Gemini Full Moon 2019

December 12 12:12 AM EST

This is a beautiful and supportive full moon that helps us to ground our vision into reality, and share it with others. The sun at 19 degrees of optimistic Sagittarius, opposes the moon at 19 degrees of mentally-alert Gemini. Gemini loves to learn, communicate and share their ideas and observations. Sagittarius likes to synthesize these ideas and factoids into a vision, a worldview, a belief system, a personal compass.

Gemini’s ruler, flexible Mercury (the ruler of the lunation), is at 4 degrees of Sagittarius at the time of the full moon. Mercury struggles slightly in Sagittarius, as it is prone to generalizing, exaggerating, interrupting, and otherwise being rather blustery when it’s in the sign of the expansive archer. Mercury’s love of details, precision and nuance get swept under the rug when Mercury is in big-picture Sagittarius and thus we need to be mindful during this time to speak carefully and make sure we are sticking to the facts. In a lower vibrational sense, the sun and Mercury in Sagittarius are so convinced they are right that they don’t need to bother with petty facts and details. This is a fallacy we are likely to fall into during this time if we don’t keep an eye on the details, and honor others’ perspectives as valid. Even if we do not choose to agree with others’ ideas or act on them, it is essential not to be dismissive or self-important.

Mercury is also in awkward quincunx to rebellious Uranus. We are feeling pushed now to give voice to our most unique, unconventional and forward-thinking notions and perceptions. It just might not come out exactly as we planned. That’s OK though. With Mercury in harmonious trine to healer Chiron, it is more important now to share and give voice than it is to ‘do it perfectly’. There is a healing effect to our words now, and the act of sharing itself is important. Mercury spent more than 2 months this fall in subterranean and psychological Scorpio (including a 3 week retrograde), and we are now on the other side of it with increased self-awareness and determination that we are wanting to express. This full moon is that perfect opportunity.

Mars, the planet of action and drive, is still in Scorpio, treading through the territory that Mercury so thoroughly traversed earlier this fall. At 15 degrees of Scorpio, Mars is making an exact trine to spiritual Neptune at 15 degrees of Pisces. Neptune is exalted, and thus highly powerful, having just turned direct after a months long retrograde. Mars trine Neptune echoes that is it important- indeed may feel urgent- to act on our deep spiritual and psychological knowing and insight right now. Whatever epiphanies and awakenings Mercury in Scorpio brought us this fall, it is time to act on them. But with Neptune also in square to the sun and moon, we may again struggle to remain precise in our words and actions. Cutting ourselves some slack, and leaving room to improve and finesse things down the road will help curtail worry or perfectionism.

After a year in Sagittarius, helping us to envision a bigger brighter future for ourselves, the planet of growth Jupiter is now in Capricorn. At 2 degrees of Capricorn, Jupiter is in close trine to Uranus in Taurus. Both of these planets urge growth, expansion and the new- yet they are both in pragmatic and realistic earth signs. Thus we are being asked to carefully walk the fine line of being future-minded while still honoring the logistics and necessary steps that are required to move forward. We have our vision, we are working on communicating it- and even if it is outside the box- we are best supported in implementing it in a way that is effective, efficient and sensible.

And finally- the love goddess, Venus. Venus is making her annual pilgrimage through Capricorn, and at the time of the full moon is nestled snugly between no-nonsense Saturn and intense Pluto. We are in the lead up to the exact conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on January 12, 2020 (the last conjunction of these two planets was in 1982), and they are already within 2 degrees of one another. Venus joining the party here for this full moon is a good reminder of what is at stake. Venus is associated not just with love but also with money, values, and resources. We are being asked to proverbially “put our money where our mouth is”.

If now is the time to take action on the insights that have come to us recently, it is also time to make sure they are fully in line with our values and priories, and be willing to stand behind these decisions unflinchingly and with dedication, for the long term. Venus in Capricorn means business, and she most especially means business when she is on a team with Saturn and Pluto. If you are not willing to see things through to the end now, or dedicate the necessary blood, sweat and tears that accompany most profound undertakings (in love, life or career), then you may want to go back to the drawing board.

The energy of 2020, when Jupiter Saturn and Pluto are all dancing together in Capricorn (for the first time in centuries), requires our serious dedication to ourselves, our lives and our undertakings. There are benefits too- Saturn rewards in equal measure to effort and commitment- so many will thrive with this opportunity to double down on their purpose with integrity and follow-through. But if the big-shot energy of Sagittarius, and Gemini’s sometimes over-talkativeness, has you tempted to overcommit at the time of this full moon, think twice. Choose your alliances, commitments, partnerships and plans carefully and strategically with an eye to the long term. And then, as always with Sagittarius, trust in yourself and in the future.

*Image by @rosa.scipion