Full Moon in Libra 2020

April 7, 2020 10:35 PM EST

This is our first full moon since coronavirus, and quarantine, became widespread in many parts of the world. It is also the largest supermoon of 2020.

In many ways this makes perfect sense. Full moons symbolize relationships, and they have a unifying effect. We may never feel more unified, physically with those that we live with, then we do at the moment. And metaphorically with each other, as we all face a collective threat and situation which has brought an unprecedented sense of global community to the forefront.

In many ways this renewed sense of global community has been catalyzed by the movement of Saturn into Aquarius in late March. For an in depth look at the multi-year impact of this aspect, I have written a detailed article here.

But in the shorter term we can see this full moon, with the sun at 18 degrees of assertive and individualistic Aries, and the moon at 18 degrees of cooperative and fair-minded Libra, as a beautiful parallel for our current experiences. Their polarity and dynamic dance is what we are all working on mastering at the moment.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and in that sense is about survival. Our first step in life is to survive- to unashamedly and impulsively move towards what we need and want in the moment. This ensures our survival, and is symbolized by the bud breaking ground and blooming in the spring, as Aries season begins in the northern hemisphere.

The problem is that on a collective energetic level we have gotten STUCK at the Aries phase of life, in a perpetual state of stress, survival, scarcity worries (regardless of our economic status) and often, selfishness. In HEALTHY energetic development, once we have “broken ground” and claimed our space in the garden, we move on to the Taurus phase of development, where we know we will ATTRACT the right nutrients to sustain us, that we can still act and claim whats right for us when we need to, but we are not in a perpetual state of feeling threatened or trying to force things to happen. Instead, healthy Taurean energy is about ENJOYMENT, of the rich variety and beauty of the abundance that nature offers us.

Since Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet, it is often associated with our masculine nature. And part of the story of the past several years has been about truly understanding the role that “toxic masculinity” has played in our society for thousands of years. We have an opportunity to work on healing that now that the healer asteroid Chiron is in Aries for 8 years (More on Chiron in Aries here). Because ultimately what we need and want is HEALTHY masculinity (not diminished or subservient masculinity), but masculinity that is unafraid to take action, but knows how to balance its own needs with the needs of others and the collective.

And that is what Libra, and this full moon, is all about. When we have healthy Aries (assertion and healthy self-interest without aggression or selfishness) then we can have healthy Libra (healthy relationships, agreements, contracts). As long as we are dealing with lower vibrational Aries and the fear scarcity mentality that promotes a ME ME ME attitude in life, our relationships and agreements (Libra) will understandably suffer. This leads to institutional inequality and injustice.

High vibrational Libra is not only about harmonious and balanced personal relationships, but also equality for all in the eyes of the law and “what is just” on a collective level. For example, Gandhi was a Libra.

So here we are at this full moon, pondering these questions intimately. And rightly sensing that we are at a turning point in how we as individuals (Aries) operate within the many diverse relationships that make up our lives (Libra).

How can we personally (Aries) improve the situation for others (Libra)? What choices can we make (Aries) that will improve our personal relationships (Libra)? How can we take a meaningful stand (Aries) to support a more equitable society for all (Libra)?

Saturn and Mars are still in close conjunction in early Aquarius. Venus, the ruler of this lunation (being the ruler of Libra), is in Gemini. Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are all AIR SIGNS, concerned with ideas. So we are all as a collective trying to intellectually grasp what is happening now, and the meaning behind it, sharing ideas insights and information.

This is a big step away from the dominantly WATER and EARTH energies of March which had us reacting mostly emotionally (water) to the economic and practical (earth) matters, without a huge amount of reflection on deeper social meaning. But with the current AIR dominance, we are now deeply interested in the social context.

Mercury continues its long haul through spiritual Pisces, and is still conjunct mystical Neptune. This is a beautiful aspect that makes it easier for all of us (even those who do not consider themselves ‘spiritual’) to have access to deep inner knowningness and spiritual truths about the situation. This is a great ally, as its helping people attune at a deep subconscious level to some of these realities, and “receive” the information and guidance that is right for them.

Just as coronavirus is a respiratory illness that attacks the lungs, we have much to learn about the Aries/Libra polarity, and all of our roles in a healthy culture, through the metaphor of the lungs. The correct reciprocity of inflow and outflow is essential for our health. We can visualize this like an infinity sign. There is a flow between the two parts that needs to be in balance.

Likewise we must learn to better balance our own needs (Aries) with what is agreeable and equitable in community (Libra). This community, of course, includes the resources of our home planet, Earth. Then we can bring our personal skills and interests (Aries) to the table in the spirit of cooperation (Libra).

The answer is not to forsake our own needs and desires. Lower vibrational Libra has difficulty in asking for their own needs to be met, and instead puts others first. This inevitably leads to disappointment, frustration, resentment, and burnout.

We must be careful now to walk the line between these extremes. It’s important to meet our own needs (Aries). It is also important to recognize and honor the kindness, generosity, and spirit of cooperation (Libra) that others are offering now, so that they don’t feel their efforts are being wasted or unacknowledged. That could lead to frustration and impatience, and squander some of the goodwill that is circulating now.

So in addition to pondering some of the questions posed above, take the time to THANK people for the efforts they are making, large and small, during this challenging moment in history. Not only does it feel good to be acknowledged, but it helps remind us again of the proper harmonious reciprocity that we all at some level yearn to be a part of. It simply FEELS better to be in right flow and balance and relationship, with ourselves, and others. And if we can get in the habit of flexing those muscles, and cheering on others as they contribute and participate, we can begin to lay a beautiful foundation for a more cooperative and equitable next chapter.

*Artwork by @hheininge