New Moon in Aries 2020

March 24, 2020 5:28 AM EST

This is a very powerful and focused new moon which will help us navigate the energies of the current public health crisis.

The sun and moon unite at 4 degrees of passionate, impulsive and direct Aries. This is the first new moon of the spring, and of the astrological new year. In many ways we are setting a new course for the upcoming months and year. While it may seem that we are all “locked away” with few choices, on the contrary- how we are perceiving this situation and orienting ourselves in the midst of seeming chaos is of utmost importance. And this new moon can help point us in the right direction.

The sun and moon are in tight conjunction to Chiron, the asteroid that is associated with health and healing at 5 degrees of Aries, as well as Black Moon Lilith at 6 degrees of Aries. While I normally limit my observations to just major planets, in this case the symbolism of Chiron and Lilith feels immediate and urgent.

Chiron represents the part of us that is wounded and struggles to heal. As a collective we are now facing the vulnerability of our public institutions and infrastructure. On a personal level, being stripped of our routines, our comforts and in many cases our income, is also a devastating blow that is forcing us into examining our own insecurities and vulnerabilities. This sensitive terrain is the realm of Chiron. It’s purpose is to help us understand where our self-care and focus are most needed.

Black Moon Lilith, on the other hand, has a wild, disruptive and primal energy. Associated with Lilith, the ‘insubordinate’ first wife of the biblical Adam (before he was ‘given’ the ‘compliant’ Eve), this energy represents the primordial part of all of us that has been pushed away, shunned, dismissed and diminished by the patriarchy/consumerist capitalism and the dominant punishing religious narrative. That wild and authentic part of all of us that has been struggling to hide and conform for oh so long but has just about had it up to HERE..

In fact, if the dominant patriarchal systems and structures are failing us so spectacularly now as we face a real crisis- then WHY on earth should we continue to comprise WHO we are to fit in and get along in this system… This is what Lilith is whispering in our ear at this New Moon. Furthermore, we have every right to be FURIOUS about all of it..

This corresponds very clearly to the fact that it has been merely 3 days since Saturn made its long awaited arrival into the sign of Aquarius. Saturn is highly exalted at 0 degrees of that sign, making its presence known and starting to set the stage for a whole new way of being in community that will take us through the upcoming years and decades. There is a LOT of significance to this aspect and I wrote a very detailed post about it here.

Mars, as the ruler of Aries, is also the ruler of this new moon. Mars has a very interesting job at this new moon as it is at 25 degrees of Capricorn, having just made exact contact with both Jupiter and Pluto at 23 and 24 degrees of that sign respectively. With fast-moving Mars conjunct slow-moving Jupiter and Pluto, this month is also about seeing things play out that were set in motion a long time ago. All the things that were swept under the rug, that we have been resisting dealing with, Mars may force them out into the open.

It can feel jarring, frightening and uncomfortable- both Aries and Mars are forward-moving and sometimes forceful. But think about it as the classic “bandaid being ripped off” – ultimately we are better off for understanding the true nature of the situation, however challenging that can be. And it may be challenging for a lot of us.

On March 31st, Mars moves from Capricorn into Aquarius where it will conjunct Saturn. The reality of the situation could become all too clear and distressing.

Please know that if you are feeling despair you are not alone, and there are support systems in place to help. Many of us are also trying to step forward in our own way to be a source of support for our communities. Saturn in Aquarius is reminding us of the necessity of this. Venus at 20 degrees of Taurus is in positive trine to the Mars/Pluto/Jupiter trio in late Capricorn. People truly are stepping up to give care and comfort, as well as material resources where possible.

There is lots more information about this time and coronavirus in my post on Saturn in Aquarius so I would encourage you read that if you are interested in more information about the overall macro astrological climate we find ourselves in. This truly is about strengthening our connection with each other and turning over a new leaf as a global community. But in the meantime, before the dust settles, it will be challenging.

As we spend time reflecting this month, Chiron reminds us that we cannot heal what we refuse to acknowledge. So let’s all be brave together and acknowledge what isn’t working in our business/political/environmental approach, so that we can have strategies to address it when the pieces start coming back together. And individually, let’s allow Chiron to show us how we can be of best care to ourselves, our communities and the planet right now, right this minute, today- Aries is about the immediacy of the present.

And Lilith wants to remind us that it is ok to SCREAM. It’s ok to be outraged, furious and stamp our feet at the injustices we have faced, and that we watch other people face. Not just now, but in the ‘old paradigm system’ that is crumbling before our eyes. Sexism, racism, patriarchy, exploitation- you name it- it was normalized for a long time, and now it is being flushed out of the seedy underbelly. Let the outrage flow- Lilith will guide you. Aries, in its rawness, is our ally here for expressing these deeply buried wounds and emotions. We don’t have to hold it in any longer. It can have a tremendous healing effect personally, and within the collective consciousness, because we are simply not willing to put up with it anymore.

Lilith and Chiron want us to take time in this 28 day cycle to feel what needs to be felt and let it out, so we can use our voices to speak up loudly and directly in the coming months and years about our boundaries and our objectives. No more giving our power away. High vibrational Aries is all about truly living in our personal power. And the healing we are doing now is giving us huge breakthroughs in taking back our power. We will truly be able to put this into action after Mars moves into Aries on June 27th where it will stay until early 2021. It’s very unusual to have Mars in one sign for that long, and during that time frame we will get to know ourselves in a new more powerful way.

But in the meantime, allow yourself to feel the shock, the hurt, the disappointment, the frustration, the fear, the ANGER. Let it flow through you- Aries does not hold anything back. That sets us up for coming together in an empowered way down the road.

Stay safe and Be well- Love, Aurora

INTENTION SETTING: The 12 hours after the new moon are the most potent time to write down a list of up to 10 intentions for the month ahead. Since this is the first new moon of the year, it is also an ideal time to set intentions for the year ahead. There is a lot of uncertainty as we look forward. We don’t need to put any unnecessary pressure on ourselves. Our intentions could be as simple as keeping in touch with loved ones, or spending more time in appreciation for the pleasures we take for granted. But the intentions will provide a good focus and structure for us as we navigate uncharted territory. Xx

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