Full Moon Lunar Eclipse iN Scorpio 2023

May 5 1:34 PM EST

This is our final eclipse in the sign of Scorpio after a 2 year Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle. This fall we have a final full moon lunar eclipse in Taurus, which officially completes the cycle, but this is indeed the final Scorpio eclipse. And it is a South Node eclipse which is very fitting. The South Node is concerned with karma from the past, whereas the North Node is concerned with our trajectory forward. So as Scorpio is the sign of the underworld, of unearthing what is in need of transmutation, this final South Node Scorpio eclipse is all too poignant.

The eclipse takes place with the moon at 14 degrees of Scorpio opposing the sun at 14 degrees of Taurus. The sun is flanked by two other planets in Taurus also opposing the eclipse: Uranus at 18 degrees Taurus and Mercury retrograde at 8 degrees of Taurus. This is a high level of volatility, as Uranus represent sudden and unexpected shifts, and Mercury retrograde also catalyzes adjustments and revisions and exposes errors or deficiencies in systems. So there is a lot of “shake up” energy here. And, as mentioned, Scorpio is unafraid to dig up what has been buried and now needs to be seen and transformed. As always with astrology, this plays out in both our personal lives as well as on the collective “stage”.

Scorpio is a water sign and there is a huge amount of watery energy during this eclipse. This is an interesting counter-point to the heavy earthiness of Taurus season. And we could even say that water has been the LEAST dominant of the elements recently. This is because there was a strong air signature over the past few years (with Saturn in Aquarius, the Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse cycle, and the extended Mars in Gemini period which ended in March 2023). There has also been a revving up of Martian energy and fire energy which I discussed in some detail in the post about the April 20th Aries eclipse, but which also dates back several year and is still in effect with Jupiter in Aries.

But water is being highlight now. Not only is the Scorpio eclipse a water eclipse, but we are now firmly ensconced in the energetic of Saturn in Pisces which began on March 7th and will last for several years. And Mars, after 7 months in Gemini, is now in Cancer. The lunar eclipse is trining both Mars and Saturn, though it is too wide to form a grand trine uniting all three to each other. But the eclipse is benefitting from positive aspects to Mars and Saturn. And the message is undeniable : Do not act (Mars) without FEELING (water) your way through it first, and recognize that the energetic signature of all of our choices may not be obvious but nonetheless has a long tail and is very impactful (Saturn) on how things play out for us. For example, we can choose to cancel a trip or a meeting (something likely to happen also with Mercury retrograde). But WHY are we making that choice? Is it from a high energetic place of clarity that it is not the right choice for us? Or is it because we said we would do something and we haven’t yet so we are backtracking, or deflecting blame, etc? In both cases the result is the same : meeting/trip cancelled. But the energetic signature is different and NOW, with this Scorpio eclipse and strong water dominance, that is becoming subtly more OBVIOUS to everyone. It is just clearer, people are picking up on things, it’s easier to read between the lines. And this is all part of some of the over-arching lessons of Saturn in Pisces, namely right relationship to spiritual law. When things are NOT in alignment, our 6th senses are speaking much more clearly and loudly now.

We can also see this during the eclipse because Venus, the planet of resources and relationships, is at 27 degrees of Gemini squaring up to Neptune at 26 degrees of Pisces. Venus in Gemini can be playful, multifaceted, spontaneous, and light. But in its lower vibrational state can also be glib, flaky, non-committal, and “playing all the angles” simultaneously. Neptune in Pisces is deeply psychic and intuitive. So this square highlights how poorly those behaviors are “sitting with us” these days. And once again Mercury retrograde (and the overall dynamics of this eclipse) are ‘flushing out’ those situations so we can see them for what they are, even if it is disappointing or uncomfortable. Trying to ‘get away with things’ now is not advisable, as there is a likeliness of ‘getting caught’, even if it’s just a SENSE (water style) that other people can see through things or know what’s going on under the surface. And since Venus is also sextile to Jupiter at 27 degrees of Aries, things can easily get “blown out of proportion” as Jupiter is wont to do. But when we are in high integrity, Jupiter sextile Venus gives us confidence and enthusiasm for the future, especially where our relationships and resources are concerned (Venus) and in our ability to chart our own exciting new course forward (Jupiter in Aries).

We have been learning a LOT over the course of the past several years and if this Scorpio eclipse teaches us anything it is to begin to DEEPLY TRUST ourselves and what we feel based on the KNOWING that is within us. Various news/ideas/information/agendas have been blowing around us at warp speed, and it’s easy to lose our balance and our north star in the midst of a storm. But the Scorpio energetic is two-fold. It digs up what is old/rotten/buried/shameful/decrepit/shadowed, and then it helps us to transmute that into something that is strong/healthy/powerful/effective. New birth is now POSSIBLE in certain areas of life, or with certain situations. Perhaps even the very situations that had brought us the most ‘trouble’ or cause for concern. But as Uranus and Mercury Rx opposite the eclipse do their best to shake down the tree for any remaining issues that need to be seen and transformed, we are also now reaping the rewards of this hard Scorpio work we have been engaged in.

A deep part of that is TRUST which is perhaps the primary Scorpio life lesson. Both self trust and then a larger trust in the Divine. They go hand in hand. When we know we are part of something bigger than we are that is caring and responsive towards us (Pisces) then we can relax more deeply into trusting our part within the whole and that our present moment instincts (Cancer) will serve us well. And we can act on them to truly live from the deepest most authentic and powerful part of ourselves (Scorpio). When we don’t have that trust we fall into the shadow lower vibrational sides of Scorpio and the water element, using our keen perceptions to manipulate.

So now is the time to acknowledge whatever remaining issues are coming up for us to see and take accountability for. But then lean into the trust that all of the hard work and shifting of the past several years IS going to bear us NEW fruits. The gestation phase of growth is symbolized by Taurus, Scorpio’s energetic partner. So even if we cannot SEE the new just yet, we must also trust it as we are learning more deeply to trust ourselves. We cannot pick the fruit until it is on the vine. How much do we believe that it WILL show up, and surrender to the process? And how much do we listen to the deeper inner authority and clarity that is giving us information about what is REALLY happening under the surface in the some of the situations in our lives so that we can tend to those situations accordingly? Scorpio is not interested in surface level. It explores and probes beneath the surface, as the Scorpio serpent symbolism attests, and tracks the energetic signatures of what is happening rather than the obvious appearance. The powerful water trines to Saturn and Mars during this eclipse help us even more to tap into this, and act on it. Then we can experience the other side of Scorpio, the eagle who soars above the drama, in highest integrity with a clear view of everything and unhindered in its ability to choose and create exactly what its inner compass is guiding them towards.

*art by @indg0