Full Moon in Virgo 2021

February 27 3:17 AM EST

After a pressure cooker few months, this is a calming and supportive full moon that helps us to adjust to our new paths. Virgo is the sign of health, routine, chores, habits, and the daily minutiae of our lives. Thanks to a staggering lineup of planets in rebellious Aquarius in early 2021 we have each been making breakthroughs and changes at some level in our lives. The energetic shift that began with the Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction on the 2020 winter solstice, was in many ways stabilized by the Aquarius New Moon earlier this month. We are firmly now into new territory and on a new path in our personal, as well as collective experience. This requires that we make some practical adjustments, which is where this full moon enters the picture.

No sign is better at noticing the weaknesses, shortcomings or downright flaws in a system than Virgo is – hence, the Virgo stereotype of being picky and critical. On the higher vibrational side of the spectrum, these gifts of observation, discernment and refinement can be used to swiftly and effectively improve anything. We don’t need to start from scratch with whatever it is that we have our sights set on now. We are way better off starting from where we are and honestly appraising what can be improved, how to do that with maximum simplicity and integrity, and then following through. That is the Virgo way. But of course, all of this is easier said than done.

We often have investments, conscious or otherwise, in doing things the way that they have been done in the past, even if this is not getting us the results that we want. We may be sidestepping responsibilities, we may be self-sabotaging, we may be people-pleasing and often to some extent all of the above (to mention just a few). So making those “small tweaks and adjustments” can feel like a Herculian task physically, emotionally and psychologically. Fortunately, this full moon not only helps us with the practical aspects of making these shifts, but empathizes with us along the way.

The moon in Virgo is in close trine with radical Uranus. Just because we are making practical adjustments doesn’t mean that they have to be ‘boring’. Uranus is certainly not boring. We may find the improvement we seek is actually rather forward-thinking and innovative. And best of all that its implementation feels liberating and rejuvenating, other keywords of Uranus.

The full moon is also opposing love and abundance planet Venus, who is conjunct the sun in early Pisces. Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning that it “enjoys” it’s time in this sign and it’s purview is strengthened significantly. Venus in Pisces is holding our hand through this full moon, through these gentle nudgings to change and improve our style of daily living, our commitment to our health and routine. There are things we can do better, to support ourselves better, and Venus in Pisces is intuitively helping us to identify what those things are and be non-judgmental with ourselves as we work on them. Indeed, a hallmark of Pisces is non-judgment so it is important now that we are gentle with ourselves even during this effort towards self-improvement.

Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury are still clustered together in Aquarius and squaring Uranus in Taurus. This fixed sign square is a major energetic significator of all of 2021 (for more information on this aspect see here), but is tempered significantly by the gentle aspects of this sensitive full moon. That will not, however, always be the case this year, so this full moon is also a good reminder to “get on with it”. The minor but meaningful adjustments that we make now can pay off for us big time down the road, and can prevent us from being railroaded into making these changes at a later date under increased duress.

This possibility is also alluded to by the fact that the moon forms the focal point of a rather rare aspect, a yod. A yod is an aspect created by an opposition (in this case the sun and moon at 8 degrees Pisces & Virgo), where one half of the opposition (the moon) is also quincunx to two other planets that are sextile to each other (in this case Saturn at 8 degrees Aquarius and Chiron at 7 degrees Aries). This tension between the moon to Saturn and Chiron shows that our longterm emotional (moon) healing (Chiron) is reliant on correcting and updating the structures (Saturn) in our lives.

Finally, Mars, who has also been quite stressed the past few months (in conjunction to Uranus and square the Aquarius stellium) is still in Taurus, but is in much better position now, in trine to transformational Pluto still in Capricorn. A Mars/Pluto trine in earth signs is a powerful time indeed to make practical adjustments in our lives. While Virgo deals more with our health, diet, exercise and routine, this Mars/Pluto trine is focused more on our resources and long term goals. They are all combining beautifully now. So in addition to responding differently to the ‘same old’ triggers, or doing the small things we know we should do instead of procrastinating them, now is also a good time to put our money where our mouth is and make bold moves where we feel it is in our best interest in the long term. Mars and Pluto don’t hold back. When we know, we know, and now is the time to put that knowing into action.

*Art by Alexander Vieth