Libra Full Moon 2021

March 28 2:48 PM EST

This full moon is focused on healing our relationships with ourselves and others, with special emphasis on the role that communication plays. After a 2020 that was heavily dominated by planets in earthy Capricorn, with Air signs trying to break through the stagnation (see Saturn enters Aquarius, and the North Node in Gemini), we have now as we push our way towards the middle of 2021, a decidedly more fresh, bold and visionary energetic with multiple planets in Air and Fire signs.

The full moon itself falls in an Air sign, Libra. And makes what is known as the ‘most auspicious’ aspect in astrology, a grand trine, with two other Air sign clusters: Mars and the North Node together in Gemini, and Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius. While Air energy has been working on breaking through, dazzling us with whiffs of its intangible insight and vision, we finally have an opportunity now to grab the baton and run with it. The Air energy is stabilized by this grand trine and so we can see exactly where we stand and what is needed to take our new dreams and ideas to the next level.

The sun is conjunct Libra’s ruler, lovely Venus, at 8 degrees of Aries. Also exactly conjunct the sun and Venus is Chiron, the asteroid associated with alchemical healing. It is important to note the VERY strong position that Venus has held in the past several lunations: It was exactly conjunct Pluto at the time of the Leo full moon, exactly conjunct Jupiter at the Aquarius new moon, and exactly conjunct Neptune at the Pisces new moon. These are all exact *to the degree* indicating that Venus wants us to UPGRADE our relationship to the energetics of these outer planets in 2021. It is not enough to stay on cruise control where matters related to love and money are concerned (this is Venus’ realm), we must take the lessons we have learned and the new instincts and realizations that we have had and and fully integrate them into our new way of living and relating.

Since Venus is the ruler of Libra, and hence the ruler of this full moon, it is most clearly announcing itself and its intentions during this time. Of all of the planets and asteroids, Chiron is most deeply associated with healing, and so we can see that overall, through all of these potent conjunctions Venus has held in the past several months, what it is all in service to is healing: Healing the Plutonian part of us that wants to tangle with power struggles in the realm of love and money. Healing the Jupiterian part of us that wants us to leap before we look and impose our ideology on others. Healing the Neptunian part of us that wants to dissolve boundaries and merge before we have sorted out if that is a wise course of action.

We may have noticed these patterns in our lives playing out more strongly than ever in the past few months, and generally pointing us backwards towards an even longer history of similar situations. Rather than despair over how to untangle these perhaps less-than-healthy emotional instincts, we are instead to lean into Venus and Chiron now so that our natural ability to heal and transform ourselves can take hold. This happens in the body and energy field, not at the mental level. So while we can have that bright Air sign clarity – THIS is what my pattern is THIS is what needs to change- the next act is surrender and grace, that we may sincerely wish to be freed from these old energetic entanglements and allow that heart-felt desire and surrender to speak for itself.

The sun, after all, is conjunct Venus and Chiron (and all opposed by the full moon), so in Aries the sun WANTS to be free! The sun wants to be as fully unique, uninhibited, present and authentic as possible. This aids us greatly is allowing the healing work of Chiron to take place, since we may not be gripping and holding on as tightly as we sometimes are.

What we will find if we accept Venus’ invitation to focus fully on taking responsibility for OUR (Aries) less-than-stellar emotional patterns when it comes to love and money, is that release from these restrictions comes as easily as it possibly could right now, and that our self-accountability frees us up to be available for partnerships of all kinds (Libra) in a whole new way. But accountability and responsibility are the keys here- we can only heal and release what we are willing to see and acknowledge. So continuing to finger point and blame others is our Achilles’ heal. When we are willing to leave that instinct to blame and outrun our own responsibility for the situation, then we can grow in leaps and bounds.

In fact, our growth and progress could be downright extraordinary right now. There is a karmic undertone to the energetic this entire spring, so again once we have fully GOTTEN the lessons that Venus has been spoon feeding us as she has been uniting with the outer planets, we can level up faster than ever before. That is because Mars, the planet of drive and action (and Aries’s ruler) is nearly exactly conjunct the North Node of the Moon in mid-Gemini at the time of the full moon . The North Node is related to our destiny and path forward so we all have opportunities now to see what actions are required of us and pull the trigger.

Another karmic undertone is Pluto, the planet of regeneration and power, stationing at 26 degrees Capricorn. A stationing planet is practically motionless in the sky. It does this when it is getting ready to turn retrograde or direct -in the case of Pluto now, it is getting ready to go retrograde in late April. But because Pluto moves so slowly this is a FOUR MONTH long station phase (planets often only station for several days). March through June sees Pluto sitting at 26 degrees Capricorn. So we are especially being asked to clean up our integrity right now, resolve old issues, and step into our authentic power- releasing any old tendencies towards passive aggressiveness or manipulation.

The more we can do that, then again, the more we can claim the next steps on our karmic journey forward. Feeling like we are on the right path is invaluable now, and Venus wants us to have improved relationships as we move forward. While Libra and Venus are most certainly associated with love bonds, they also have rulership over agreements and partnerships of all kinds, so if we are looking for a new business partner, publisher, agent, whatnot, we can also benefit greatly through making these cleanups and improvements. And with Aries pushing things forward at whip speed, that ideal person or company or deal could show up sooner than we think.

But again the emphasis on Air reminds us that as these new relationships and opportunities show up on our lives, how we communicate is of utmost importance. How can we be most clear, simple and direct? Mercury is in sensitive Pisces at the time of this full moon, so we can easily feel and intuit what we wish to express, but we need to be mindful of setting good boundaries and not being wishy-washy or indirect. At a higher level, if we have been able to integrate the Venus lessons with the outer planets we now have a healthier relationship to our personal power (Pluto), a realistic sense of positivity and optimist (Jupiter), and strengthened faith in the support of God/the universe guiding our hand (Neptune). Where the rubber meets the road for all of us in our lives and our relationships, is how we communicate about all of this- both internally and externally. Allow the air sign grand trine to help you stabilize a new type of internal dialogue, and a new way of expressing in the world. Then the surrounding landscape can shift in magical ways, and quickly.

*Art by @cult.class