Sagittarius New Moon 2022

November 23 5:57 PM EST

This is one of the most peaceful and optimistic new moons of 2022. Sagittarius is, by its very nature, an enthusiastic, positive, and courageous sign. It tends to look for the positive rather than the negative. And we could all use some of that right now!

The sun and moon are united at 1 degree of Sagittarius, conjunct both Venus and Mercury, at 9 and 10 degrees respectively. This beautiful Sagittarius stellium adds to the oomph and feelings of change and “fresh chapter” that forward-leaning Sagittarius enjoys. The new moon is also in an out-of-element trine to the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in late Pisces. This is especially fortuitous because Jupiter, as Sagittarius’ ruler, is the ruler of the lunation.

Jupiter is also the co-ruler of Pisces, and hence is happy and comfortable in Pisces, during these final weeks of its transit through that sign. In late December Jupiter will re-enter Aries and will not return to Pisces for another 11 years. So this new moon is truly an invitation to dip back into the ethereal and intuitive energy of the Pisces Jupiter Neptune conjunction which is rare and powerful and which we will not experience again in our lifetimes.

At its heart, the common thread between Pisces and Sagittarius as Jupiter’s two domains, is their association with God/Source and their life’s purpose in going on a ‘journey’ of truly “finding their faith”.

For fiery Sagittarius this is often a literal journey across foreign lands, strange customs, academic resources, philosophical deep dives, charismatic gurus, and risk-taking escapades. Sagittarius that stay closer to home can embrace a YOLO attitude and be very experimental within their environment. Their singular journey can lead them to have strong fixed beliefs about life/God/the universe which they can be dogmatic and unyielding about. Sagittarius can leap before they look and bite off more than they can chew, but they have a kind of teflon trust that things will turn out OK which, indeed, makes that possible.

For watery Pisces this is often an internal journey through doubt, fear, existential crisis, ‘the void’ of the unknown, addictive patterns, unbounded creativity, and extraordinary sensitivity and insight into the ‘unseen realm’. Pisces is susceptible to quite literally drowning in a self-made world of their own creation (and un-doing) unsure of where or how to find solid ground, and then alternately (sometimes simultaneously) experiencing deep euphoria of divine inter-connection and cosmic consciousness. Their journey is an embodied, cellular, emotional one, while Sagittarius’ journey is often more academic, literal or philosophical.

Those with strong placements in BOTH Pisces and Sagittarius can either experience a deep sense of peace and certainty about their relationship with the Divine which guides their life, or become practically defined by how they seek to ‘fill the hole’ left by their restlessness and conscious or unconscious quest for meaning. All of us, at this new moon, are grappling with similar themes.

If we do not feel that we are safe, or have some kind of support or internal guidance system leading us forward, we can become very disoriented by all of this mutable and existential energy. We can get caught up in the bombastic side of Sagittarius, throwing our weight around in no uncertain terms, even if we are going to extremes or treading in dangerous territory. Or we can go down Pisces’ rabbit hole of isolation, paranoia, addictive behaviors, and shut out the world around us entirely.

Hence, it is extremely important for all of us to recognize where we are on this spectrum and gently and loving catch ourselves where we are skewing too much in any one direction. Likewise, we can benefit from some self-reflection on these topics. What IS our North Star? What beliefs or principles are guiding our actions and choices? Are we living up to that or is it simply lip service? Do we feel safe and supported in life? To take risks (Sagittarius) and to be in deep metaphysical connection with others (Pisces)? How can we better support ourselves in our journeys?

This will be extremely helpful work, especially because Jupiter is stationing and turns direct within HOURS of the new moon. That means that it is still retrograde at the time of the new moon, but very powerful, and “looking” for that internal clarity about where/how/in what direction to position itself as it comes out of its annual retrograde (it has been retrograde since July 28th). Now it is ready to re-emerge with renewed faith and upgraded trajectory. So it is up to us to synthesize and consolidate what that really means and feels like to us, right now.

We have a huge amount of support in this undertaking. Not only is the new moon trine to Jupiter/Neptune but is also sextile to transformative Pluto, still in the late degrees of Capricorn. The lessons we have been learning since 2008 when Pluto entered Capricorn are top of mind and we can use them now to fully recognize where we no longer want to repeat the past and are ready to shed the old. Pluto transforms and recycles what we no longer require, or are finally ready to give up attachment to.

While Uranus and Saturn are locked into a longtime square (a dominant aspect of 2021 and 2022), this is one of the only tense aspects in the new moon chart. Saturn, at 19 degrees of Aquarius is in a close trine to Mars retrograde at 21 degrees of Gemini. Mars Rx supports our “new way” of doing things, since Mars is the planet of action and retrogrades encourage re-appraisal. Mars Rx in Gemini is especially interested in upgrading our way of teaching, learning, sharing, communicating and even our inherent style of ‘thinking’.

Gemini is a highly intellectual and cerebral sign. If we can use this Mars Rx to upgrade our very capacity to understand and process information (or environmental stimuli) we could be onto something big. What mental patterns are we locked into? What are the old stories that we tell ourselves over and over? Are they really ‘true’ and are they empowering us? These stories (Gemini), after all, eventually become our beliefs (Sagittarius). We have the opportunity now to break out of those stories and redirect, to upgrade. Saturn, the planet of structure, is there at the ready, in supportive trine to Mars Rx, ready to break down the old structure or neuropathways and ‘build’ the newer better version.

Again, reflecting on these topics and deliberately pivoting will be very helpful, and can shift things quickly in our experience. It is especially beneficial to be focusing on this now, right ‘out of the gate’ with the new moon, since many of these Geminian Mars Rx themes will continue to be stirred up, perhaps even more strongly, during the upcoming full moon in Gemini, which is conjunct Mars Rx, in early December which marks the half way point of this lunar month.

In its highest Sagittarius is the archer, shooting for the stars, aiming clearly and directly at their chosen target, even if it is not visible or attainable to others. Doubt, fear, frustration, insecurity can cause our bow to waver and for us to miss our mark. As can too much conflicting news/ideas/information (Gemini). Slowing down, going inside, tuning out distractions, gently releasing the voices of doubt and fear, and re-aligning to our deep internal faith and trust and North Star, the voice of our True Selves and true wisdom is the task at hand now. Then we can re-focus and even be amazed at how quickly things move when we have a straight, uncluttered path to our dreams and desires. And, as always with Sagittarius, another one of our greatest strengths is laughter and making the decision to enjoy the ride.

*art by @kochphil