Full Moon in Aquarius 2022

August 11 9:36 PM EST

This is the 3rd lunation in a row now (after the Capricorn full moon and the Leo New Moon) where the luminaries are conjunct or opposite either Saturn or Pluto. That makes these highly intense, transformative and sometimes challenging times. Saturn wants to us to see the writing on the wall, not what we WISH were there. And Pluto forces the shadow up to the light so it can be seen and dealt with. This particular full moon, at 19 degrees of Aquarius, is closely conjunct Saturn at 22 degrees of that sign. Aquarius is about collectives- what is happening in our chosen tribes (vs Cancerian familial tribes) and society at large. There are deep collective ‘reckonings’ taking place. We can think of this as coming back to the macro cultural themes right now that were set out at the time of the powerful Saturn Pluto conjunction in January 2020, and the subsequent ingress of Saturn into Aquarius.

This sense of collective upheaval and transformation is especially true because we are still very much experiencing the effects of the 2nd exact hit of the US Pluto return (which was exact on July 11) and the whammy triple conjunction of the North Node/Uranus/Mars (which was exact on July 31/August 1). Uranus itself- the great awakener- is one of two rulers of Aquarius. Aquarius’ other ruler, is shrewd and grounded Saturn. Holding this tension between being ‘real’ about what is coming up in the present (Saturn) along with holding our higher vision for ourselves and others for the future (Uranus/Aquarius) is part of the delicate dance of this full moon.

Saturn is also about responsibility- about taking responsibility and accepting responsibility. That is something that many people are challenged with in this modern world where excuses, victim consciousness, back doors, projections and even ‘ghosting’ are all in many ways more common than standing fully in our integrity and taking total responsibility for our choices and actions. But that is an essential step not only in the process of maturation (Saturn), but also in the process of taking back our power (Pluto). The more we deflect accountability, the more we run from our potential to change our current situation- then we remain trapped in a kind of loop.

With the moon (emotions) conjunct Saturn right now- the main theme is about EMOTIONAL MATURITY. One part of this is communicating delicately, wisely and thoughtfully, as represented here by communications planet Mercury at 12 degrees of deliberate Virgo. Another part of this is truly owning and embracing who WE are at the deepest most authentic level, as symbolized by both the sun and Venus in Leo, at 19 degrees and 0 degrees respectively. Unless we are willing to show up and take a stand for what we believe is true and right in our HEARTS, we remain buffeted about in the collective, very much feeling powerless (Pluto) and unwilling and unable to make mature choices and take responsibility (Saturn). In many ways the only solution is sitting down, looking ourselves square in the mirror and DECIDING that we want things to change, we are willing to accept responsibility for our choices and what they have created in our lives, so we can MOVE ON.

The sun/moon at 19 degrees of Leo/Aquarius are in a tense T-square with the aforementioned triple conjunction of Mars/Uranus/North Node in late Taurus. This is emphasized further by the fact that Uranus is the other ruler of Aquarius and hence co-ruler, along with Saturn, of the full moon. The good news is that this triple conjunction makes it EASIER to make a change, if we are soberly committed to doing so. Taking swift action (Mars) in the direction of our higher selves and futures (North Node) can feel like a major energetic shift and massive change (Uranus) – but one that is worth it. In the sign of earthy Taurus, there can and will be literal physical messes to clean up perhaps or real world logistics that require attention and reorganization. But a whole new radical path and way of being is possible through this full moon and T-square.

If, on the other hand, we remain resistant to taking responsibility, indulgently enamored of our own emotional immaturity, then this T-square can bring unpleasant shocks and changes. Saturn is traditionally associated with loss, grief, sadness, limitation, thwarting and authority. We could find ourselves up against a brick will that we cannot fathom how to circumvent. Uranus and Mars may bring curve balls into our lives that add fuel to the flames of our perceived powerlessness.

This is truly a clear symbolic opportunity to “take the high road” or “take the low road”. In this case the low road simply means remaining moored to those behaviors and patterns of relating that ‘let us off the hook’ or give us excuses for not honoring our word/commitments (Saturn) or truly showing up or connected to others from the heart level (Leo). Ultimately we have to recognize that this way of living sets an unstable foundation for our lives, and accepting responsibility for that and changing it can certainly be hard work. It can feel emotionally (moon) stifling, cold, uncomfortable, and harsh (Saturn) to see those ‘less than ideal’ parts of ourselves.

It is essential to hold tenderness and self-compassion for ourselves in this process to offset any sense of critical self-judgment (Saturn) that will likely come up in the process. And to remember that the reason most people do not fully show up or take responsibility is not because they are ill-intentioned, but because of poor early childhood modeling and learned coping mechanisms built up as buffers to trauma and fear. This may, in fact, add to the sense that these behaviors are ‘justified’. But it is also helpful to remind ourselves that we, as humans, are on a soul journey towards higher states of realization and consciousness, and taking responsibility for ourselves is a very necessary step before we can evolve towards higher, lighter, more luminous, states of being. It is not a matter of IF we face ourselves in the mirror, but WHEN. When we can view our journey from this perspective it helps us lovingly take the hands of the emotionally wounded parts of us (moon/Saturn) and guide them gently towards a different way of being. A way that can truly set an emotionally satisfying and stable (moon/Saturn) foundation for our true selves to shine (sun in Leo) and take inspired and exciting action (Mars/Uranus/N.Node) towards a radical and empowering new vision of the future (Aquarius).

*art by @fvckrender