New Moon in Virgo 2020

September 17 7:00 AM EST

This is an excellent new moon for making practical progress towards the future, but we must liberate ourselves from both delusions and past agendas that have not worked. This is the first new moon since Mars went retrograde on September 9th, encouraging us to pause and reconsider some of the plans we have been working on since June.

This message is underscored by Virgo’s corrective and surgical nature, its instinct to penetrate any situation and improve it. We get the message repeated loudly yet again by the new moon at 25 degrees of Virgo’s exact trine to pragmatic Saturn at 25 degrees of Capricorn. Saturn has been a big player this year in the disruption we have faced in our global institutions (read more about that in the articles on the Saturn Pluto conjunction, and Saturn in Aquarius), and while it has mostly been focused on revealing the cracks in the foundation recently, it is highly supportive to us during this lunar month.

After all, while Saturn often gets the unfortunate astrological reputation as the “meanie”, in reality we cannot thrive on a faulty foundation and we should all be ever so grateful to Saturn for exposing what is not working in our lives, and in the collective, so we can maturely remedy it. That is a task however that many resist, or reject, altogether. If we embrace the Plutonian power of catharsis and regeneration we have a much better attitude towards meaningful change and transformation. Pluto is also currently conjunct Saturn and trine the new moon, offering us its gifts of profound psychological insight and regenerative ability. However, if we do not embrace Saturn and Pluto’s encouragement towards a nuanced and thorough extraction and improvement process, we can find ourselves in major patterns of fear and resistance which can manifest in all sorts of less-than-optimal ways.

Often this resistance is rooted to our attachment to past agendas that Mars now retrograde in Aries is trying to clear from our lives, and our energy fields. The plans of six years ago, six months ago, even six days ago may- frankly- no longer be relevant whatsoever. Mars in Aries, in its highest vibrational sense, is sheer powerful and potent presence with no agenda whatsoever, ready to leap into action when guided in THE PRESENT moment to act on its innate knowingness. The areas in our life where we have been blocking ourselves from being available to the present moment can show up for us during this Mars retrograde.

Another way that we block ourselves from being present is through delusion, fantasy and wishful thinking. This is the expertise of Virgo’s opposite sign of Pisces, and its ruler, watery Neptune. Neptune’s creative and imaginative capacities are unparalleled. However, when we remain in the world of fantasy and illusion at the expense of acting on our deep internal knowningness about something, we are sabotaging ourselves. Fantasizing and daydreaming are important to our health, our spirit and our lives- We often get the most clear ‘hits’ about the next steps to take or ways to solve problems when we are in these liminal states! But the new moon’s opposition to Neptune asks us to investigate where we may want to stick our head in the sand and NOT ACT even though deep inside we know the right course of action. This echo’s Mars retrgograde’s invitation to take a look at where and how we act, or don’t act.

The powerhouse trio of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter have all been conjunct for most of 2020 combining their energies to pull to the surface for re-appraisal many things in our personal and collective lives that may have been swept under the rug for far too long. When we resist the ‘clean up’ it becomes a deeply arduous task. When we accept Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter’s assistance, as they are offering through their beautiful trine to this new moon, we can get the work done much more easily, quickly and effectively. After all, “Many hands makes light work!” – was there ever a more Virgo phrase ?! So let’s commit to accepting their assistance in the upcoming month. It may not always be pretty, but it is not unnecessarily harsh or punishing either. Facing the present square in the face, without our wishful thinking or old agendas clouding our judgement, can set us up for a whole new, and improved, experience of our lives.

*art by @visualpotions