Sagittarius New Moon 2018

December 7, 2:20 AM EST

This is a beautiful and optimistic new moon, after quite a bumpy 2018. Now that Jupiter is firmly in Sagittarius, having moved all the way up to 6 degrees, since its ingress a month ago, it is conjunct this new moon, amplifying Sagittarius naturally generous, positive and visionary qualities.

After breaking down the old, quite thoroughly and forcefully, this year with so much tension in the fixed signs, we are now ready to chart a new course, and aim our arrow towards a brighter future. And Jupiter gives us confidence that it is one that can be even brighter and more enjoyable that we could have dreamed, even a month a ago, and certainly a year ago.

With both Venus and Mercury now direct and back in Scorpio for their second jaunts through that sign this season, we have seen perhaps the error of our ways, especially when it comes to matters of intimacy and joint finances. We have a second shot now, to align more purposefully and strategically towards our long term goals, and to cut out any distractions.

Mercury, at 27 Scorpio, is also forming a nearly exact grand trine to Chiron at 27 degrees Pisces and the North Node at 27 degrees Cancer. This is a subtle, beautiful and healing aspect. Both Mercury and Chiron are retreading old territory, having retrograded back to this degree, but the North Node, our point of destiny, is newly arrived in sensitive Cancer. If we have been doing our work, gathering the troublesome information, ideas, and patterns of thinking (Mercury) that need to be healed (Chiron), we have a chance now to permanently integrate this new and healed perspective into our life path (North Node) so that we can move in the best possible direction. This is truly a beautiful capstone experience of the Chiron in Pisces era (which officially ends on February 19, 2019). If we do this work with our mental processes now (Mercury) we will be even better positioned for the relationship healings that will come in during the next new moon cycle in early January when Venus takes the place of Mercury in the Scorpio leg of the grand trine.

The new moon also forms a tight square to Mars and Neptune who are within hours of exact conjunction at 13 degrees of Pisces. This is the cautionary aspect of this lunation, since the activations of both Neptune and Jupiter can indicate for over-enthusiasm or self-deception. While Mars here is eager to push things forward even if they are sloppy or incomplete. So shoot for the stars, but know that some confusion or limbo may be accompany these fresh starts.