Full Moon in Scorpio 2021

April 26 11:32 PM EST

This is an electric, exciting and potentially volatile full moon that shakes up the status quo. The sun and moon oppose each other from 7 degrees of the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio. The sun in Taurus is joined by Uranus at 10 degrees of that sign, as well as Taurus’ ruler sensual Venus at 15 degrees, and verbal Mercury at 16 degrees.

The union of the sun and it’s two closest traveling companions (Venus and Mercury) with the highly energetically sensitive and forward-thinking Uranus is rather a rare occasion. While Uranus has been camped out in first 10 degrees of Taurus for the past 3 years, it rarely has so many planets close by, indicating this is a time when the rubber meets the road, when the issues that have been on the table (especially for the last year) could provoke or be provoked into confrontation.

Unlike 2020 when we were all energetically absorbed by Capricornian confrontations with authority and restriction (see here), the biggest overall aspect in 2021 is the square between Uranus in Taurus and structured Saturn in Aquarius. Antagonism between “the old” (Saturn) and “the new” (Uranus) is playing out in myriad ways. And however it is showing up in our own lives, we could see emblazoned in neon lights over the next two weeks thanks to this full moon stirring the pot.

But that does not have to be all bad- not by any stretch. Indeed, those fully ready for and embracing whatever “the new” means to them, could be catapulted forward quickly. Mars, a co-ruler of the full moon (along with Pluto) is, after all, in a beautiful grand trine to the moon and expansion planet Jupiter.

This rather extravagant and illustrious grand trine between the moon and Mars in early degrees of water signs, and Jupiter in a very late degree of Aquarius, shows us that if we are truly synched up with our hearts desires and moving forward, however tentatively yet optimistically towards the future, then we will be met and supported along the way in ways that are possibly more wonderful than we could have imagined. After all, Jupiter wants the adventure to be fun!

But this departure into the unknown also echoes a core theme of Scorpio: that while we may not know exactly where we are going, our heart and our self-trust are our best guide. Scorpio rules the underworld, the deepest darkest depths of our inner world and psyche. Unlike Pisces, which rules the nebulous and unfathomable sea of all creation from which all matter arises (non-duality, the field, Christ Consciousness), Scorpio is the shadowy underbelly of our own subconscious and unconscious, our wounds, our trauma, our past. Historically, because we as a culture have pushed this part of ourselves away, Scorpio has come to have negative and dark associations. Fortunately, more and more people are moving forward with the tools to help us individually and collectively work though this material. These efforts could not be any more significant now as we have embarked on a collective dark night of the soul (Pluto) that requires much surrender from each of us as we confront a world mired in uncertainty and seeming chaos (Uranus).

The seeds of all of this are encapsulated in this powerful full moon. For those in deep resistance, Uranus often acts as a “great awakener” forcing us out of complacency through upheaval. For those embracing the invitation to level up in various parts of our lives, Uranus is a spectacular ally, providing us with momentum as well as ‘downloads’ to take things to the next level. Once again, we are where the rubber meets the road. And some may find themselves at a major fork right now.

Perhaps the best guidance to those whose fork seems daunting, or whose certainty may be shaken out from under them, would be to heed the wisdom of the Buddha, who was said to have been born, enlightened and died under the Taurus/Scorpio full moon (known as Wesak). While the Buddha spent his life contemplating the relationship of the human soul and experience to the material world (Taurus), concluding that attachment to it only led to suffering, he recognized that acknowledging and leaning into our earthly addictions/attachments/suffering was the only way through them (Scorpio). We cannot heal or release what we refuse to see, and this is the challenging work we take on when we swim in Scorpio’s watery depths. But it is ultimately what liberates us, and what makes us available for what is on the other side.

And as if this full moon wasn’t powerful enough already, Pluto (the other co-ruler of Scorpio along with Mars) turns retrograde mere hours after the full moon. When a planet is turning retrograde or direct it is highly sensitive and powerful. And Pluto is already the planet of deep power and transformation! So yet again, the path forward is through, and just as Pluto resides in the underworld, the path may be daunting or dimly lit at the moment, but the door is wide open, inviting us to uncover the richness within..

Scorpio is associated with power, because we claim our true personal power through this process. And with intimacy, because we must be willing to be intimate first with our true selves, before we can have successful and meaningful intimacy with others. Scorpio is also associated with wealth, because the abundance we are able to magnetize once we are in true alignment with ourselves is far greater than the tokens of meaningless acquisition. Any and all of these themes may be coming up in our lives in the coming weeks.

Now is a time to be brave and move forward, even if we can’t see exactly where we are going. Mars is in sensitive Cancer helping us intuit what might otherwise be lost, and to move cautiously albeit purposefully, forward. And the highly auspicious grand trine, already mentioned, gives us the important reminder that we are indeed supported. Our relationships or financial situation could change (Venus), our ways of thinking could uplevel (Mercury), we may even start to see ourselves (the sun) in a wholy new way. Inviting Uranus to be an ally and guide during this great collective reset is a wise idea, and this full moon is the ultimate opportunity to say YES to ourselves, YES to the new and unknown.

*Art by @matialonsor