New Moon in Leo 2021

August 8 9:50 AM EST

This new moon presents us with a crossroads. At some level, we already know what we truly want and desire. Leo is, after all, the sign that is connected to the heart and the heart’s true passions. But the road ahead is not necessarily smoothly paved, so now is the time to steady ourselves so that we can navigate it with skill, confidence and a smile.

The big energetic story of 2021 is the ongoing fixed square between Uranus in Taurus (now at 16 degrees), and Saturn in Aquarius (now at 9 degrees). Saturn in Aquarius is both tamping down (Saturn) on our personal freedoms (Aquarius), while also activating the part of us the ‘thinks we know best’ (Saturn) about whats right for others (Aquarius). There are definite control aspects at play here, so perhaps it’s no surprise that the timing of Saturn entering Aquarius was in March of 2020.

Uranus, on the other hand, has been in steady, slow moving, and sensory-oriented Taurus since 2018. This aspect has been disrupting and breaking apart (Uranus) what we though would never change (Taurus) in our own lives, as well as in the collective. It has been providing us with visionary glimpses (Uranus) of a different healthy and cohesive (Taurus) potential future while dismissing what has been accumulating (Taurus) in our worlds and lives on autopilot .

This new moon, at 16 degrees of Leo, lands smack in the middle of this story as it opposes Saturn and squares Uranus. Not again until the new moon in Scorpio on November 4th will we have a new moon that activates this square so profoundly. So here we are, being asked to reflect on what has changed in our lives and where we are at with taking a stand for ourselves since December 2020 when Saturn and Jupiter united at 0 degrees Aquarius.

That was the major energetic re-set that set the tone for the next TWENTY year period! It reminded us all to stop messing around and claim our own individual highest path forward so that we can bring those gifts forward to the collective (Aquarius). And the channel through which we best express Aquarian energy is through its opposite sign of Leo. Because while Aquarius is undeniably gifted and unique, it can sometimes relax into being an observer or a critique in life, declining to fully step onto the field and share its gifts. Leo, however, would dream of no such thing! Leo knows that the real juice, the real payoff, is in the ACT of loving, of creating, of aligning to all of life’s delicious possibilities, not mere philosophizing about them.

So we cannot properly bring our unique Aquarian perspective to the table, to share with others in our world and communities, without the portal of Leo. And that is what is being asked of us now. No more time on the sidelines! No more observing, plotting, strategizing! It’s time to act. Leo wants us to go out there and make it rain, even if there are parts of us still in resistance- perhaps especially if there are parts of us still in resistance.

The first step is communication. The new moon is conjunct verbal Mercury at 23 degrees Leo. It is up to US to be clear in our communication. We may have a tendency to blame others for “not getting us”, which is a wound that is particularly raw along the Leo/Aquarius axis. But in reality it is up to us to share who we are and to DO IT FROM THE HEART which is a high vibrational Leo speciality. Then our enthusiasm and passion is contagious. Then we get a reception from the heart level as well. When Leo gets out of balance with this, they are sharing from a place of needing validation or approval from others which impacts the content of the sharing and the delivery. It’s a loss for everyone because Leo does not get the connection or support they desire, and others don’t have a chance to fully see or support what Leo is genuinely passionate and excited about.

We all have a big lesson here as we move forward: not trying to control other peoples responses to what we do or have to share. Leo, Aquarius and Taurus are all FIXED signs which means, amongst other things, a tendency to be stubborn and intractable. In other words, PATTERNS are strongly set amongst the fixed signs. If we have a pattern of not sharing FULLY who we are or what we are creating or feeling, then it can be hard to break this pattern. Likewise, if we have a pattern of sharing or communicating in a way that is seeking approval or attention, we may have a similar challenge in pivoting this path.

But NOW is the time. This new moon in Leo is our ally in breaking out of the patterns, in allowing our WHOLE SELVES to show up and get out on the field. It is OUR life after all, nobody else is going to do it for us! High vibrational Leo knows this implicitly and embraces the moment with zeal and gusto. We can ride this momentum, and the charge of how good it FEELS when we live and communicate this way, straight through any blocks or challenges (internal or external) that are in our way now.

And there are blocks in the way. Saturn, after all, as discussed, is sitting directly across from the new moon at 9 degrees of Aquarius casting its disapproving eye on anything that threatens to break the collective status quo. Saturn in Aquarius wants us to participate with the group (in fact it could even “mandate” this) but only when we are playing by “the rules”. It’s time to consider what rules we have been playing by? In our families, in our communities, in our friend groups. Who made those rules? Do we buy into them? Or do we see those situations differently now?

Are we ready to SHOW UP differently in those situations? As our full true whole authentic self, being led from the heart? Are we ready to happily sidestep outdated expectations that we have bought into?

At our best now, we are unafraid to upset the apple cart as we choose our OWN path at the crossroads now, even in the face of collective pressure or expectations of others. But we are also not making our choices to DELIBERATELY disrupt the apple cart. This is the low vibrational side of Uranus, who when elevated is unique and different *in spite of* outside influences, but when still shadowed sets themselves apart *to spite* outside influences. This kind of rebellion is unmoored and often simply creates confusion and chaos (other markers of Uranus) instead of inspiring and catalyzing through its visionary perspective.

So it’s important to recognize again where we might go against the grain simply to push against others, whom perhaps we feel have pigeon-holed us, or whom we have ‘allowed’ to control us in some way. These are power games and they lead to drama. Which is another potential pitfall of this strong fixed T-square. Again, it is up to us to decline the invitation to drama and take responsibility for our own choices and our own communication.

Mars and Venus are both now in helpful and practical Virgo. This is a guiding and grounding light for us as we move forward. Especially because Mars is trining Uranus. And Venus is trining both Uranus and Pluto. This is essentially a loose earth sign grand trine, and a powerful one at that. It reminds us that getting out there on the field is one thing- stepping onto the field in our own life and going for it! It’s the #1. But things really get going once we are out there. And this is where we need to rely on our own preparation, skills, and ability to have our own back. This is the domain of the earth signs. Once we have doubled down and say YES to ourselves and what we truly want this next chapter of our lives to look like, then we don’t merely sail into a golden sunset- we back it up with the daily actions and choices that support that in a practical way. At its core this comes down to our habits, routines, health and the overall functional organization of our lives. We will get where we want to be MUCH faster when we take the time now to align our daily behaviors with the version of us that we are growing into.

Jupiter has now retrograded back into Aquarius, and is supporting this whole endeavor. It is reminding us that YES WE CAN. And this new moon also falls smack in the middle of TWO full moon in Aquarius. In other words, the significance of Aquarius now cannot be overstated. The energy of Aquarius is undeniably SUPREME in 2021 as we are all being asked to come to the table as our upgraded, mature, authentic and whole selves. And LEO is the portal through which we do that, so in many ways, this is one of the most significant new moons of the entire year. A chance to coax our Aquarius vision into glorious Leo full bloom, a chance to truly pick the path our heart wants without justifications or drama.

Then we might realize that the boulders in our path could turn out to be pebbles after all.

*Art by @ig_fama