Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse 2020

December 14 11:17 AM EST

We are at a time of seismic endings and new beginnings, and perhaps no other celestial event captures the twilight energy of this timeframe as clearly as this solar eclipse.

It is a south node eclipse, so while it is a new moon (which signifies new beginnings), it is tied to the past because it is anchored to the South Node of previous karma. And while this eclipse is a mere week before the epic Saturn/Jupiter Grand Conjunction at 0′ Aquarius (an energetic reset for the next 20 years), both Jupiter and Saturn are still in Capricorn at the time of this eclipse- at 28′ and 29′ degrees respectively. So while we may be itching with anticipation and readiness for the new, we are not quite finished tying up the old.

As the ruler of Sagittarius, generous and growth-oriented Jupiter is the ruler of the eclipse. And while he is at 28’57 degrees of Capricorn (just shy of the critical 29th degree), he is in many ways already participating in the “all bets are off” Hail Mary nature of the final critical degree, by virtue of the fact that he is conjunct Saturn there (and Jupiter is impatient anyways!). When a planet- any planet- reaches the final degree of a sign, it’s behaviors can become unpredictable. It’s like the final 10 minutes before leaving for a long trip – however prepared we may feel, there is an undertone of chaotic energy whereby that which was forgotten or unaccounted for surges to the surfaces with importance and must be dealt with or else drama ensues.

Both Jupiter and Saturn are now in their swan song in Capricorn- Saturn moves into Aquarius December 17th, followed by Jupiter on the 19th. But we could well still be cleaning up messes and dealing with issues from this past few years of dominant Capricornian influence by virtue of the fact that the energy of this eclipse is potent for the next 6 months. Aim to stay organized especially with business and practical matters, and avoid the temptation to sweep things under the rug. They will not stay there.

Venus is a tremendous ally to Jupiter and Saturn, itself towards the end of Scorpio, at 28 degrees of that sign. This supportive sextile of harmony-oriented Venus to Jupiter and Saturn helps us to tidy things up in a way that is not only organized but may also be surprisingly beneficial, even potentially lucrative, to those involved. Venus here wants to squeeze every last drop of potentiality out of the situations at play, so use her keen and strategic position to remind you to look for the buried treasure in each and every situation. And to smile while doing so.

The sun and moon, at 23 degrees Sagittarius, are themselves closely conjunct to communications planet Mercury at 20 degrees. All three planets are closely trine active Mars at 20 degrees of Aries. This dominant fire energy is again igniting our sense of possibility and optimism about the future. Sagittarius wants us to see the big picture, not only for ourselves but also for the collective, to recognize that doing things in a new and exciting way is not only possible, but perhaps inevitable.

Where we have held ourselves back from believing that it was even possible for our experience to be different is the area where this eclipse wants to bring our attention to. It is possible for anything and everything to change, and Sagittarius naturally has both the courage and faith, to KNOW this is so. So where have we been holding ourselves back? Telling ourselves “stories” that certain things will never change? Mercury can help us tease this out. His voice in Sagittarius is loud and blunt. We may not like the answers he gives us, especially if they are about our own counter-productive stories and inner dialogue, but that does not mean they are not true. The bravery to look at the truth, about ourselves and in all situations around us, is another gift of this eclipse- Sagittarius being related to Truth, with a capital T.

If we accept this eclipse’s invitation to see the truth about the situations in our lives, to examine our inner dialogue about where we hold ourselves back from change and growth, and to graciously tidy up whatever is still unresolved in our lives from the past several years- we could be miraculously surprised by how quickly, decisively and excitedly “the new” becomes available and apparent to us.

Sagittarius is traditionally associated with everything that is ‘foreign’, and what is foreign truly except the new and the UNKNOWN? Clearing the decks for the unknown to enter our lives can feel alternately daunting and exhilarating. It’s the Sagittarian attitude of unwavering faith that we would be wise to tap into here – a reminder that ultimately, at the end of the day, even though we cannot script everything that happens in our lives exactly the way (we think) we would want to, the path we end up on when we surrender to what feels right for us in the moment we stand in, can take us on adventures beyond our wildest dreams.

*Art by @limitlessmindgames