Pisces New Moon 2021

March 13 5:21 AM EST

This is a romantic, intuitive, and creative new moon that reminds us of the Feminine power of allowing, receiving and nurturing ourselves. The friction that has been encapsulating us energetically in recent months (and years) is given a bit of a reprieve now, and we can finally feel safe enough to take the time to pause, reflect, and connect with the guidance of our inner selves.

Pisces is the sign associated with dreams, intuition, mysticism, and connection to the divine source of ONENESS within all of us. Some of us are drawn naturally towards this part of ourselves and our life, and others of us may need a reminder to slow down and tune in. Until we refine our skills and practice at listening to (and then acting on) this inner knowing and guidance, we may be confused by what we encounter there. Pisces also deals with our shadow, our unconscious selves, and as a result – our addictions. When we cannot, or will not, heed our inner guidance and the loving wisdom that comes to us from Source, we can feel spiritually adrift, lost and isolated. This can lead us into the lower vibrational patterns of Pisces such as withdrawal, isolation, self-delusion, victimization, escapism and addiction of all varieties. Pisces’ ruler, Ocean King Neptune, likewise indicates the potential for ecstatic spiritual highs and revelation, floating alongside despair and self-destructiveness. It is our choice which wave we ride.

Since 2011, Neptune has been in residence in its home sign of Pisces. This new moon at 23 degrees Pisces, is very closely conjunct Neptune at 20 degrees and Venus at 19 degrees. Neptune is often described as the ‘higher octave’ of Venus. This posits that while Venus has rulership over human inter-personal love and resources, Neptune has rulership over divine universal Love and Abundance. Once a year these two planets come together, and for it to be at the time of this new moon is auspicious indeed. We are invited to allow our Inner Divine Feminine to roam free and feel its way through new romantic, commercial and creative potentialities in our lives. No need to rush or push, that is not the way right now, but rather to taste, touch, try, experiment, and let the answers and knowing (and potential gifts) come to us.

Indeed, there could be many gifts bestowed by this lovely combination. Gifts of imagination, gifts of amour, gifts of economic reward… with Venus and Neptune the possibilities are endless. But again we must heed the reminder from lower vibrational Pisces: don’t get carried away in self-delusion. It is best to allow the warm light of the sun to show us what is truly there, rather than what we are hoping or wishing is there. A lovely sextile from this Pisces stellium to Pluto at 26 degrees of earthy Capricorn provides some of this shrewd insight, as well as practical grounding.

Jupiter and Mercury are clustered together in late Aquarius, continuing to push our vision towards the future and what is possible. And Mars is now in dexterous Gemini, juggling its priorities and options. Indeed, that could be a mild limitation of this New Moon: that with so much mutable energy (sun/moon/Neptune/Venus in Pisces, and Mars & North Node in Gemini) we may get scattered, cloudy or overwhelmed and struggle to discern the best of all of the potentialities that are before us. Coming back to shrewd and practical Pluto will help us. As will tuning in to Saturn in early Aquarius, who is trine to Mars. Even if we are thinking “outside of the box” (Aquarius) it is important to be pragmatic, organized and accountable (Saturn).

The dominant aspect of 2021 is the square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus {more information on that aspect here}. It is active during this new moon, as it will be throughout the year, but is rather muted now by the multitude of other positive aspects. That makes this month an ideal time to take care of old business, before it starts to feel more pressing and stressful than it has to.

Finally, the new moon is also square to the nodes of the moon, currently at 14 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius. The choices we make now (and the whisperings of intuition and insight we receive) can feel karmic and fated. We can feel like we are getting a glimpse into our future. Do we feel safe enough in ourselves to trust our connection to Source? Are we brave enough to follow the mysterious and magical Piscean path? Can we retain the backbone of our practical discernment while remaining open and exploring unknown and wondrous new vistas and potentialities. This is a month to invite in that possibility, and see what happens.

*Art by @indig0