Capricorn Full Moon 2022

July 13 2:38 PM EST

This is an intense full moon that once again asks us how deep we are willing to go and how much of the old we are willing to shed. Pluto, the planet of death, transformation and rebirth has been in Capricorn since 2008 causing major disruption to all things in the Capricornian domain of big business, patriarchy, structures and government. I wiped most of the content from my old blog when I redid it a few years ago but for fun I kept the post I wrote at the time about Pluto in Capricorn (or a least one aspect of it ;)) and so it’s fun sometimes to go back and re-read and see just exactly how much of that has come to pass.

This is the one full moon this year that is conjunct Pluto, now at 27 degrees of Capricorn, so all of the tough Capricornian lessons we have been learning in the past 14+ years are resurfacing. And in the more immediate past, we can look to 2020 and the Pluto Saturn Conjunction to see how deeply Pluto makes its demands known. What has outlived its expiration date energetically MUST be purged and released now, and we are experiencing this at a collective level, and it is NOT comfortable. Adding fuel to this fire is the fact that 2022 is also the year of the USA Pluto return. That means that Pluto is on the EXACT degree it was when the US signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776 (creating the birth chart of the United States). Because of Pluto’s extremely long orbit, it has not been back in this degree since that time. We are not only in a period of disruption, chaos and re-invention similar to the time of the US Revolution, but we are also reaping the “karmic rewards” of what we have sown since then. And the dates in 2022 when Pluto touches the exact US Pluto ? February 22, JULY 11, and December 28. So that means that not only is this full moon conjunct Pluto, but it is also within 48 hours of one of the exact Pluto return points.

The sense of danger, powerlessness, fear, violence, anger and manipulation we are seeing all around us are shadows of Pluto. And they must be faced, both personally and collectively in order to move to the next phase of our evolution and healing. But once again, this is not an easy or comfortable process. Often, the more we cling to the old, or refuse to see the truth of what is in front of us, Pluto is compelled to “rip the rug out” and the ensuing topple is a stark wakeup call.

So this month may not be so comfortable or easy. Especially since the new moon in Cancer which began this lunar cycle, was also an intensely emotional new moon. We often don’t have much depth perception when it comes to big moments like this- we are submerged in our personal needs and feelings (Cancer) and the suffering we feel (Pluto) or *anticipate* feeling overwhelms us. It is a collective “dark night of the soul” experience where we have no choice but to navigate through the discomfort until the dawn arrives.

But if we ARE willing to zoom out, take a big picture perspective, and detach emotionally (even just a little bit) we have a major ally on our side – URANUS. Uranus is at 18 degrees of Taurus, making a beautiful trine to the full moon at 21 degrees of Capricorn, as well as a sextile to the sun at 21 degrees of Cancer. Uranus is all about detachment, revolution, quantum leaps in consciousness and future progress. Uranus reminds us that if we can zoom out we will see that all of this instability is ultimately serving a purpose. That we need to “clear the cobwebs” (and sometimes do a massive basement level gut renovation) before we can truly rebuild on solid ground. We are not on solid ground now. But again, if we can keep our emotions in check and don’t buy into the fear, then we can and will be shown proactive next steps to take to help the collective as we move towards the new (Uranus).

The sun is conjunct Mercury at 17 degrees of Cancer, meaning that our communication now is of utmost importance. It’s important to take care not to project our needs, beliefs and experiences onto other people. Or to emotionally over-react and add fuel to the fire. Complicating matters, love and values planet Venus is at 24 degrees of Gemini in nearly exact square to Neptune at 25 degrees Pisces. Neptune acts as a veil and makes it difficult to see what is really in front of us. This can be especially true now for all matters in Venus’ domain such as finances and relationships. Saturn, however, is at 24 degrees of Aquarius and exactly trine to Venus. We must take a Saturnian approach to financial and relationship matters : endeavoring to see what is ACTUALLY happening in reality, rather than what we wish (Neptune) was happening. Wearing rose colored glass or ‘fooling ourselves’ in not the answer now. So as much as it’s important not to become overly subjective emotional and fearful, we must also remain in prudence and discernment.

Mars and the North Node are both steadily approaching Uranus (from different directions!). The North Node will conjunct Uranus on July 31 and Mars will conjunct Uranus on August 1st. This powerful, combustible triple conjunction is technically falling during the next lunar cycle (the new moon in Leo is on July 28) but we would all be wise to prepare in advance! And that is part of what this full moon is providing. Both Capricorn and Taurus (where the N.Node/Uranus/Mars conjunction occurs) are earth signs, and so what is happening now can feel very foundational and destabilizing. But again, steadying ourselves, removing the rose colored glasses, zooming out at the big picture when things feel too intense will serve us very well. And put us in the best possible position for any curveballs that may be coming our way in the upcoming weeks and months.

*art by @leafandpetaldesigns