The Libra Full Moon 2019 (#1)

How special ! We have TWO full moons in Libra this year.

This is highly significant for two reasons. First of all, Uranus has recently moved into Taurus, liberating the signs of Aries & Libra from the 8 years they have experienced (beginning in 2011), when their lives were more or less dominated by the unpredictable nature of this exciting and destabilizing planet. Aries and Libra were the most affected by this transit because Uranus was in Aries, which impacted Aries sense of self. And because Libra is the opposite sign of Aries, Uranus was in the ‘relationship zone’ for all Libras, greatly affecting both their values in relationships and their experience of relationships. We can safely say that there are not any Aries and Libras that have not learned meaningful lessons about identity and relationships over the past 8 years.

And now they are ready to move on! As of March 6th, when Uranus officially moved into Taurus, they are free of this influence. So this gift of two full moon in Aries/Libra this year is like a cosmic kiss to these two signs, thanking them for all of their hard work over the past years, and giving them an opportunity to put their lessons into practice.

Whenever a sign has two full moons in a year, it is that years ‘Prom Queen’ with extra chances for love, connection, relationship, and successful partnerships of all kinds. This also applies to Aries, since these two full moons fall in their relationship zone. So the next twelve months with be a very special time for Aries and Libras (as well as Aries rising and Libra rising) who are looking for love.

This first full moon falls at 0 degrees of Libra, right on the world axis, which is the cusp of the cardinal signs. With the sun and moon at 0 degrees Aries and Libra, these themes of new beginnings are highlighted even more firmly. And of course, the 0 degree Aries point of the zodiac marks our spring equinox (in the northern hemisphere).

This is a potent invitation to all of us to re-balance our energies. Our internal masculine and feminine want to unite with each other in the most empowering and genuine ways, and it is only our mental control of how we believe we ‘should’ be, or how things ‘should’ look, that keeps these parts of ourselves from functioning with each other smoothly.

We can reflect now on supporting and empowering our internal feminine by listening to our deep inner wisdom and knowing, which is always supporting us, whispering in our ear, guiding us in the right direction. And we can support our internal masculine by wholeheartedly supporting it in taking action on behalf of our desires and knowing. Like a care that has BOTH a GPS system (inner feminine) and a strong engine (inner masculine) we are able to get to our destination with minimum confusion and effort.

With Mercury retrograde still united with intuitive Neptune in Pisces we are getting direct access to our inner knowing and subconscious so it’s wise to listen carefully. Mars in Taurus is standing strong and supporting the Saturn/Pluto team in Capricorn in a close trine. Practical consistent action leads to results- Period. And Venus in independent Aquarius reminds us that our differences and uniqueness are sources of our strength, rather than idiosynchronicities that need to be smoothed over.

This is also the LAST full moon of an 18 month cycle when the full moons were out of synch with the signs of the new moon that preceded them. So it’s both a new beginning and a closure point for many of us. What it takes to really let go of something is often to simply accept the new and move on. This can happen when we least expect it. And this lunation cycle can show us that we ARE actually ready for the next thing, and just doing it is that last piece of the puzzle we have been waiting for.

ARTWORK: by @ehscapist