Pisces Year Ahead 2019

Happy Birthday Pisces!

As you blow out your candles, rest assured that you have a wonderful year ahead to look forward to.

Your ruler, elusive and spiritual Neptune, has been in your sign since 2011 so you are no stranger to the nebulous and destabilizing effect that it has been having in your life. But the gift of this year is that you can finally proactively use these influences to your advantage. The new moon at 15 degrees Pisces is tightly conjunct Neptune, giving you much more sway over how to channel this potent energy. Since the shadow side of Neptune is deception and illusion, it is an ideal time to move away from people or situation that do not feel fully in integrity. It is then that you can access the strongest vibration of Neptune, which seeks to shower you with creative inspiration and a strong sense of divine peace and love.

Your traditional ruler, Jupiter, is currently in Sagittarius making a square to this new moon. While squares can be aspects of tension, in this case it is actually a blessing. Jupiter and Neptune are working together to help you expand your vision in a brand new way. You may not know what that looks like yet- that is good! The more you can accept not knowing, and allow yourself to be intuitively shown and guided, the higher you can go.

And then comes the hard work. You have a lot of allies right now- chief among them the three heavy hitter planets: Mars, Saturn and Pluto. Assertive Mars is in steady Taurus forming a positive sextile to the new moon, and Saturn and Pluto are coupled together in strategic Capricorn also forming a sextile. Taurus and Capricorn, both earth signs, are giving you the nod to take practical action steps- however small- in the direction of your new and inspiring dreams. It can be a challenge for you to get out of your vivid imagination and into the nitty gritty, but these allies are working with you, and you will be richly rewarded for following up and following through. You don’t have to move at any pace but your own, but you do need to do the work and commit.

There is also a benefit right now to keeping some of your plans and observations to yourself. That’s not to say don’t take the appropriate steps to get your work out there, but rather that doing the work behind the scenes is more important than pushing things through, jumping to conclusions or taking hasty action before you’re ready. Preparedness and steadiness will serve you. And this is different from procrastination!

And with Mercury retrograde in your sign, expect that things will have to be done and re-done a few times to get it just right. Don’t let this discourage you! On the contrary, this is a gift, and an opportunity to course-correct as you go, with ever more inspired adaptations, rather than getting stuck with something that’s not optimal. Mercury retrograde in Pisces will also help you to re-connect with people who may have gone out of your orbit years ago but now you two are back on the same frequency. Let go of your assumptions and let people show you who they in the present.

Rebel Uranus now officially in Taurus, and out of your money zone, so you can breathe a sigh of relief that some of the roller coaster energy surrounding your finances for the past 8 years can at last be quieted. Take the lessons you learned and apply them, especially since Chiron the healer is now in this part of your chart, helping you reassert your commitment to your own unique values and resources. Uranus, the planet of unexpected shakeups, has moved on to your zone of ideas, neighbors, siblings, and local activities and environment. Expect increased action, fun, excitement and likely some surprises in these areas of your life. Both of these transits last until 2026! So start being observant now of their effects.

Approach relationships with a light touch this year. Give people the benefit of the doubt and allow a certain level of freedom and flexibility in your approach. That said, if you don’t share the same values, beliefs and visions- why bother at all?! That’s a question you may be asking yourself with relationships that have run their course. When you truly get each other, there doesn’t need to be so much drama, and that is what you are aiming for.

None of us get a total “do-over” in life, but this year is giving you the closest thing you may get to a clean slate for many years to come- so enjoy it! Let go of old masks that don’t serve you anymore. Stay patient and dedicated to your chosen path, without getting overwhelmed by details or nagging perfectionism. Trust the inspiration and guidance you are getting now, even if (or especially if!) it seems to good to be true. You’re worth it Pisces.