Sagittarius Full Moon 2022

June 14 7:52 AM EST

This is an encouraging full moon that helps us have confidence in the path ahead. The sun and moon are opposite each other at 23 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius respectively. This axis, between Gemini and Sagittarius, is sometimes called the “axis of knowledge” because both of these signs are concerned with learning, ideas, information and communication. From mid-2020 until early 2022 the nodes of the moon were in Gemini/Sagg creating a lot of shakeups in our collective relationship with ideas/news/information and Sagittarius’ favorite word- the “truth”. The new moon in Gemini in late May and this full moon are our first set of lunations in those signs since the nodes moved on into Taurus/Scorpio.

So now that we have “come out the other side” with the Gemini/Sagg eclipses since mid-2020 we may have a very different idea of all things in the realm of communication and information, as well as a different/new/updated/upgraded vision for ourselves and for the future. Ruled by Jupiter, the most expansive planet of the solar system, Sagittarius is always facing ahead- allowing the past to recede- focused on what is new, what is next, bigger and better possibilities and potentialities.

Most of us could use a strong does of this Jupiterian vision, courage, optimism and faith right now, even as the “news” out there continues to look confusing, frustrating and grim. The ‘collective world events’ (Sagittarius) are hitting us all very ‘personally’ (Aries). So it makes sense that Jupiter has just begun its transit through the most personal and primordial of all the signs- Aries. Jupiter in Aries pushes us to see the new and have faith in our path, even if we don’t know all the details quite yet. This is fortified and strengthened this full moon by Aries’ ruler, headstrong and brave Mars, also in Aries and conjunct Jupiter. Mars is at 15 degrees and Jupiter at 5 degrees Aries. Pushing through stagnation, like a bud breaks the ground in spring, is the clarion call of this aspect. Staying hidden or sheltered in fear and resistance to what is ‘now’ will only create more suffering.

Jupiter- the ruler of the full moon- again at 5 degrees of Aries, is also interestingly still conjunct Neptune, at 25 degrees of Pisces. The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in late Pisces (which occurred in mid-May) had been greatly anticipated and celebrated by astrologers. This is a beautiful aspect of faith, hope, connection and inspiration. And the fact that it is still active now, during this full moon, is a gorgeous reminder to tap into our deep sacred inner wisdom and knowing as we SELECT our new path and begin moving in that direction. Blind willfulness and foolhardiness (shadow Jupiter/Mars in Aries) can backfire. We want the impetus for our path forward to be the whispers of our souls true needs and desires.

However, both the sun and full moon are nearly exactly square now to Neptune at 25 Pisces. So we will need to practice discernment in understanding all of the signs and information that are coming our way. Neptune is indirect and mysterious. And while the sun in Gemini wants to grasp for the ‘cold hard facts’, they can be difficult to come by with a square to Neptune. Likewise, the moon in Sagittarius can something be hasty and wants to throw caution to the wind, but accurately reading the signals is important now.

Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is recently out of one of it’s periodic retrogrades and is at 0 degrees of Gemini, having re-entered that sign on June 13th. Mercury was in Gemini between April 29th and May 22nd, before it retrograded back into Taurus. So we can think back to topics/stories/situations/conversations that were happening in our lives around then to see some of the themes and issues that could be coming up again now in the upcoming weeks. Mercury in Gemini is lightning fast and when clarity (or inspiration) strikes, it can be direct and powerful. But again, reading the signs correctly and using discernment are a meta-theme for this whole lunation.

Speaking of lightning- Uranus! Uranus, the planet of lightning, revelation, electricity, sudden changes and breakthroughs, is very powerful at the time of the full moon. Uranus continues to move slowly through the sign of money, romance, beauty, values, nature and the earth (TAURUS), and at the time of the full moon is conjunct both Venus (at 19 degrees) and the North Node (at 22 degrees). This is quite spectacular since the north node is associated with our karmic destiny and path forward. We can expect sudden shifts and changes in all Taurus related areas now, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Inviting relationship upgrades, clear cutting old emotional ties, having artistic or financial breakthroughs are all possible. So tuning into the revolutionary energy of Uranus right now really helps us clear the cobwebs, so we can fully embrace the new that Aries and Sagittarius are encouraging and visioning for us.

If things have felt rough recently, as they have for many people, this full moon is a loving and encouraging reminder that new doors open when old doors close. Having the confidence to imagine the new and better for ourselves isn’t always easy, especially when the sting of loss or change still lingers in the air. But creatively and compassionately managing this liminal space is important. It’s important for our self-care and for our healing. Mars also happens to be exactly conjunct the asteroid related to healing, Chiron, which means that the strides we do take in our new direction now can have MASSIVE healing impact. We truly can put a healing salve on the past now, once and for all, and turn over a new leaf. There is never a better time than the present.

*art by @merciful_stranger