Aquarius New Moon 2021

February 11 2:06 PM EST

This is a highly significant new moon that in many ways encapsulates the overall energetic of the rest of 2021. Aquarius is known as the most futuristic of all of the signs, so the fact thats its current new moon is fore-shadowing is fitting. But the real reason this new moon is such an encapsulation of the currently unfolding energetic is for two reasons: 1. Aquarius’ two rulers, Saturn and Uranus are square to one another, which is the pivotal aspect for 2021, and 2. There are no longer any inner or outer planets in Capricorn (save Pluto who is there until 2023), showing that we are past the climax of the past several years of dominant Capricornian energy and into fresh (Aquarian) territory.

Let’s begin with the square between Saturn and Uranus. While in modern astrology we usually associate Aquarius with Uranus, before Uranus was discovered in the 18th century, Saturn had dominion over Aquarius (as well as its neighboring sign of Capricorn). Saturn functions rather differently in Capricorn and Aquarius, but it is undoubtedly a strong presence, and guiding energetic, in both signs. In Capricorn, Saturn is concerned with man-made rules and structures: governments, corporations, institutions, hierarchies, social ladders and the hard and soft bureaucracies which keep all of these in place. In Aquarius, Saturn is also concerned with rules and structures, but of the METAPHYSICAL kind: karma, manifestation, quantum entanglement, consciousness, and energetic interconnection. While Pisces is the primordial soup of oneness, it is given STRUCTURE in our human world through various mechanistic, scientific and tangible templates, overseen by Saturn. The rub is that we have limited vision as humans, so until our contemporary science catches up with a more complex understanding of the universe, many of these mechanisms remain hypothetical or derisively lumped together as pseudo-science. We can see here why Aquarius has rulership over areas including science, technology, future, progress, genius, breakthroughs, astrology, groups, and collectives.

Uranus represents the breakthrough part of the equation, not so much because it *creates* breakthroughs, but because it helps us to pierce the veil and uncover/discover/breakthrough to what is already there and may be obscured. Like the clouds parting and seeing the light. Through Uranus we get a glimpse of that ultimate and electrifying truth, that as Pema Chodron says, “You are the sky- everything else is just weather.” Moments of clarity like this in general (and around whatever is happening individually in our lives) can feel like extraordinary revelations and breakthroughs, and in a sense they certainly are, especially as they help us bring to conscious awareness what may have not been clear to us before.

But in another sense, Uranus is a portal or connection to that ever present moment of NOW unfoldment: in other words, we actually have access to that insight and breakthrough and knowing at all times. So in this sense it is as ordinary and commonplace and accessible as can be- and this connects us to another Uranian Aquarian principle : equality. We are all created equal (but as unique expressions), and we all have equal access to this revelation and understanding. There are modalities and techniques too numerous to mention that help us to access and integrate this into our lives (yoga, meditation, breathwork, etc) and this is another reason Aquarius is associated with the “new age” movement. But fundamentally, if we are alive and breathing then profound experiences of insight, interconnection and breakthroughs are available to us.

And here we get back to that tension between Saturn and Uranus. Because while BOTH are associated deeply with Aquarius, it is true that in the current energetics of the modern era, Saturn has been appropriated more firmly by Capricorn and Capricornian values, and Aquarius has leaned more into its Uranian side.

So now, during this new moon (and the remainder of 2021), we have Saturn and Uranus square to one another, pushing each others buttons so to speak. And we have Saturn in its home sign of Aquarius (but bringing with it a rather more Capricorn lilt), and Uranus in rooted earth sign Taurus (where is has been since 2018). There is a shakiness, a disruptiveness, an unevenness about this energy. Saturn in Aquarius (2020-2023) in general is extraordinarily meaningful and complex as far as our collective interconnectivity, and for a deep dive into that I wrote a lengthy piece when Saturn first dipped its toes into Aquarius in March 2020. But at the moment, during this crucial square to Uranus (and POST the epic winter solstice Saturn/Jupiter Grand Conjunction), it is drawing our attention to something specific and meaningful : Our muddled values.

Taurus, the sign that Uranus is transiting, is all about our core values and resources. What motivates us to create, to accumulate, to choose for some things and not others? Is it fear/scarcity/lack/need to amass? Or it is rooted in reverence for the natural beauty and abundance around us, and our unique desire to work with life authentically and bring meaning/joy/beauty/utility to ourselves and to the whole?

Most of us, if we are honest with ourselves, are all over the map when we look to answer these questions. The mixed messages we get from corporations and pop-culture (the bottom line is all that matters! take it while you can get it!) and our own innate desire for meaning and value in our lives, our work, and our lifestyle are often at odds. We don’t know if we should be focusing on what we love (Taurus), what is right fair and ethical to all (Aquarius/Uranus), or if we should be methodically doing whatever it takes to get ahead (lower vibrational Capricorn/Saturn).

Now that 2020, a year of massive upheaval of the existing paradigm (thanks to the Saturn Pluto conjunction amongst other aspects), is over we are finding ourselves standing in the rubble of what once was and what currently is, and looking to make the best decisions about how to move forward NOW. Voices all around us have different opinions. The urgency and volume of these perspectives has a lot to do with the North Node in Gemini (until January 2022), pointing attention to the fact that there is hypocrisy, double-standards, misinformation, half-baked agendas, and downright nonsense around every corner. This is most certainly not limited to one group, political party, ideology or news source. Our biggest takeaway from this cacophony of finger-pointing is that we are best served by stepping away from the DRAMA, and looking within to re-discover/re-connect with our values and our true source of power, through those beautiful clarifying breakthrough Uranian moments.

With SIX planets (out of 10) in Aquarius during this new moon (the sun and moon, as well as Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury retrograde), we have an extraordinary opportunity to gain insight into what helps us access, maintain, and integrate this personal clarity and knowing, which then in turn helps us show up in the collective in a more authentic and empowered way. The square between the six Aquarian planets and Uranus (coupled with Mars) in Taurus, is urging us to shake off the debris, shake off the old stories and confusing BS that has been crowding our minds and our lives. Taurus and Aquarius are both FIXED signs, resistant to change (*the other two fixed signs are Scorpio and Leo). But this square is urging and pushing us to breakthrough, to breakout, to dust off, to completely sidestep and eliminate the soap opera of conflicting views and opinions that is shouting for our attention and engagement. And the fact that Venus and Jupiter, the two “most beneficial” planets in the solar system are exactly conjunct on the day of the new moon (which only happens once a year), further underscores the potential benefits that can come from re-attuning ourselves in this new direction.

If we do not turn our back on the noise and move closer to our own unique and authentic values and priorities (Mars and Uranus in Taurus), then we run the risk of falling into the quicksand of drama, and quicksand easily becomes hardened, like these two fixed signs. All around us we may see people doubling down on their position, their “side”, their perspective. In some cases, this could be from an authentic re-commitment to their values. In other cases this could merely be sliding into the trap of divisiveness, stubbornness and drama.

Recognizing the difference between these two options for ourselves, is perhaps the greatest challenge we face in 2021. The conflict between Saturn and Uranus in fixed signs can liberate us- or it can lock us into battle. Continue to check in with yourself throughout the year about where you are falling along this spectrum. Learn to better identify and trust your bodies response to the options before you, as Taurus is intimately connected with our felt senses. Feeling free, empowering and unencumbered is a good sign. And will surely strengthen whatever kind of leadership role you may find yourself in.

Indeed, as Mercury retrograde now alludes to, many powerful new voices and leaders will rise to the surface in the coming year, and the ones who will make the biggest difference are the ones who are coming from a place of freshness and clarity, rather than the ones who remain attached to continuing to wrestle with the old. The energy of fighting the old (or trying to preserve it), is very much tied up with Capricorn, and again we are beyond that now. Those still caught up with it can find themselves enmeshed in needless drama, when the real juice has moved on and is living in the present and creating the innovations, solutions and technology of the future. Indeed, intuitive Neptune, is a subtle but powerful ally now, resting behind the scenes in her home domicile of nebulous Pisces, whispering words of encouragement and whisps of inspiration in our ear: “try it this way..”, “dream a little bigger..”, “don’t forget to see the magic everywhere and in everything..” When we come from this place, lives can change, clarity can strike us out of the blue, we can remember who we are and honor others for who they are too, the next steps can be lit up like a neon sign.. That is the promise of this new moon, and of 2021.

The exact dates of Saturn square Uranus in 2021 : February 17, June 14, and December 24. But the aspect is dominant and activated throughout the year.

*Art by @alexbstoddard