New Moon in Cancer 2021

July 9 9:17 PM EST

This is a beautiful new moon for helping us shed distractions and see exactly what serves us, and what doesn’t. Cancer is the sign of self-nurturing and self-care. Sometimes we get healthy lessons in how to do this from our childhood experience, but often we do not and it becomes a process of trail and error and learning as we go in our adulthood. Ideally, as we get older and wiser, we become our own best parents- both loving and nurturing ourselves unconditionally in our own internal and external ‘space’ (Cancer) and laying down the best boundaries and strategies for our engagement with the world (Capricorn).

But when we take on too much information about who we “should” be and what our lives “should” look like from the myriad people and information sources in our energy field, we can easily get confused and distracted. In many ways the last 14 months, with the lunar nodes in multifaceted Gemini and Sagittarius, have been a turbo charged experience of this. And even more so the last 2 months since we had eclipse season between May 13th and this new moon (July 9th), amplifying the number of swirling choices and continuous changes in our surroundings.

But now, with this new moon, we have the opportunity to truly tap into our heart, into our gut, into our instincts and intuition so that we can much more easily dismiss distractions and know where we truly want to focus our energy and intentions.

The process of “weeding out” what doesn’t work isn’t necessarily a smooth one. Venus and Mars are traveling together, which in and of itself is a truly gorgeous, creative, romantic and and inspiring energy. Especially as they are meeting days after the new moon (on July 13) in the warm, confident, bold sign of Leo. So there is the possibility for tremendous new birth right now. But with Mars and Venus square to Uranus in Taurus and opposing Saturn in Aquarius, again it has to be the RIGHT birth, of the RIGHT project or relationship. Otherwise we will run up against obstacles, and will see in no uncertain terms, why and how “it won’t work”. Saturn is the ultimate pragmatist, and Uranus won’t spare our feelings as it yanks away dull or outdated options to put us on our highest energetic path. In other words, if we want something but it isn’t “the RIGHT thing” for our true needs, it could seemingly get ‘yanked out’ from under us. But if we are getting in the habit of listening to our true needs and pivoting our goals and direction appropriately, we could be riding the wave of this Venus and Mars conjunction into a very exciting new birth or creation in some area of our life.

The sun and moon, together at 18 degrees of Cancer, are also opposing Pluto, holding steady during his slow march through the last 10 degrees of Capricorn. Pluto always invites shedding and transformation, turning the dross of the old, into ammunition and power in the present moment. We have two choices when Pluto is commanding the scene, as he is at this new moon: get stuck in the mud of our own past and drama, or allow ourselves to bloom, like the lotus flower from the fertile soil of our own challenges. So if we find roadblocks being thrown up this month, we can BLESS them- for they are showing us clearly “do NOT bother with this- it is NOT your highest path”, and then we can forgive ourselves, tune into our Cancerian feelings about what we need RIGHT NOW, and redirect accordingly. Self blame and self-judgement won’t get us anywhere- in fact they are the opposite of unconditional self-love and self-care- so if a situation we have put a lot of effort into is unraveling before our eyes, best to let it go and forgive yourself and all other parties involved. Then the lotus is free to blossom.

Our communication is still receiving upgrades as well since Mercury is still in its home sign of Gemini, where it has been since May 3rd. Communicating clearly, effectively, non-judgmentally, has been a HUGE learning we have all been asked to participate in recently. Again, as we pivot and change directions now, as we accept that some things are simply not going to work out the way we had hoped, that we must follow our own needs and heart first- we are being asked to communicate those decisions thoughtfully and gently without compromising our clarity and boundaries. If we can master this, we will have a huge Gemini Mercury skill under our belt moving forward.

And finally, Jupiter continues its brief sojourn into its home sign of Pisces before retrograding back into Aquarius at the end of the month for most of the rest of 2021. Jupiter in Pisces is encouraging us to have FAITH, to trust in the big picture, our OWN big picture and the big picture at large. There is no doubt that as a collective we are just at the BEGINNING of a huge shift into a new way of being and engaging with the global community. Saturn in Aquarius is an important part of that. But in order to move forward in the most empowered way, we are being ask to TRUST that things can and will get better for us personally, and for all of us as a group, even if its not in the way we anticipated or if it seems too distant for us to wrap our heads around. But its important that we hold this high vision. And that we are are EACH individually taking care of ourselves and realigning in the direction of what is truly best for us, which is what this new moon is prompting. Then we will not only be increasingly happy and comfortable in our own skin, but able to be of most service to all as well.

*Art by @greamgaia

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