Full Moon in Aquarius #2

August 22 8:02 AM EST

This second Aquarius full moon of 2021 occurs mere hours before the sun moves into Virgo, with the sun and moon at 29 degrees of Leo and Aquarius respectively. The 29th degree of any sign is known as a ‘critical’ degree- and the name is apt. Just as we are fussing and fixing right up until the last minute when preparing to give a presentation, or to depart on a journey, we feel that there is a certain different kind of energy when the clock is ticking and a finite endpoint is in sight. That is the energy of the 29th degree- the critical degree.

Sometimes I feel that the 29th degree has a kind of “kitchen sink” energy to it, whereby everything unattended to or unresolved from the previous month (or 28 degrees) comes back up again to be dealt with. This paves the way for the different kind of energy and fresh start we experience immediately afterwards at 0 degrees of the following sign.

This full moon is very powerful in that it gives us a 2nd chance at things that are tenuous or unresolved from the past month, and indeed from all of 2021. As I mentioned in my first Aquarius Full Moon post, Aquarius is by far the most dominant sign energetically of 2021. It is the sign where the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn took place in December 2020, hitting the reset button for the next 20 year cycle. And it is the sign where Saturn is in residence all year, making a pretty tight square to erratic Uranus in Taurus for virtually all of 2021. Uranus and Saturn are themselves the two co-rulers of Aquarius. So we can say pretty clearly that if there are lessons to be learned right now they are Aquarian in nature, and this full moon offers us that chance once again.

So what are Aquarius lessons? Community, teamwork, friendship and collective consciousness are all at the heart of Aquarian energetics. The recognition that even though we are unique individuals (Leo) we must always remember that we are interconnected and find a way to allow that knowing to strengthen and empower the whole community (Aquarius). Working *backwards* through the zodiac is an interesting exercise and one that I would encourage astrology enthusiasts to look into. For example, most of us are familiar with walking through the thematic development of the signs from Aries -> Pisces. But working our ways backwards from Pisces -> Aries lends a different and complementary perspective. If Pisces is the ocean of all creation/oneness/unity consciousness then as energy is densified in the next sign of Aquarius, all of the ‘rules’ of metaphysics in the tangible plane are encoded. This is one of the interesting reasons Saturn, the planet of form and manifestation, is a co-ruler of Aquarius. Merely this exercise of looking at things from a different perspective is very Aquarian. As are all activities that seek to raise our consciousness and bridge us from the 3D physical world (Capricorn) back to the remembrance of our unity (Pisces).

So all of these themes are very kicked up now.. and will continue to be for the long haul! So we could consider that this 2021 emphasis on Aquarius is really to encourage us all to get our bearings with this energy. Like having to do a crash course before moving on to more advanced topics in the same field.

So this next two week period, while this full moon energy is still dominant, is a good time to check in with ourselves on all of these questions. If the laws of metaphysics are concrete (Saturn) and we can always continue to upgrade our consciousness (Uranus) then what are the mirrors in our environment reflecting back to us about where we are thriving, and where we need to place some extra attention and effort? If there are areas of life where drama and chaos seem to be reigning (the lower vibrational side of Uranus and Aquarius) then it’s time to gently and lovingly peel back the layers and see what we can improve or change in order to have a different experience.

Mars and Mercury are conjunct in mid-Virgo giving us the stamina, analytical ability and attention to detail necessary to consciously critique and improve what isn’t working anymore. Like getting under the hood of your car! Except that the car is your consciousness 🙂 Together Mars and Mercury form one point of a glorious earth sign grand trine, which also connects to Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. Once again, our invitation to transformation and upgrades is extraordinary (and supportive) right now, but as with all earth sign energy it’s up to us to do the actual WORK of making the changes and grounding into the new behaviors and patterns.

Venus is now at 7 degrees of Libra, a sign that she co-rules and where she thrives. This reminds us that balance is a guiding energetic of the universe and that we should always keep it in mind as we do our ‘course corrections’. It’s wise not to get too extreme or go too far. A balanced and fair-minded approach will yield the best results.

The moon itself is conjunct exuberant Jupiter at 26 degrees Aquarius. As is often the case with more-is-more Jupiter, this can be a double edged sword. If, on the one hand, we have been making an effort towards this kind of self-reflection and improvement, then we could feel a certain kind of liberation and catharsis. Jupiter is associated with belief systems, and stubborn and dysfunctional old beliefs could be uprooted and replaced now, once and for all. If, however, we are stuck squarely in avoidance, denial, or fear, then Jupiter could exacerbate the whole “kitchen sink” energetic of the critical 29th degree and drag up all kinds of over-the-top drama. Once again, these are merely lessons, so that we know what we need to deal with and resolve, but it can be messy.

Leaning into the lessons that are on the table for us now is essential, for they are showing us what we need to learn and see in order to truly get the most from all of the potentiality that is on the table for us now. This gives us the keys that will make the rest of this month, and this year, more rewarding and empowering.

*Art by @splitsaber.exe