Pisces Full Moon 2021

September 20 7:55 PM EST

Despite being in the yin and receptive sign of Pisces, this is a dynamic and complex full moon. The sun, at 28 degrees of Virgo, is conjunct active and assertive Mars at 3 degrees of Libra. And the moon, at 28 degrees of Pisces, is conjunct Pisces’ ruler Neptune. Neptune, who has been making her way through her home sign since 2012, is currently at 21 degrees of that sign. This lends extra complexity to the Pisces full moon.

While the Pisces full moon always encourages our deeper connection with our divine inner selves, and the whispers of insight intuition and knowing that it offers, this full moon really pushes us to explore that, and act on it, at a deeper level. Mars is not just content with poetry and daydreams (as Pisces often is), but rather wants us to seize upon these feelings and inspirations and act on them. But with Mars in the harmony-oriented sign of Libra, it is important that we do so in such a way that honors all who are involved. Merely bulldozing our way towards what we want will not yield the best results. But when we keep an eye on meeting everyones best interests, including our own, then we can thrive right now. Again, especially if our motivations for action are coming from our inner divine guidance.

The lower vibrational side of full moon/Neptune in opposition to sun/Mars can be a strong sense of self-delusion (Neptune) and aggressive self-righteousness (Mars) steering the ship. We must look to Libra’s lessons in impartiality to help us discern if we are being guided by impulsivity and wishful thinking, or if our call to action is indeed inspired by our deep inner knowing. Mercury, the cosmic messenger, also in fair-minded Libra helps us distinguish between the two. If we take a moment to reflect and ask the right questions we are more easily able to see where we stand. Mars and Mercury in Libra are in beautiful harmony with straightforward Saturn and growth-oriented Jupiter in Aquarius. Again, when we ask the right questions and are willing to listen to the answers, we are supported in understanding the true circumstances and taking appropriate action.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is at 11 degrees of passionate Scorpio. Venus in Scorpio thrives on intensity and intimacy. Like the full moon in psychic Pisces, Venus in Scorpio is able to read between the lines and understand the nuances of what is not being said. Our abilities to intuit what is happening around us have never been stronger, but we must take the time to properly process, digest, and interpret the signals we are getting. Otherwise we can come to the wrong conclusions, or even feel slightly drowned and disoriented by the emotional and intuitive overload.

Venus is in close opposition to Uranus at 14 degrees of Taurus. This can send some electric shockwaves into matters of the heart, and relating to finances in our lives. Sudden burst of clarity and insight can come from Uranus, but again we must take time to ensure we are interpreting these from a place of clarity and not wishful thinking. But when we have a true hit of recognition about something it can pivot us in entirely new directions instantaneously. Uranus’ feeling of certainty and knowing is electric and crystal clear and we could get that around certain relationships or financial opportunities in the upcoming weeks.

Finally, Pluto at 24 degrees Capricorn, is in beautiful supportive trine to the sun and sextile to the moon. Pluto, as always, encourages deep transformation and catharsis. What no longer serves us must be shed : this is the natural order. It is only then that we can distill the deepest value from our experience and harness its power to point us in the direction of what truly serves us best in the present. At some level, again deep inside, we already know what this is. But oftentimes we do not want to get the message or follow the call- we are still hung up on what we thought we wanted or how it was “supposed” to be. Now is the time to yield and to let all of that go. The answers are coming more clearly, through the full moon & Neptune’s whispering pulse, as well as through Uranus/Venus enlivening clarity. Pluto supports us in this shedding and transformation now which eases the growing pains immensely. When we are brave enough to listen, discern, and act from that place we may find dreams coming true more quickly than we imagined.

*art by @daniellenoel.art