Full Moon In Taurus 2020 {Halloween Blue Moon}

October 31 9:49 AM EST

Even the moon is in disguise this Halloween! Putting on her symbolic BLUE face..

A blue moon is when we have 2 full moons during the course of a single calendar month. A blue moon itself is not an especially rare or significant event astrologically. However, this particular blue moon is extremely potent and powerful, and its falling on Halloween- a day of complex metaphorical and psychological rituals- is certainly noteworthy.

The full moon is exactly conjunct (within minutes) wild-card Uranus, the planet connected to the future, technology, disruption, collectives, groups, and the evolution of consciousness. To give an idea of how rare it would be to have a full moon conjunct Uranus: it is only possible once per calendar year that the full moon would be anywhere near Uranus, so for it to be EXACTLY beside Uranus during this annual window of opportunity is extraordinary. But then again, we have had a series of extraordinary astrological events in 2020, beginning with the Pluto Saturn conjunction in January.

Uranus has been traveling through Taurus since 2018, shaking up the status quo with regards to a few key Taurean themes: finances, stability, economic systems, standards of luxury and beauty, food and natural resources. One could say that Uranus has been destabilizing what is outmoded in those areas, leaving space (Uranus rules the concept of space and “deep space”) for the new, and putting a fresh ‘technological spin’ on everything. We can liken it to an ultra-advanced and futuristic plow/lawnmower cutting through the fields of the personal and cultural landscapes (Taurus) we thought we knew so well and would stay the same forever. It has cleared the path for the deep civic and cultural upheavals that are more symbolized by the aforementioned Saturn/Pluto conjunction and Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius.

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and all trite “Age of Aquarius” cliches asides, the impact of both Uranus and Aquarius now cannot be overstated. The humanitarian impulse, the impulse to improve, the urging for equality and brotherhood is the very lifeblood of Aquarian energy. And it is all around us.

And that is what this full moon is all about. Breakthroughs (ideological, emotional, cultural) are the hallmark of Uranus. But in order for there to be breakthroughs, there are inevitable breakdowns. This is the work of Scorpio energy, where the old falls away, dies, and is recycled in order to make room for the new. The sun is, of course, in Scorpio now opposing the full moon. The process of degeneration is overseen by Scorpio’s ruler, transformative Pluto. Pluto maintains it’s powerful position during this full moon, at 22 degrees of Capricorn (the *exact degree of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction), still conjunct Saturn at 26 Capricorn, and Jupiter at 20 Capricorn. The three planets are forming a cardinal T-square with Mercury retrograde at 26 Libra and Mars retrograde at 16 Aries. This certainly reinforces all of the themes of the Libra New Moon on October 16th which set the energetic stage for this lunar month. Our relationships- in every area of our life-continue to be front and center.

The ruler of this full moon is Taurus’ ruler Venus, the planet associated with love, beauty, harmony, relationships and money. Venus is exalted in the other sign that it has domain over: Libra. Libra is primarily concerned with fairness. We all have a heightened antenna and intuition right now about what truly feels fair, right and just. This is a good sign, and can help us navigate complex issues where ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ may involve lots of gray area. Venus at 4 degrees Libra is also un-aspected, which traditionally weakens a planet, but in this case I would see it as a benefit. Like the Justice card in the tarot, Venus in Libra here is unimpeachable and sovereign, in its own bubble, where we can connect to it through feeling inside- in any given instance- what TRULY feels just, right, fair, balanced, and respond accordingly as we are called.

But also like the curtain behind the judge in the Justice card, there is much that we don’t know or understanding happening ‘behind the scenes’ right now. At a cosmic/karmic/energetic level this encourages us to trust, to allow and flow with the currents of life, even if we don’t understand or ‘approve of’ them. If we can do this while acting in our integrity then we can fortify ourselves, and remain a beacon of positivity, during what can be a challenging chaotic time – another indication of the moon conjunct Uranus. At a more mundane level, things happening ‘behind the scenes’ is practically a truism, especially during Scorpio season. Scorpio is, after all, associated with secrets, privacy, power, power-plays, energy, and manipulation. We don’t really know what happens in the halls of power. We each have an incomplete picture at best. The urge for more transparency in these matters is another a cry of revolutionary Uranus.

But for the moment, we must accept, on this Halloween full moon, that many are masked within the halls of power and big business (and elsewhere) and we may not fully understand who is masked, what those masks are, what the motivations are or why. And, crucially, we may not be able to recognize who is *unmasked*, weary as we are of all of the confusion, misinformation and subterfuge. Of course, masks are traditionally worn on Halloween, when we can release certain aspects of our own unconscious out into the world under the guise of ‘being someone else’ for the day. In 2020, masks have taken on an entirely different role. As individuals and as a culture, we may ask ourselves questions about what masks we have been wearing- in the past few months, years, decades, centuries? Are they masks of who we though we ‘should’ be ? What we thought culture and institutions were ‘supposed’ to be like? What we were ‘supposed’ to want?

Taurus is connected to our personal needs, our values, our priorities, our resources, our possessions. Perhaps Uranus is shaking us free from the past. Perhaps we don’t NEED what we thought we needed and wanted after all.. Perhaps we can remind ourselves that even if it feels like values or ways of life we have cherished dearly are being shaken to their core, there are still infinite possibilities in the universe and infinite ways that the gifts of the future can present themselves to us.. Perhaps we have resources we haven’t even uncovered yet.. Perhaps something altogether different and ‘better’ is awaiting us if we open ourselves up to Uranus’ visionary impulse. Uranus is unbounded. It is encouraging us to believe in ourselves and in the future even in the face of any ‘evidence’ to the contrary. It is encouraging us to come along for the ride, in spite of the fact that we are not quite sure where the next curves and drops are.

Ultimately, if the moon can be blue in October 2020, then WE can be anything we want to be. Or more precisely, we can release the masks that keep us from being who we know in our hearts we are and desire to be. Then we are truly in the highest vibrational possibilities of the full moon conjunct Uranus: LIBERATION ! FREEDOM !

*Art by @sarashakeel