New Moon in Aquarius 2020

January 24 4:42 PM EST

This is an electric new moon that forces us to confront the distance between our knowing about what is right for us, and our willingness to make changes to get there. Hot on the heels of the powerhouse Saturn Pluto conjunction (on January 12th), we are still very much coming to terms with new realities in our lives. Or perhaps the gradual acceptance of the breakdown of old realities. In either case, we we are implicit in deciding what ‘our lane’ is, and what it is going to take to go the distance in getting from where we are to the end of it.

Even if it involves a heavy amount of realism, patience, strategy and hard work (all hallmarks of Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter currently in Capricorn), we have slowly been getting ourselves ready for the task at hand. But where the Capricorn energy is happy rationing out changes incrementally and efficiently, this Aquarius new moon wants to upset the proverbial apple cart completely. Especially since it is in nearly exact square to unpredictable Uranus, the ruler of the lunation.

Aquarius and Uranus are both connected to the futuristic, the visionary, the unpredictable. Again, we can imagine Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter/Capricorn encouraging us to diligently clean up our computer, erase old files, download program updates- do the reasonable thing. Uranus/Aquarius wants us to wipe the hard drive, clear the desktop, install the latest of everything- to hell with whatever has been slowing us down or holding us back. If we lose some old material, so what- The future is now.

This is all fine and good for those of us who have been doing the slow and steady clean out work in the weeks and months past. We could finally feel like we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And be ready to make any final decisions the hard and fast way- relying on our gut, dispassionately and with nary a backwards glance. For those of us who have been dragging our feet, hemming and hawing over the tough choices, or merely in avoidance/procrastination- this new moon square Uranus could feel like a swift kick in the pants.

We may have to take action- or changes could be forced upon us. Now that Uranus has come out of its months long retrograde, it is moving forwards and exalted in its stationary position at the time of the new moon. In fact, there are no planets retrograde during this new moon- all planets are moving swiftly. We have had enough time to consider our changes and choices, now we must take action. Mars, planet of action, in fiery and confident Sagittarius echoes this desire to push forward. But Mars in square to value-related Venus, reinforces that we may still be of two minds about some of the decisions that are on the table.

The good news is that verbal Mercury is conjunct the new moon helping us to communicate clearly about our internal process. We can, and should, share about what is coming up for us now. But with Mercury in Aquarius known for being a tad on the detached/impersonal/stubborn side, it’s important to make an effort to be sensitive to how our correspondences or revelations are impacting others.

Although Venus in Pisces is square to Mars, giving us some mixed feelings about our choices, it is also closely approaching spiritual Neptune. These two planets have a LOT to offer by way of creative inspiration, and romantic possibility. For those of us open to breakthroughs of an ephemeral and sensitive nature it could be a deeply revelatory time. Poets, theoretical physicists, and lovers of all kinds could be swept away by their next great inspiration or epiphany. If you are suffering from lack of imagination or insight in any meaningful area of your life, setting intentions around this new moon would be especially fruitful. Just be ready and willing to hear the unexpected, and act on whatever whispers of intuition (or bangs of clarity) show up on your doorstep.

*Image from Vogue Paris