Free Will, Birthday Twins and Astrology

A client of mine emailed me recently with an interesting question. She said:

“Because a natal chart is based on the time and place you were born, does that mean that whomever was born on the same day, at the same time, in the same hospital as I has the same natal chart (and is living a similar life)? Just a thought…”

I thought that this was a very astute question and that perhaps my response to her could shine some light on this subject for everyone:

Two people born in the same city within a short window of time of each other (within roughly 30 minutes) do indeed have many things in common. (Any more time than this would shift a significant number of planets from one house to another indicating different areas of life are activated by the planets, so the charts would not really be the same).

Personality wise, what this means is that these two people have very similar POTENTIAL. You can think of each of the planets in signs (ie. Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aries, etc) as expressing a SPECTRUM of possible behaviors. This spectrum flows more or less along the lines from the deeply unconscious/reactionary/negative sign traits towards more conscious/deliberate/positive sign traits. So even if these two people have the same sun/moon/etc signs etc, they will likely find themselves located in different places along the various spectrums of how they EXPRESS those placements. And of course as we get older and make our decisions and live our lives, our positions along these spectrums can/does/should change. Ex. While I may express some of the more destructive habits of my moon in Scorpio as an adolescent, as I mature I am able to tap into the power of the moon in Scorpio in a healthier way for personal healing and transformation. This is one place where free will in astrology shows itself.

In terms of the “similar life” that you asked about, this has more to do with what houses the planets are located in (the areas of life they affect) and how progressions and transits are affecting these planets. So while Saturn is in Libra TODAY and the moon is in Capricorn TODAY- in 2010- these transiting planets are affecting these two individuals in the same way- IE, in the same area of their life. So in this sense, the EMPHASIS in their lives at any given time are indeed similar. So if slow moving Saturn, for example, is transiting through their 2nd house of finances at the moment (and for the next several years) undoubtedly both of these people will be preoccupied with all of the THEMES associated with 2nd house- lifestyle, money, investments, possessions- joining up with the THEMES associated with Saturn- durability, results, practicality, effort- and will be focusing on re-prioritizing their lifestyle and their financial decision making. However, the exact EXPERIENCES they will have during this transit of Saturn to their 2nd house, is determined by the very personal and unique choices they have made up to this point in their life so will be different. Again, free will and astrology coexist.