New Moon in Gemini 2022

May 30 7:30 AM EST

We continue a period of cautious optimism and re-adjustment. This complex new moon marks the official end to eclipse season. The past 4 weeks have seen an abundance of disruption, as the eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio were triggering karmic Saturn, and also coinciding with a Mercury retrograde. While this new moon represents a fresh start after eclipse season, we also have a continuation of some of the primary themes that have been up recently.

First of all, the new moon, at 9 degrees of Gemini, is ruled by Mercury who is still retrograde and at 26 degrees of Taurus, only 1 degree away from the degree of the May 16 lunar eclipse. Hence, those themes of deep release and catharsis represented by Scorpio, are still very much present. Albeit with a Mercurial flavor. Mercury has to do with our communication, BOTH internally and externally. We often focus on external communication but our inner dialogue is equally significant, and Mercury Rx in Taurus is asking us to take a look at old stories and inner dialogues that need to be released. Especially as pertains to the Taurean themes of money, relationships, values, self-worth, romance, and our ability to care for “our garden”. Self-awareness and self-reflection about how we can improve our inner dialogue and stories about these topics can yield us wonderful results now. Gemini is a story teller, and it’s time for some new stories!

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, is our ally here, as it has recently ingressed into Taurus and is at 2 degrees of its home sign. Venus in Taurus is gently helping us release those old stories that have no place in our lives anymore, and remind us of the inherent abundance of the universe, which Taurus is deeply in tune with.

Another carry-over from eclipse season is the dominance of karmic Saturn right now as it is stationing at 25 degrees of Aquarius, getting ready to retrograde on June 4th. This sets up a square between Mercury Rx in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius, both stationing, Mercury to go direct (on June 3rd) and Saturn to go retrograde. Having cautious discernment in our EXTERNAL communications is hence very important now. There may be confusion and mixed messages swirling, so staying clear and steady rather than flying-off-the-handle or making assumptions is important. Taking a pause before reacting or hitting “send” on the text or email could end up making a big difference. Whenever Saturn is involved, the repercussions of our actions can have big significance.

Wildcard Uranus is also, of course, still in Taurus, but at 16 degrees is just out of orb of conjunction of either Mercury or Venus. Although we can be sure that Uranian unpredictability is very much present. We can see this in some ways like having an “itchy trigger finger” right now. Gemini can be restless and impulsive, and Mercury retrograde can cloud our judgment, so it’s important to refine our internal discernment about when we are tapped into our intuition, and when we are merely caught in the sway of of one of those old ‘stories’.

Our “trigger finger” is also especially eager right now thanks to the rare conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Aries! Jupiter is only in Aries every 12 years, and Mars is only in it’s home sign every 2 years, so this conjunction happens once a decade at most (unless there also happens to be a Mars retrograde at the same time), but in any case- it is a rare and exciting conjunction! Which once again pushes us towards the optimism of fresh starts and new beginnings. But besides for optimism, Jupiter is also known for its blind faith and sometimes recklessness. And active Mars can easily be ‘goaded on’ by Jupiter’s extravagance. Consciously harnessing our momentum, excitement and adrenaline right now is the name of the game, rather than letting it ‘run us’.

The Mars Jupiter conjunction in Aries is making a beautiful sextile to the new moon, so we have every reason to be optimistic! But keeping a close eye on our stories, our communication, our responsibilities and long term planning, as we allow the excitement of the new to enter, will keep us poised for the right balance of releasing the old, and embracing the next.

*art by @ehscapist