluto). It is up to us how we navigate conversations and readjustments, and with whom we decide it is worthwhile to allow things to change, and where we simply want to walk away.

This is also the first new moon since Jupiter re-entered Pisces on December 28th. Jupiter is also highly exalted now at 0 degrees of its home sign of Pisces. It’s a time to sow the seeds of our hopes, dreams, fantasies, and wishes- even or perhaps especially- those that feel so fantastically out of reach right now. If we can’t imagine or envision it then it cannot come into our experience! Giving permission to our dream life to cook up our wildest and most wonderful fantasies is not merely an exercise in escapism, but rather a lifeline of hope and possibility in what otherwise continues to be a time of deep structural and collective transformation (in part thanks to the years long transit of Saturn through Aquarius).

Saturn, currently at 12 degrees of Aquarius, is an ally in this new moon. It is exactly semi-sextile the new moon at 12 Capricorn, which is a minor aspect, but a supportive one nonetheless. And it is also nearly exactly sextile Mars at 14 degrees of Sagittarius. Mars in Sagittarius adds some oomph and firepower to this new moon. Mars in Sagittarius want to get on with it, to have fun, to explore, to release stale expectations and throw caution to the wind. Mars in Sagittarius reminds us: If it isn’t fun, then why are we doing it really ? Mars in Sagittarius has faith that no matter what, we will land on our feet, and we all can use a reminder of that during times of great change.

Uranus, at 10 degrees of Taurus, is nearly perfectly trine the new moon. As the planet of unexpected changes, upheaval and liberation, Uranus wants to remind us that ultimately all of this transformation is serving the higher purpose of moving us forwards in our journey. And once again, if we can remember to line up to our ideal version of the future, even if that looks very different than our present, then we can embrace these changes with confidence and dignity, even if they are not what we were expecting.

It is worth noting that Venus Rx at 22 degrees of Capricorn is on the exact degree where the Saturn/Pluto conjunction of January 2020 took place. Since that massively significant conjunction effectively kicked off the ‘new era’ we find ourselves in, Venus retrograde there is now showing us how our relationships (and finances) have changed significantly since that time. Embracing this change is important. And likewise, Mercury at 0 Aquarius is on the exact degree of the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction of December 2020. This is a very important month to see the effects of everything that has been happening in the past 2 years, especially when it comes to collective (Aquarius) rules and regulations (Saturn). It is normal and natural that we are on different pages with others about these changes and our experiences of them, and it’s important to remain centered in our own experience and not judge others or project onto them too readily. Then we can ease into the most loving and organic transformations.

*art by unknown