Taurus Full Moon 2019

November 12 8:34 AM EST

We are navigating a delicate balance between the desire for transformation and change, and the reminder of the nourishing qualities of the things (and people) we have in our lives that truly do support and sustain us. Each full moon is a balancing act, since the sun and moon oppose each other, looking for harmony and common ground. This may feel like an especially high stakes full moon given that we have been in a very transformative mood recently, with the planets this fall blazing through transformation-loving Scorpio and opposing radical change-agent Uranus simultaneously. This full moon in grounded, stable, practical Taurus reminds us not to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

It is indeed a chance to pause and reflect on all of the major decisions we have been making recently, and re-appraise how they feel in our body. Taurus rules the five sense, and now is the time to check in and make sure that our impulses towards renovation, catharsis and innovation that have been so marked recently, actually feel good to us. Because our body knows the answers and points us in the right direction.

The moon, at 19 degrees of Taurus, makes beautiful trines to both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This helps us to understand the true value, and utility, of the things that surround us. While Scorpio’s impulse towards change is emotional, and Uranus’ urging is progressive and rebellious- Taurus and Capricorn are helping us cull by thoroughly and pragmatically assessing whether or not things are in alignment with our needs, if they are valuable or necessary. If not, we may, with maximum subtlety and softness (high vibrational qualities of Taurus) simply let them go.

The moon opposes Mercury retrograde, at 17 degrees Scorpio, in near exact conjunction with the sun. Mercury retrograde can highlight disfunction, further assisting us in weeding and plucking. But Mercury retrograde conjunct the sun also offers rich gifts of insight and originality. The more we are listening to its messages, the more we are being offered glimpses of the new and the fresh in our lives.

The ruler of the full moon is magnetic Venus, now in playful and expansive Sagittarius. This is yet another reminder that all of this change and renewal is in service to living in a way that is fun, and makes us feel good. The moon in Taurus has rich appreciation of beauty, nature, luxury, authenticity and style. Venus in Sagittarius lives life expressively and generously, in line with their own sense of what is right for them morally, spiritually and philosophically. What better north star to keep in mind as we shed the past and focus on a more aligned future, than the joy of living in harmony with what feels right to us and having fun every step of the way.

*artwork by @cosmiccollage