Full Moon in Virgo 2023

March 7 7:40 AM EST

Relax, release, let go, and lean into the powerful healing vibes of this special full moon. And it is indeed a rather special and extraordinary full moon. Saturn is within AN HOUR of making its transition into Pisces (where it will remain for the next 3 years), but it is still in Aquarius at the time of the full moon. That means we are still in the very, very final stages of ‘dealing with’ what has been kicked up over the past 3 years. Or really we could say over the past SIX years, since that is the amount of time that Saturn was in one of its own two signs (Capricorn and Aquarius) and hence very strong and authoritative. Once Saturn in Pisces is in full effect, Saturns’ rules, discipline and command are eroded somewhat by the nebulous watery effect of Pisces.

Full moons also tend to “illuminate” things, so now we may also be ‘seeing things’ about what has happened over the past 3 years with Saturn in Aquarius in a different light during this swan-song moment.

The sun is at 16 degrees of Pisces, pulling into a loose triple conjunction both Mercury at 7 degrees of that sign and Neptune at 24 degrees. All three are hence opposing the full moon at 16 degrees Virgo. While Pisces is impressionistic, Virgo is precise. There are a lot of ‘feelings’, “moods”, impressions, possibilities, insights, creative stirrings emerging through the Pisces planets, but Virgo wants to cut to the chase. What is REALLY going on here? What is REALLY important here? How does this information (Mercury)/ intuition (Neptune) really impact my ability to care for myself and make the highest possible decisions for myself and my life (Virgo)? If we don’t look at what is coming up now through this clear and precise Virgoan lens, we could end up feeling flooded/overwhelmed (Pisces). But the full moon will help us zero in on what is important and make decisions accordingly, if we are open to and wanting that.

The sun and moon are being gorgeously supported now by forward-thinking and unconventional Uranus at 15 degrees of Taurus. WHEN we are indeed ready to process things through the lens of how things are impacting US, and how we can choose/adjust/realign/reorganize in order to remain in our own personal integrity (Virgo) then we can learn lessons, let go of the past, re-group and progress into the future/a new way (Uranus) very quickly now.

Pluto is also at 29 degrees of a sign, of Capricorn, where it has been since 2008. It will not move into Aquarius until March 23rd (after the next new moon), but any planet at 29 degrees of a sign (and we have both Saturn and Pluto at 29 degrees during this full moon) is highly highly significant. This harkens us all the way back to “the beginning of this mess” in January 2020 when we had the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. The energetic signature of this entire past 3 year period was evident in that conjunction, and now with BOTH Saturn and Pluto changing signs again and neither in Capricorn for the next few months (*before Pluto retrogrades back in), we get our first “real taste” of the “next chapter”. But before we do, in these coming weeks, is the time to fully shed and release what we don’t want to bring forward with us.

A gorgeous and rare triple conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Chiron in Aries is our great ally with this. Aries is all about the new, the next, the fresh. And we are getting more and more ready to have new experiences, as well as perceive OLD experiences in a NEW way. After all, that is really what the crux of healing (Chiron) is all about – strengthening our resilience and giving ourselves grace through faith and surrender (Jupiter) so see/know/understand bigger lessons in our suffering or in our past than we have allowed ourselves to, thereby transforming our relationship with the story or the wound. This is on the table for us now, big time- and this special invitation should not be declined! Venus, the planet of harmony and love, is a special shepherd through this process as well, reminding us that our level of self-love (which we achieve in earnest through healing) is also what gets mirrored back to us in our external relationships, and we are ready for a brand new (Aries) experience of that. Whatever it takes to reframe the past or our wounds so we can release them will be of huge benefit and significance.

Mars remains in Gemini, now at the tail end of this long 7 month excursion. Mars in Gemini has taught us much about news/ideas/information and many have been and will continue to be exposed to news or ideas that are in stark contrast to what we may have believed or been told before. This is again in alignment with both Saturn and Pluto at 29 degrees, surfacing whatever ‘needs to be seen’ from the past few years before it moves on. Almost everyone ‘should’ have a different/updated “take” on at least one thing from their lives or the collective over the past 7 months otherwise we have been stifling the fresh information and perspective that Mars in Gemini has been bringing us. Again, how that ‘squares up’ against what we thought/hoped/planned/expected is the issue here – clearly demonstrated by an astrological square between Mars in Gemini and the Pisces planets and the Virgo full moon. These new perspectives mean that some adjustment is/will be necessary. But again, they serve us well when we can use that Virgo lens to bring the focus back to US and our own health, sovereignty, and purpose. Too much muddy water (Pisces) and differing perspectives (Gemini) can confuse and halt our action (Mars) altogether- so take time to distill and discern (Virgo). When we can do that then we are able to make this major transition that is underway with maximum ease and clarity.

*art by @dreamgaia